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This is an inexpensive version of Miracle by Lancome, but without the powdery touch that pepper gives to the original fragrance. This is a feminine white floral, so the name fits this fragance perfectly, but the freesia makes it a fresh floral and it stops it from being too heavy (something that seems to happen in my skin with white florals is that they seem to feel too strong and cloying, to me anyway). The opening is fresh, but the magnolia is already there; I guess there's a hint of jasmine, but this one is more about the magnolia and the freesia than about the jasmine, so if you're expecting a heavy jasmine fragance, this is not for you.
As it dries down (and it takes a while), it becomes sweeter and warmer, this is obviously the amber.
It has good longevity but it doesn't project too much after a couple of hours, so it stays close to the skin and it gets much sweeter in the final hours. I find it classy but a little commun, i usually add another "commun" fragance to give it more complexity. Its a nice, elegant fragrance, its fresh and flowery but not soap-smelling like a lot of perfumes with this combination. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews.
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Nick and Zara: Zara and Nick on Zara's first day of school, when she slipped on the ice and he caught her. Astley and Zara: Astley and Zara met in the forest, where he finds himself tied up against a tree but Zara comes in right when the Valkyrie was about to take him to Valhalla.

It's a great option if you are on a budget because the quality of Zara perfumes are excellent.
The official Zara website also mentions ginger in the notes and I think it's in there somewhere. And there's always a slight spiciness about it that must come from the ginger, although this is not a very spicy scent either.
It's very affordable but it doesn't smell cheap, and it's neither very original nor generic. Feminine florals anchored by warm amber, and there's just a hint of spiciness that develops after a few minutes.
Trademarks and logos belong to respected companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify products and companies. After the return or exchange request has been authorized, ship the items and the exchange form back to the address we gave you. She has an interest in Amnesty International, and often takes note of various phobias which she discovers around her. I'd say it's a perfect everyday scent for a woman (I don't think a teenager should wear this, it's a more grown up smell), and you can feel it in your skin, but it's not a heavy floral, so it's perfect to wear it at work, for instance. If you have more information about Zara Zara White, you can expand it by adding a personal perfume review. At the beginning of the story, she moves to Maine to live with her grandmother while recovering from the loss of her stepfather. She loves warm weather, most likely due to the fact that she grew up Charleston, South Carolina. They become a couple somehwere in Need, and are dating up until Captivate, where he is taken to Valhalla by a Valkyrie.
Zara was surprised by the fact that Devyn was in a wheelchair and an eagle and soon became close friends.

It's not exactly a statement-maker, but it's complex enough for the price, and quite a pleasant scent. At first it's very citrusy but it quickly settles to flowery, vibrant goodness and the drydown is to die for!
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Her peers consider Zara to be a "hippie" due to her pacifist beliefs and the way she dresses: a faded, vintige U2 t-shirt, and peace signs sewn onto her jeans. Their friendship ended when Ian and Megan kidnapped her in a storage space, revealed himself to be a pixie, and attemped to kiss her.
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Soon afterward, she meets several new friends, and learns of a struggle against violent pixies within her town.
Zara is most notable for her various quirks, such as being part pixie, wearing vintage band concert t-shirt the vast majority of the time, her short stature and running ability.
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