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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Zero Runner’s innovative design allows you to replicate real running with absolutely zero impact, helping you to extend your running career and improve your running performance. Visit your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location and try the all new ZR7 Zero Runner from Octane! When you run, does the wear and tear on your body prevent you from running as fast or as often as you’d like?
Do you wish you could take more active recovery days, continuing to work out your muscles without straining your body? Homeowners adding one piece of cardio equipment and wanting low-impact and quiet, but the high intensity of a running workout. The Zero Runner’s innovative design allows you to run with absolutely zero impact on your joints, helping you to extend your running career without the stress and strain that normally accompanies running, whether outside or on the treadmill. Extend your workout far beyond what is normally possible running outside or on a treadmill. By suspending the body, the Zero Runner lets you move through the 4 phases of the runner's gait to create a movement and pace that is uniquely yours.
Zero Runner has a CROSS CiRCUIT program, available at the touch of a button with the SmartLink app that downloads on your favorite Apple device.
Use CROSS CiRCUIT for your cardio intervals while incorporating lateral training, plyometrics, core moves, and an upper body workout. Visit your nearest HealthStyles Exercise Equipment location and try the all new Zero Runner from Octane!
Octane Zero Runner OverviewThe Zero Runner cracked the code to replicate real running motion with zero impact. The Zero Runner is the only piece of fitness equipment to provide a natural, smooth motion that truly replicates running but without the impact.
All product information, images & prices are subject to change without any prior notice. I also got to see some fellow runners and FitFluential ambassadors, and we got some cool swag from the event.

After explaining the evolution of Octane Fitness equipment, we got into the details of the Zero Runner and why it’s going to be so beneficial to runners and those in the fitness industry. The Zero Runner offers gait tracing via the SmartLink app, so you can monitor and keep your form in check as you get into higher mileage!
This machine can be used by ANYONE: regular exercisers, beginners, injured and aging runners. The Zero Runner enables runners to add strength and flexibility training to running workouts with the CROSS CiRCUIT program.
The Octane Fitness event featured two speakers: Olympian Carrie Tollefson and brand ambassador Larry Schmidt.
Octane Fitness ambassador Larry Schmidt then spoke of his own impressive career (83 marathons, 17 ultra-marathons, 5 IronMan triathlons and more!). The Zero Runner ZR8, Octane’s new Zero Impact Running Machine, will take your running program to the next level. What makes the new Zero Runner ZR8 truly unique and exceptional are the aircraft-grade aluminum legs that facilitate a faster cadence, the lightweight pedals, higher resistance range, performance grips for progression training, and technology that helps correct imbalances. Continue working on your running muscles and build endurance without adding any further stress to your body. Instead, independent pedals and ingenious hip and knee joints allow you to replicate real running motion. Cross training minimizes overuse injuries by strengthening the entire body and incorporating different exercises.
Incorporating the Zero Runner into your training schedule allows you to continue to add the miles but without the impact on your joints. Extend your running career, run faster, become more efficient and strengthen your muscles by cross-training with zero-impact running.
That means…runners can train faster, stronger and longer by eliminating the injury factor that comes with harmful repetitive stress.
Carrie was so friendly and gave us a quick background on her incredible running career before jumping into why she wished the Zero Runner was around back when she was training at high intensity. Larry, now 61, also ended up with several running-related injuries that had left him sidelined due to pain. If they had access to the Zero Runner during their peak training days, they would’ve been able to run longer, stronger and with less pain.

I didn’t get a chance to jump on it myself, but watched a few of my fellow runners try it out and everyone loved it. The Zero Runner is a new type of machine, a hybrid between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer so you get the best of both – a true running motion without the impact. Every detail is engineered for unprecedented advanced performance, efficiency, power and speed, making the ZR8 truly one of a kind. Slater, Clear Lake I have shopped with Busy Body for 10 years and have continued to recommend them to my friends and family.
You not only create the movement and set the pace, but also to learn and master your running form and gait. The pedals are independent so you have free motion and flexibility to create a customized running stride that feels best to your body. The Zero Runner machine is going to be huge in changing the running game when it comes to injury and longevity in the sport, for both elites and us everyday folks.Off the top of my head, right now, I can name at least 5 people in my running-sphere who are currently injured or have been injured this year. Carrie has experienced her share of injuries during her career, including hernias, stress fractures and plantar fasciitis, which have limited her running and cut her career shorter than she wanted. There was a small learning curve to get into your normal stride, but once they got going, it looked totally comfortable and Ambassadors said it felt like you were running on air!
Every detail of the quiet-running ZR8 was built for power, speed, endurance, efficiency, versatility, and recovery. The ingenious hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner facilitate this custom motion and natural stride – just like running outdoors. Because running is tough and can lead to injury…from overdoing it, constant pounding on our joints, not taking the time to stretch or recover properly and lack of strength training.? Enter The Zero Runner! Now, she utilizes the Zero Runner as a cross training tool and as a mom, she particularly enjoys the flexibility it allows in her running and the quietness of the machine.
I don’t make Christmas wish lists per se, but if I did…this machine would definitely be on it! The Zero Runner is different from traditional ellipticals due to its much larger range of motion.

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