Caravaggio / Bernini

Early Baroque in Rome at the Rijksmuseum

The first room of the Baroque exhibition at the Rijksmuseum

The Caravaggio Bernini | Baroque in Rome exhibition at Stedelijk Museum showcases a selection of works of the beginning of the Baroque period from masters such as Caravaggio, Bernini, Carracci, Poussin...
Each room is centered on one of the main themes / feelings baroque aimed at raising, named with their Italian words: Meraviglia & Stupore, Vivacità, Visione, Scherzo, Moto & Azione... the works in the sections represent the subjects almost in a didactic way.
The figures of the Vivacità, aliveness, area are portrayed as if about to talk or exhale in a way that makes the spectator feel as if something is about to happen between the artifact and them.
The Moto & Azione, movement and action, depicts physical movement as an expression of the movement of the soul. Here you can find exhanges of glances in paintings that feel almost electric from how much intensity is enclosed therein. Or statues with such a movement that they seem to have landed on their pedestal the moment before your look touched upon them.
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