Hello, World!

My name is Pipoca, which is Portuguese for popcorn 🍿, and you can check my cuteness on this page! Cute dog named Pipoca
Since you're obviosly obsessed with me now that you know how CUTE I am, I'll share a bit about myself.

Species: Dog
Gender: Male
Breed: Herdier
Weight: None of your business
Marital status: Single
Religion: Delicious biscuits
Hobbies: Long walks in the parks
Age: about 10 years old

The doubt about my age, you were asking? Who is counting, am I right? Well, I had a life before this one, but my previous lame owners thought that I wasn't worth a lifetime of love so they abandoned me. I was on the streets for weeks, before a nice family saved me, but they couldn't keep me for long due to personal reasons, so I was living there temporarily and got the name Pipoca. That's when my forever family saw my pictures online and instantly fell in love (who doesn't?). So to all the doggos out there reading this and waiting for a family, don't lose hope, your family is coming to you as fast as they can and you will love and be loved, just like me!
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