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Floorless metal and plastic sheds must have a solid, level base that they can be anchored to. Concrete Preparing a concrete base is probably best done by a professional, but you can do it yourself if you wish. Paving Slabs Laying paving slabs is an alternative to concrete and is just as adequate as a base, as well as being more DIY friendly. Decking If you already have a decked area, it is possible to secure your new shed to this – a great alternative if you don't want anything as permanent as concrete or paving slabs.

Purpose-Built Shed Base Most of our sheds have a purpose-built base as an additional option. This can be paving, concrete or decking – whichever you prefer – but must be prepared before you install your shed. Make sure your concrete base is the right size and completely level before fixing your shed to it. Again, it is imperative that the base be level before the shed is fixed and the slabs must cover the entire area of the base when used with sheds that do not have a floor.

These bases are often far more hassle-free than creating your own base, and so are very popular with our customers.

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