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New Tests at Labrix

You’re the first to know! Labrix is introducing three new tests: DPD, DNA and DHT.

DPD (Deoxypyridinoline)
Bone Density Testing

Simple, non-invasive urine test to track your patients’ rate of bone loss. Pair this test with hormone & adrenal panels.

Bone is composed mostly of bone matrix which contains both organic and inorganic components. The inorganic portion is bone mineral and the organic portion is primarily Type I collagen. Collagen is linked together by molecules known as pyridinium cross-links. When collagen is broken down (as occurs in bone resorption), these cross links are excreted in urine with additional breakdown products attached, including deoxypyridinoline (DPD).

To test DPD, patients will collect a single urine sample in the morning, before 10 am. Once an initial DPD level has been measured, it is recommended to retest 3 months after initiation of therapy with annual monitoring after levels reach normal range. Should levels remain elevated 3-6 months after initiation of therapy investigation of compliance, dose response and additional physiologic processes may be warranted.

Available now – click here to order test kits

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)

Acne, hair loss or hirsutism a concern for your patients?
Consider adding dihydrotestosterone (DHT) testing to their saliva tests.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), like testosterone, is an androgen hormone, meaning that it stimulates or governs the development of male sex characteristics. While less well-known than its precursor testosterone, DHT plays an important role in embryonic maturity and is the primary androgen in the prostate and hair follicles where it can contribute to scalp hair loss, acne, hirsutism and prostate enlargement. While assessing testosterone and DHEA levels is important, additional evaluation of DHT levels may be warranted in patients with acne, PCOS and prostate-related symptoms.

DHT testing available fall 2014


Find Why™ Weight Control Panel for Genetic Tendencies. DNA sample is collected from a non-invasive cheek swab.

Find Why™ Genetic Testing for Weight Control looks at five genes that are known to have a significant impact on the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and responsiveness to exercise. The genes in the Weight Control panel were selected following a very thorough and current review of research literature related to genes, exercise, obesity and nutrition.

The Find Why™ test identifies DNA variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP’s) and is based on a detailed analysis of the scientific literature. This test is a risk assessment test and is not a diagnostic test. The test does not guarantee weight loss by following a particular dietary strategy, nor does it provide obvious benefit from choosing one diet over another based on the test results. This test is designed to shed light on an individual's genetic background, and therefore allow patients to create a weight loss plan that will help overcome possible predispositions, and to help them achieve lasting results.

The genes (SNPs) tested are:

  • FTO Regulation of metabolism and satiety
  • MC4R Regulation of satiety and meal frequency
  • ADRB2-E27Q Sensitivity to carbohydrates and stress impact
  • FABP2-T55A Fat absorption and insulin regulation of sugar
  • SH2B1 Regulation of insulin and leptin systems

Available now – click here to order test kits

Labrix Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Labrix co-founders Dr. Erin Lommen and Dr. Jay Mead sit down for a short interview and discuss the company's first ten years, as well as its bright future with diagnostic testing.


Mark your calendar: January 24 and 25, 2015 for Labrix Advanced Workshop. This 2-day event offers in-depth information to take you beyond the basics of hormone and neurotransmitter balancing. Designed for the hormone-savvy practitioner, this event will elevate your knowledge and expand your clinical breadth in assessing and addressing neuroendocrine imbalances. Registration is now open!

Labrix co-founders Dr. Erin Lommen and Dr. Jay Mead, along with staff physicians and special guest speakers will explore in-depth a variety of in-demand topics and case studies during the two-day conference workshop, focusing on advanced women's health and bioidentical hormone balancing and advanced men's health. Other topics to be discussed include advanced adrenal health, weight management, cravings and addiction, sleep disturbances and sexual vitality.

Dr. Jay Mead, Dr. Erin Lommen, Labrix and AFMA Team Up for Fall 2014 Functional Medicine Conference

AFMA Functional Medicine Conference
Hyatt Regency Atlanta - November 6-9, 2014
Register today at or call 1-855-500-AFMA!

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AFMA Conference Lecture Topic: Becoming Immune to Cancer: Integrative Solutions for Prevention and Survival presented by Dr. Jay Mead, Labrix Co-Founder and Medical Director

There may be as many forms and types of cancer as there are individual people…and for this reason, our one-size-fits-all conventional medical approach leaves ample room for improvement. Immunity, Hormonal Status, Adrenal Resilience, Liver Function, GI function and Sleep quality all play a critical role in staying fit when it comes to battling the cancer cells our bodies routinely produce. This presentation will offer an understanding of the interplay between our many endocrine and metabolic systems. Building upon this foundation, learn how to functionally evaluate each individual in order to assess their unique profile so an individualized programs for “immune hardiness” can be rendered. This presentation will detail integrative medicine strategies for strengthening the immune system and warding off cancer. It will provide tools the Integrative practitioners needs to design successful “anti-cancer” treatment plans including IV nutrients, hormones, nutriceuticals and dietary programs. Return to the Office Monday morning and equip your patients to win their immune battles. Use discount code JM2 to receive a $100 registration discount.

AFMA Conference Lecture Topic: Cravings, Contentment and Chemical Imbalances: Solving the Always Wanting More Syndrome presented by Dr. Erin Lommen, Labrix Co-Founder and CEO

Chemical imbalances are at the heart of cravings and addiction, and hence a major culprit in derailing our patients’ best intentions. Patients may hope to stay on our prescribed programs of; dietary intervention, lifestyle changes to include regular exercise and new routines of meditation and mindfulness. However, often find themselves not entirely in charge of some of choices they make. In fact, many times cravings and behavior patterns ARE truly out of our control since they are dictated by substantive biochemical agents which are far more persuasive than one’s “resolve to do better”. Our minds are wired to seek what the body may need. Our chemistry is programmed to enhance searching and finding of that which feels good (reward seeking) as this was at one time, synonymous with what the body needed, and hence reward based activity in the brain is strongly encouraged. Understandably, many patients find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of trying-and failing-trying and failing …over and over again. Whether it is sugar, alcohol, binge eating, gambling or other behaviors; no wonder many people feel demoralized and depressed about their potential progress…and very reticent at the thought of trying yet again-another health program. First, the cravings need conquering. Laying a strong foundation through neuroendocrine balancing is essential; Adrenal resilience, Sex Steroid optimization and balancing of the key neurotransmitters; serotonin, dopamine, GABA and norepinephrine. This presentation will provide tools for how to evaluate and interpret lab assessments to get at the root causes of cravings and behaviors. It will also elucidate the most current findings to encourage becoming expert in the employment of natural bio agents which cut cravings off at the pass, set a patient up for success, and provide the roadmap to reaching and sustaining optimal health. Use discount code EL2 to receive a $100 registration discount.  

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