Reptiles Need Love Too!

They are very gentle animals but often they are misunderstood.

Many people are afraid of Reptiles but they are some of the most gentle creatures you could ever own. I have 4 snakes, and 1 bearded dragon. They are part of my family and always will be. Snakes are often seen as mean or scary but they are not. While most snakes are not social creatures, they will respect you if you respect them. My favorite is our Red Tail Boa . She is a very curious snake and often times just wants to roam around and explore. My beardie is less likely to run around. He can be very lazy but is still very loving. Hopefully these words can reach someone and they will change their mind about reptiles. They are not to be feared, but respected and loved just like any other pet you would own.

So Cute & Not Mean!

I would like to thank you all for looking at my page and also our instructor Matt Delac. I truly enjoyed this workshop and look foward to doing more in the future.
Here is a link to some cool looking reptiles!

I Need ❤ & Cuddles!