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Skip the Tie; Give Dads Peace of Mind

It’s easy for physicians and other health care providers whose practices include hormonal testing and treatment with bioidentical hormones (BHRT) to overlook close to half the population of candidates for BHRT. . . the men! Fortunately, over the past decade we’ve been seeing a significant increase in awareness and media coverage regarding men’s hormones. Unfortunately, not all of this coverage is unbiased or positive.

Late last year there were two headline-making articles published that linked testosterone replacement therapy to an increase in cardiovascular disease. At the time we pointed out several flaws in the study designs, and many experts in the field have echoed that sentiment .

Perhaps more significant than underlining the poor science of a FEW studies, is to highlight the most recent of MANY that have found significant benefit to cardiovascular risk factors including improving obesity, metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction:

  • A study published this month followed 261 patients over a 5 year period and found that testosterone replacement significantly improved body weight, waist circumference and BMI and lowered LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose levels HbA1c and blood pressure – all indicative of improved cardiovascular risk.

  • A recently published literature review found that “data in contemporary literature suggests that testosterone therapy reduces cardiovascular risk and fears promoted by recent studies should be re-evaluated ” and that a large prospective controlled clinical trial would be recommended, but expensive due to the large numbers of participants and extensive duration required of the study.

  • Another review of cardiac health in older men as it relates to testosterone deficiency and replacement found that “a policy of taking little or no action for these men based on concerns of increased cardiovascular and cancer risk associated with physiological replacement would seem illogical. ”

This Father's Day remember the men in your practices (and in your lives) and help them understand the importance of maintaining optimal testosterone levels for their cardiovascular health, and the importance of evaluating the details of studies that may make headlines. For more information on the many study flaws of last year’s headline making articles, visit the Labrix website for our “Testosterone Studies Warrant Closer Look” handout.


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Labrix Founder and Medical Director Dr. Jay Mead, CEO and Associate Medical Director Dr. Erin Lommen, and Staff Physicians Dr. Robyn Kutka, Dr. Lylen Ferris, and Dr. Sara Wood present the fundamentals of hormone balancing, broken down into simple core concepts and related in a single day of engaging presentations and discussions. This event is designed for the provider who is new to the field of hormone balancing or is looking to brush up on the basics.

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  • Recognize the role that sex and adrenal hormones play in several prominent disease processes
  • Treat hormone imbalances with nutritional supplements, botanical medicines and BHRT

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Dr. Gina Nick Cushman, NMD, PhD

Dr. Gina Nick Cushman, NMD, PhD is a California and Hawaii licensed practicing physician who has treated thousands of patients using BHRT, and trained healthcare professionals worldwide on this emerging treatment modality.

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