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The Yowza Largo elliptical is a relatively low-priced trainer that features advanced technology, smooth operation, and a solid design.
High quality – The Largo discount elliptical has strong basics such as a quiet rear drive, a maintenance-free electromagnetic braking system, and buffered pedals. Heart rate monitor – A user can conveniently monitor heart rate with the Largo’s grip pulse sensors, which are built into the handlebars. While the Largo’s 18” stride is just right for most average-sized users, it doesn’t suit everybody. This machine is recommended for beginning to mid-level athletes who don’t weigh more than 300 or so pounds.
High quality – The Sanibel elliptical is designed to endure years of high-intensity workouts. High capacity – This robotically welded steel trainer weighs 226 pounds and has a maximum user capacity of 400 pounds.
Heart rate monitor – Grip pulse sensors and a wireless heart rate receiver are included with the unit.
Yowza prides itself on the fact that all of their equipment is designed and tested in the U.S.
Yowza, like other elliptical brands, offers free shipping and a money-back guarantee that you don’t see all the time.
Yowza ellipticals come in two varieties, the Cardio-Core series consisting of the Bonita, Pompano, Sanibel, Captiva, Islamorada and Miami and the Cardio-Sure series consisting of the Navarre, Jupiter and Jupiter Plus. The CardioSure series features self-pivoting pedals which relieves stress on your joints, and the regular dual arm motion handlebars found on typical ellipticals.
The Yowza Jupiter Pilot is the entry level elliptical in the company’s Cardio-Sure series, available at a budget-friendly price without sacrificing quality.
With a 0-25% adjustable incline at the push of a button, you can easily add to your cardio burn. The versatile stride options allow for a stride that mimics that of your natural body motion without stressing your knees and joints. These comfortable pedals are a departure from the standard hard pedals you normally find on your gym’s elliptical. Other notable features: Mp3 docking, hi fidelity speakers, bottle holder, and built in heart-rate receiver on the hand-pulse grips. The adjustable stride length mimics your natural, comfortable foot movement to make your experience more enjoyable and saves your joints from any harsh movements. With 16 levels of resistance and 12 motion levels, this elliptical offers an extensive range of options that are usually not typically available on an entry-level elliptical. For those of you who won’t want to advertise to the entire apartment complex that you are working out, this machine is also relatively quiet, making it ideal for residential living. Again, the self-pivoting pedals are a great feature that alternate back and forth with each stride.
The built-in accessory rack is a convenient feature that not all entry-level models come equipped with.
Like the rest of the Yowza machines, this console is no exception to their great warranty policy that spreads across every value option. The Yowza Jupiter Pilot is a good, wallet-friendly value for those of you starting your foray into acquiring exercise equipment in the comfort of your own home. You can check out the new Yowza Jupiter Pilot elliptical here and compare it to the other models to see which one is the right choice for you. The higher end model in the CardioSure series from Yowza, this one has a lot of great features and capabilities.
This feature includes a wireless scale that works together with several other inherent technologies in the console in order to provide you with personalized workouts, as well as maintaining your optimal Body Mass Index (BMI). The Yowza Navarre Plus machines have a much wider stride length than the other models in the line. With this wide of a range of inclines, there’s no doubt that you can always get a great workout from this machine. For those of you who don’t want the entire world to know that you’re working out, have no fear.
The wide range of resistance levels also helps to diversity the amount of people who can use this, and the SuperGrip handlebars on the Yowza Navarre Plus are awesome.
I almost feel like I have a personal trainer next to me with how personalized the workouts are. Our Yowza Navarre Plus reviews have revealed a significant number of upgrades from its little sisters, justifying the $700 or so jump in price.
You can take a look at the Yowza Fitness Navarre Plus elliptical on the official company site and see if you like its features and capabilities.
You’ll get 12 pre-set programs (there are ten on the Captiva) including manual, target calories, target distance, and target time plus a core interval resistance program with eight intensity levels. Customer reviews are so positive that Yowza isn’t afraid to use social media recommendations. High quality – The Navarre discount elliptical is designed to endure years of high-intensity workouts.

Good capacity – This welded steel trainer weighs 170 pounds and has a maximum user capacity of 331 pounds. Although this machine is a good buy, customers who can spend a bit more might consider its upgrade, the Yowza Sanibel. While the Largo is one of Yowza’s less expensive models, it has the same high quality components as upgraded models: a silent rear drive, a patented Sure-Fit pedaling system, handlebar pulse sensors, and an iPod docking station with high fidelity speakers. Its pivoting footpads permit a healthy range of motion in the ankles, and the pedals’ cushioned rubber buffers help this machine provide maximum comfort with a low-impact workout. In addition to offering a 60-day money-back guarantee, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake, three years on other parts and electronics, and a year of labor. The Yowza Navarre has a 20” stride, and the Captiva and Sanibel ellipticals have highly adjustable 18”-32” strides. It has a high user capacity, a quiet rear drive, and a maintenance-free electromagnetic braking system.
Its trademarked pivoting footpads permit a healthy range of motion in the ankles, and the pedals’ cushioned rubber buffers help the machine provide maximum comfort. In addition to offering a 60-day money-back guarantee, Yowza Fitness provides a lifetime warranty on the frame and brake, five years on other parts and electronics, and two years of labor. As Yowza’s top cross trainer for 2010, the Sanibel elliptical has a unique core-rotational design that trains the whole body, not just the arms and legs.
Like their treadmills, Yowza makes sure to cram all the latest and greatest into their ellipticals. Like I said, Yowza is always pushing some new technology and incorporating it into their machines.
This console is currently offered at $999 when it’s on sale, a competitive value to other entry-level ellipticals. This allows you to raise your heart rate, thus burning more calories quicker than if you performed the same exercise at a lower incline. This console also comes with additional gel inserts for added cushioning, which lends itself to a longer, more intense workout since your experience is that much more comfortable. However, it does come with two front transport wheels to expedite the moving and set-up process. The 0-25% adjustable incline allows me to get my strength-training in the same session as my cardio-training if I don’t feel like hitting the iron. This imitates the natural movement that your feet undergo in order to make the workouts easier on your joints. It allows me to conveniently catch up on some magazine reading or some iPad browsing while I’m working out. With a standard level of 8 pre-set workout programs, as well as a wide range of resistance and incline options, this machine is definitely family friendly. This model features an impressive array of upgrades from its little sister, the Jupiter Plus. It helps engage muscles that are normally not targeted on an elliptical, such as your biceps, triceps, and deltoids. This is a significant upgrade from its little sister model, which only offered inclines up to 35%. I was especially thankful for these because 1) this is a feature that was missing from the two sister models, the Jupiter Plus and the Jupiter and 2) this machine is no lightweight, weighing in at 307 pounds. It now supports up to 330 pounds, a factor that is important if you are a heavier-set person looking for a solid elliptical machine. Since they don’t sell to third-party retailers, they are able to cut down on extra costs, providing a better value to you, the consumer. I hate having all of my health data scattered across different platforms, so this is the perfect marriage of all of my data in one compact place. The entire family can use this to better meet their individual fitness goals without feeling like the machine has to be a depersonalized device. The dynamic, comprehensive aspect of it will really speed up your fitness and weight goals. If you are looking to diversify the number of people who can use this machine, as well as personalize your workouts, I highly recommend this machine. Both the Captiva and the Captiva Plus are full body trainers; they help you exercise the upper body, core and lower body during the same workout session or in isolation. Those who already know this brand tend to be loyal, and people were eager to see how Yowza would improve upon the well-received original. When you visit the product page, you have the option to connect with a local Captiva Plus elliptical owner via Facebook. It fits petite people, it fits big and tall people, and the incredible variety of workout positions will tone anyone’s body quickly. Although the Navarre is one of Yowza’s less expensive models, it has high quality basics plus some fun extras. It has strong basics such as a welded steel frame, a quiet rear drive, and a maintenance-free electromagnetic braking system. Its electromagnetic design requires no lubrication or other maintenance, and the user warranty is above-average.

The Sanibel has a unique core-rotational design that trains the whole body, not just the arms and legs. In addition to being a comfortable, well-built trainer, the Largo elliptical helps users extend the length of their workouts with a sound system and an adjustable fan. Its ergonomics are excellent, too, from the cushioned pedals and pivoting footpads to the moving handlebars. From cardio-core technology to maintenance-free rear drive design, Yowza ellipticals are made to shock and awe. If you’re in the market for a fancy elliptical equipped with the latest in fitness technology, be sure to give Yowza a look and to read their reviews with an open mind.
Note that if you are planning on folding up and storing this machine, this particular model does not come ready with that particular option.
It also allows for 5 user profiles to be stored on the machine, making it favorable for a typical family to use. The wide range also allows for newbies to use the Jupiter Pilot elliptical without feeling overwhelmed at the difficulty level.
Speaking as someone who had some knee and ankle issues from too many years of pounding the pavement, I can go on this machine for up to an hour and a half without experiencing any squeaking or pain in my joints. In addition, the fact that it can store multiple user profiles on it at once further adds to its versatility. If you can afford the $2199 asking price, its new features are definitely worth the additional money with the huge amount of health returns you are sure to get from it. I love that the graphic console of the machine isn’t the only thing that I have to stare at during a workout. This machine also comes with a wireless chest-belt in order to better monitor your heart rate. The Captiva Plus steps up workout intensity by adding six new workout positions and a 50% incline to further target the hips, glutes and quadruceps.
There’s a stationary wrap-around bar for support, a set of grip pulse handlebars, and the patented core motion handlebars. The addition of a steep incline was just what the company needed to remain competitive as the benefits of incline training are becoming better known.
The multiple user profiles and durability make this machine just right for a household of exercisers. In addition to being a comfortable, well-built trainer, the Navarre helps users extend the length of their workouts with an iPod dock and high fidelity speaker system. Yowza Fitness has included a good warranty, and the elliptical compares well against others in its class.
Additionally, its 18”-32” stride can be adjusted mid-workout to specially target the glutes, quads, or calves. Great sound quality and an adjustable fan top off this highly recommended elliptical machine.
The frame itself feels pretty durable and stable and I have no complaints about the structural integrity of the machine itself. The self-pivoting and cushioned foot pedals provide a comfortable work out environment that is easy on the joints.
This app works in conjunction with the IWM feature to deliver personalized workouts specific to your personal body weight, age, height, and goals. The ErgoFit self-pivoting pedals are a carry-over feature from the earlier models that provide a great amount of support to your feet.
For instance, I can enjoy reading the news or watching some Netflix on my tablet while I’m working out, and periodically check back on my workout stats.
The MyLiveLight apps, the added incline and resistance options, as well as the reintroduction of the transport wheel make this an incredibly smart buy. This powerful trainer also has variable stride and a wireless heart rate monitoring system. Reviewers say that the incline operates very smoothly, never expecting you to break stride during adjustments. Yowza ellipticals aren’t cheap, but you’ll get a fitness machine that you can rely on and enjoy for many years. This family friendly machine is a solid addition to anyone’s home, and will help optimize a wide range of peoples’ fitness levels. The parts and electronics are covered for 5 years and the in-home labor is covered for 2 years. With this machine, none of us experience the numb-ness in the front of our toes that is typical of many other machines. This helps the workout go by much faster and at the end of the workout, I’m left with very tangible data as to how much impact I made that session.

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