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This site uses cookies to deliver its services, personalise content and analyse our traffic. The short warranty excepted, for $600 or less this trainer’s features are surprisingly good. The 17” stride is a bit shorter than we like to see, but it’s adequate for shorter people and most average-height adults.
The grip heart rate monitor seems attractive but should be checked occasionally for accuracy. If you don’t buy the 900 CardioCross, remember this truism: Of all the budget elliptical makers, ProForm is the least consistent. Heavy flywheel – The Vito XL is equipped with an impressive 45-pound flywheel, which far outweighs the drives of most of its competition.
Adjustable footplates – The footplates are adjustable by up to six inches to vary the elliptical motion. Compact size – The Kettler Vito XL has a footprint of just 22”x56” and has wheels for easy transport. Good warranty package – This unit is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on other parts, and a year of labor.
Features – Unlike the more advanced Kettler ellipticals, this model lacks stand-out features such as an incline or a wide variety of preset programs. Short fixed stride – The short stride is common in machines of this price range, but affordable machines with adjustable strides are available. The EFX 423 elliptical is one of the impressive machines available through the Precor line.
The EFX 423 features special technology that adjusts to the shape of your feet for the healthiest workout routine. The Precor EFX 423 features a specially designed elliptical path that replicates a natural running stride for protection of muscles.
Plug your mp3 player or smart phone into the console’s headphone jack and control your music selection on the touch screen so you don’t have to mess with an extra device that can distract you from your workout. The Precor EFX 423 is a high-quality machine ideal for someone looking for a serious trainer.
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Ergonomic stride – STEX supports very low-impact cardiovascular workouts with a Bio-Stride design that can be automatically adjusted to target calves, quads, and glutes. Heart rate reader – This machine includes heart rate control programs that work with hand grip and wireless monitors. Program variety – The program options include four interactive heart rate control workouts, six preset programs, manual mode, and a personalized program.
No electricity required – With its self-generating power system, the cordless BioStride elliptical won’t run up electricity bills.
Good warranty – This commercial STEX elliptical is protected with a lifetime warranty on the frame and alternator, a 3-year parts warranty, and a year of labor.
With its comfortable ride and good program variety, the user-friendly STEX BioStride Elliptical Trainer encourages members to spend time at the gym. While the ultra-cheap 650 and 675 CardioCross models are sad cases, the 900 CardioCross has remarkably better ergonomics and programming. Second, the resistance is smooth enough and can get a beginner into effective cardio training. Unlike the wireless monitors you’ll see on more expensive trainers, grip pulse monitors aren’t 99.99% accurate. If you know how awful the CardioCross 650 and 675 models are, don’t let that turn you away from this offer!
Adjustable strides let people exercise different muscles and share the machine with people of different heights.
It has a heavy flywheel, a steel frame, sealed ball bearings, and other elements of a durable elliptical trainer. With industrial strength and commercially tested programs, you can now own a health club designed machine at home. The 423 is more affordable than some others in the line, but this is due to its carrying less features. Highly durable and club-proven, this elliptical includes multiple pre-set workouts and plenty of levels of resistance to keep you challenged and motivated. Its frame is cast from heavy steel, its drive is electromagnetic, and all components are protected for at least three years from the date of purchase. Additionally, people can use the machine in reverse motion to target hamstrings and other muscle groups.

Taller people might find themselves making more of a stairclimbing motion than an elliptical motion. However, for a few hundred dollars more, the Stex 8020EL Elliptical Trainer with LCD TV might be a better buy. The Bremshey Orbit Control 19F Front Driven Cross Trainer has a 19” stride length and a choice of 18 exercise programs.
Third, the preset programs and pacing coach help beginners ease into elliptical training and learn to adjust their effort levels for maximum efficiency. If you spend just a bit more you can get an elliptical trainer with an 18” or possibly 20” stride instead. That said, it lacks other features that are becoming common in home elliptical trainers, such as an adjustable stride, audio, and an incline.
The machine also saves exercise data to keep you on track and progressing at an acceptable rate. When you’re looking for an elliptical that’s high-end, but not necessarily the highest price of the entire line, the 423 is an ideal pick.
Selling for about $4500 even when discounted online, this is one of STEX’s more expensive cross trainers. The colour backlit LCD Console displays time, distance, speed, RPM, ergometer, energy consumption and training power.
This machine comes with a lifetime frame warranty and a generous parts guarantee, making it a worthy investment. Also in this price range is the DKN XC-150 Elliptical Cross Trainer and Kettler New Vito XL Cross Trainer. Thus, while the Kettler Vito XL is a high quality machine, it’s advisable to compare it with ellipticals by other brands such as Precor, Schwinn, and Smooth Fitness. Enjoy standard elliptical features like a wireless heart rate monitor, mp3 plug-in and pre-set workout preferences.

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