The Lamborghini Miura

Some say it is THE MOST BEATIFUL CAR ever made.
I couldn't agree more!

Besides all its performance characteristics that will be presented right above... This car has EYELASHES! 👀🚗

I must say that this car is the most stylish car I have ever seen.

This car was the first supercar with a rear mid-engined two-seat layout, which was then standard for high-performance sports and supercars. When released, it was the fastest production road car. When released, the Lamborghini Miura was the fastest production road car.
This car was produced between 1966 and 1973, and between those dates three models were released which total less than 800 units! This makes the Miura a unique and valuable car!

The least powerful one had:

The most powerful one had:

If you want to know some more information about this beauty you can watch this great video.

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