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This order arrived and delivered in well packaged condition also palet and banded once inventoried fairly easy to assemble very solid I've been working out and competing in bodybuilding competitions for years so have used equipment at large gyms and this is as smooth and sturdy as some of the commercial pieces except it's not preloaded selectorized but load on the plates and get hardcore lat pull down and seated rows and tricep press downs with cable attachment handles bicep curls my girl friend has anke attachments and does leg curls and inner thigh adductor exercises single leg kickbacks for glutes! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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York Fitness 7000 Series R-I Rowing Machine, The Max Weight limit is 180kg, This York Fitness 7000 Series R-I Rowing Machine is a Self Generating and Plug in Machine. York Fitness 7000 Series R-I Rowing Machine provides effective and varied cardiovascular training that can be adjusted to the user’s individual needs and fitness requirements.
It has an mp3 player adopter, a max user weight of 180kg and it can cater for people up to 6ft 8inches.

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