🍪 Cookies 🍪

The Greatness of Cookies

cookie pile

Let's admit it, cookies are awesome. They can come in several shapes and sizes, and all types of flavors.

There are cinnamon cookies, oatmeal cookies, butter cookies, and the queen of all cookies: Chocolate chip cookies!!!

Cookies in IT

Cookies are such a great thing, even the tech world adopted them. The name is a shorter version of “magic cookie,” and they do a great deal of the work that makes it possible for you to browse the Internet.

The purpose of the cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity, or even to record your login information.

Just remember, in case a certain webpage is not displaying as it should, you can always delete your cookies, before desperately calling your tech support for some help.

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Cookies and Pets

cat cookie meme

Ah yes, cookies and pets. What's there not to love? How many of us haven't been on the receiving end of the so called puppy eyes, when our pets see us eating a cookie? Or when they hear the sound of the cookie package? And this doesn't apply to dogs alone...

However, we must be very careful and not give in to the their cute expression each time. Not only is the sugar intake bad for them, but it can lead to gastrointestinal issues, obesity, heart conditions. And, in some cases, the ingredients can be toxic and consequently deadly for our furry/feathery/scaly friends - remember the chocolate in the chocolate chip cookies?

Therefore, before giving your best friend a cookie, make sure it's safe for him. And don't let him abuse them, or you might end up with an obese pet.

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Do You Like Cookies?

cookie monster

It's the moment of truth now. Do you like cookies? Do let me know your thoughts 😉😁