November 23, 2015
Keep Calm and Color On

The holiday season is upon us and for many people this season brings some unwanted guests – anxiety and depression. As clinicians we support our patients’ stress and mood disruptions by assessing and addressing sex hormone imbalances, HPA axis dysregulation and neurotransmitter imbalances. In addition to hormonal therapies and herbal or nutritional supplementation, lifestyle adjustments and stress management techniques are crucial and make up part of a well-rounded, successful approach. Unfortunately, it’s these lifestyle changes and stress management techniques that typically prove to be the most difficult for patients to implement and adhere to on a consistent basis. Fortunately, mounting evidence coupled with current consumer patterns suggest one stress management tool may be both effective and well received – coloring.

A hobby usually attributed to childhood years, coloring may have a continued place in de-stressing adults. A study recently published this fall followed 180 medical students over one year and found that creating mandalas (art made in reference to a circle) provided a means for medical students to reflect on their emotional state and achieve psychological balance. Another study of college students found that anxiety was significantly reduced in students after participating in an art session that included free-form painting, mandala coloring or clay modeling. Yet another study supported the hypothesis that coloring mandalas reduces anxiety, more so than coloring plaid designs or blank paper. As adult coloring books have started topping bestseller lists (currently there are 3 adult coloring books listed in Amazon’s top 10 seller list) it appears that stressed-out adults are catching on to this renewed trend and welcoming the idea. Coloring is a simple activity that doesn’t need to be taught, is positively received and readily accessible. Perhaps coloring is just what the doctor ordered.

Curious? Try your hand at this stress-relieving activity by downloading your own coloring page from the linked image above.

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