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Xterra Fitness is one of the top fitness equipment companies and they have an exceptional line of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and other accessories.
Yes, their lineup in each category is small, but they have high quality machines to choose from. As far as their elliptical line goes, you will find these key features on every elliptical: Biomechanically Correct Q-Factor, Multi-Grip Handlebar Controls, Oversized Cushioned Pedals, Pedal Tilt, and a Widescreen Blue Backlit LCD Display. Overall, Xterra has strived to build an ergonomically based machine that provides the most comfortable and natural workout for you. Your best bet when it comes to buying one of these ellipticals is to visit the official XterraFitness site because they offer special deals throughout the year as well as seasonal sales.
If you would like to learn more about the specific models you can check out our Xterra elliptical reviews below. Dedicated to the holistic health and wellness of people living in today’s internet-laden world, Paradigm understands that new forms of exercise and sustenance equipment are required to alleviate the new pains and aches of the technological lifestyle. This site provides review on Sole Fitness E98 Light Commercial Elliptical Machine (New 2013 Model) that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Sole E98-2013.
GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN (2007 Model): The Sole Light Commercial E98 Elliptical was built for the commercial environment.
The SOLE Light Commercial E98 Elliptical was built for the commercial environment, with articulating foot pedals and heavy-duty 34-pound flywheel. Custom pedals: Pedals were designed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist, and SOLE SOLE engineers have created a two-degree inward slope to the foot pedals, reducing ankle and knee stress common in many elliptical machines. Articulating pedals: Not everyone walks the same, which is why SOLE designed pedals that articulate to fit your stride. Power incline: Additional resistance and variable positions mean a diverse, challenging cardio workout with the touch of a button. Strong frame: The light commercial market demands products that can handle the wear and tear of multiple users, and the SOLE E98 uses heavy-duty, 38-millimeter steel designed to support user weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. This site provides review on Smooth CE 3.0DS Elliptical that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Smooth SME-CE-30DSI. About Smooth Fitness Smooth Fitness has been bringing America quality fitness equipment for over 20 years.
GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN (2007 Model): Experience gym-quality workouts in the comfort of home with the patented BRM7120.
This site provides review on Elliptical Roller Axle 256151 that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Icon Health & Fitness, Inc. This site provides review on Smooth Fitness CE-7.4 Elliptical Trainer that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Smooth SME-CE-74. Lite Touch Thumb Control makes it easy to do manual interval training, slow, or speed up without breaking stride. Ergonomic, Pivoting Foot Pedal The goal is to keep you strong and healthy so you can keep getting stronger and healthier. LED Display Follow your progress on the 7.4 elliptical with our four-window, dot matrix LED display. 21-Inch Stride Length Enjoy easier, longer strides with the comfort of a 21-inch stride length. Wireless Heart Rate Control Normally only available for an additional cost, your CE 7.4 comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor so you can set your preferred heart rate, strap on the chest monitor, and the resistance of your routines will automatically be adjusted as your heart rate changes. Tilt and Go Wheels The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical has transport wheels to easily move your elliptical to any room in the house for storage or room cleaning. Moving Handlebars The Smooth CE 7.4 elliptical offers a full body workout with moving handlebars to incorporate your arms, shoulders, back, and core to help you reach your fitness goals on one versatile elliptical. Built-In Adjustable Fan Keep cool with the built-in adjustable fan and easily find just the right speed to keep you from overheating–a great feature for intense workouts. 13 Challenging Preset Exercise Programs The Smooth CE 7.4 comes with 13 challenging preset programs that include a manual program, 3 goal programs, a MET program, a fat burning program, an interval program, a strength program, a fitness level test, a target heart rate, and 5 custom programs. MET: Allows you to select the workout load, from 1 MET to 16 METs, to simulate the cardiovascular effect of light to strenuous activities. Strength: Starting in warm-up mode, the endurance program gradually increases in intensity to burn fat and calories and build stamina. Fitness Level Test: Determine your fitness level in order to create or customize workouts that help you reach your goals faster. Warranty This machine is covered by a lifetime warranty on the frame and braking system, 7 year warranty on all parts, and 2 years of in-home labor. This site provides review on Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse with Mini Tool Box (fs) that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Exerpeutic Ellipticals . DESIGN: Natural Elliptical motion eliminates any bouncy movement that other competitive elliptical experience.
COMPUTER: An easy to read large window LCD display that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed, scan and target zone heart rate monitoring.
QUIETNESS: The precision balanced flywheel and V- belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation. This site provides review on Octane XR6000 Recumbent Elliptical that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Exercise Equipment . This site provides review on Precor EFX 5.37 Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Precor PHFRE1220221EN. For well over a decade, the Taiwanese conglomerate Dyaco, has been renowned for manufacturing ‘Sole’ and ‘Spirit’ fitness equipment, picking up numerous consumer awards along the way. Since arriving on the scene in the United States, the Xterra range of products has steadily grown in popularity and five years later it has finally arrived here in the UK. For well under ?1000, top-end models feature a basic amount of inbuilt ‘extras’ such as MP3 connectivity, high quality speaker systems and a cooling fan; but what they lack in ‘gadgetry’ is certainly made up for in performance!
The solid construction and use of high quality components throughout is also combined with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts and 2 years labour, to give peace of mind in the durability and longevity of the machines. Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. You may choose to filter your warehouse selection by selecting one or more of the services below. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Sign up to receive the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners.
What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?A FSA (Flexible Spending Account) allows use of the funds an individual has designated to be set aside pre-tax for medical expenses, typically with their employer, when selecting healthcare programs during the previous year.

Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. In terms of overall shape, sporting a chunky yet stylish appearance, it shares similar good looks to Sole models but we also like the predominant use of black throughout the Xterra range that gives it individuality.
The flywheel weighs a respectable 21 lbs which is the same as the cheaper models in the Xterra range (the next model up has a 25lb flywheel). There are 20 levels of electronic incline which is a fantastic feature to vary the feel of the workout as well as to keep it challenging. Our main reservation in terms of challenges for very advanced users stems from the resistance capabilities. To keep control of the action, the 5.6e has controls on the static handles as well as the conventional console buttons. Before we get into the program features, the console is worthy of a mention for being wonderfully user-friendly and easy to read.
The 2 user-defined programs give you almost unlimited options as they allow the user to create and store their own customized sessions. There’s a storage slot for your phone or Mp3 player which can be hooked up to the audio jack and the sound quality through the speaker system is surprisingly tight and clear.
The Xterra 5.6e has a 20 inch stride length with a nice feel, an incline ramp that's electronically controlled, pretty good resistance and useful features such as a wireless heart rate receiver and heart rate control program functionality. Whether you are competing in one of the many XTERRA trail runs or just looking for a way to lose some weight and shape up, the XTERRA FS220e elliptical is the most comfortable, non-impact cardio machine available.
Heavy duty steel flywheel, sealed commercial bearings and premium bushings are key components in giving you better stability, smoother motion and a consistent, natural 18" elliptical stride. The only thing you may not find in their line is an extremely high quality machine that is priced over $1,500. This is a great company and all their fitness equipment receives extremely positive customer reviews.
Fitness Club Stride Programmable Elliptical that facilitate you before making a decision to buy Paradigm . Fitness Club Stride Programmable Elliptical provides a zero-impact workout with no stress on hips, ankles, and joints plus the benefit of upper body exercising with dual-action arms.
From inversion tables to exercise bikes, from saunas to massage tables, Paradigm creates products that are unparalleled in the fitness and health market. Just click more to search for any available sale promotion, compare product price and find the best one for you. From its articulating foot pedals to its heavy 30 lbs flywheel the E98 is quickly becoming the popular model in Light Commercial settings and is rapidly replacing its overpriced high end counterparts.
Ergonomically positioned, articulating foot pedals have a 20-inch stride length, while the precision balanced flywheel system provides a smooth feel during your workout. The ramp angle is fully adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees, allowing you to target and individually work all major lower body muscle groups. Committed to providing people with healthy life-style choices that they can afford, Smooth Fitness now sells ellipticals and treadmills online only in an effort to reduce costs and increase technological advances. This elliptical is backed by an industry leading warranty that includes lifetime on the braking system, 3 years on parts and 2 years in-home labor. The CE 7.4 elliptical offers a natural, fluid motion with an extra long 21-inch stride length and 16 levels of intensity to match your fitness goals. With this, you can easily read course profiles, RPM, speed, watts, time, distance, pulse, heart rate, calories, resistance level, metabolic equivalents and target heart rate. With a heavy-duty flywheel, the CE 7.4 has a noticeably smoother ride than other ellipticals. Magnetic Braking System The CE 7.4 elliptical allows for smooth transitions and stops even during strenuous workouts with the superior technology of magnetic brakes. With more pre-programmed workouts, User IDs and features than our other models, the 5.37 offers you the most variety and workout tracking tools. XTERRA FS5.2e offers non-impact total body workout features synchronized upper and lower body movement.
In 2009, a third brand was born from the same prestigious manufacturers, by the name of ‘Xterra’ (inspired by the famous series of off-road triathlon races).
Although aimed at a price point to make them a more affordable option to the premium sister brands of Sole and Spirit, Xterra machines boast many similar selling points.
Some models offer up to 20 levels of electronic incline, handlebar controls and a challenging array of inbuilt programs inc heart rate controlled sessions and user-defined programs. Since 2009, there has been a third brand name to come out of those prestigious factories, and 5 years on, the name ‘Xterra’ finally hits our shores!
The overall biomechanical engineering that has gone into angling the crank arms and pivot points clearly shows the expertise of a manufacturer with a wealth of training knowledge. The huge pedals measure 9 inches wide so there’s plenty of surface area to get a secure stance, plus they have also been angled with a 2 degree inward slope to promote a more natural alignment of the body. As the incline motor raises the guide rail section by pivoting at the rear, you can really feel the difference in motion as well as in your leg muscles! There are 20 levels of resistance and maximum is certainly going to feel tough for most users, but for any hardy triathletes conditioned to Xterra event standards, the tension may feel a little weak if you’re working in short bursts of maximum exertion.
The handles are equipped with neat thumb controls on the end of each so you can adjust the intensity levels (Up arrow on the left and down on the right handle). A comfortable, long 18" stride coupled with a heavy-duty 19-lb flywheel creates fluid, consistent motion whether you go forward or reverse. The large, easy to read blue backlit console features built in speakers and an audio jack for a MP3 player. You will not be overwhelmed with their limited choices, allowing you to pick and choose your fitness item easier. That’s the nice thing about Xterra, though, is that they offer a strong, durable machine for a low price. They have a great reputation and they will continue to become more popular, especially with their high quality machines and low prices.
Constructed of solid forged steel, it provides a stride length of 23 inches which you will not find on similarly priced elliptical machines for the home.
Each item is the pinnacle of style, design, and quality – all offered to you at competitive prices. A commercial grade, nine-inch LCD screen is crisp and clear, constantly displaying essential training data like heart rate, calories burned, time, distance traveled, and more. Not only does the customer experience state-of-the-art innovations, he also rests easy knowing his purchase is backed by the industry’s strongest, most comprehensive warranty.

Transition between Elliptical and Bike modes with magnetic resistance, patented design technology, sturdy frame for comfort and safety, 2-way adjustable seat, and advanced color motorized programmable console for your workout metrics. Ergonomic pivoting foot pedals maintain your body’s natural motion and reduce stress and strain on joints. That means we’re keeping your ankles, knees, and hips from suffering impact and strain.
The patented low-impact motion is smooth and natural, making your workouts more comfortable and enjoyable.
Showcasing Dyaco’s 30 years of fitness equipment manufacturing expertise, these elliptical cross trainers are also designed with a great focus on user comfort to ensure the user and their joints of a smooth and stress-free elliptical action.
This is one out of a range of 4 elliptical cross trainers that are now being distributed in the UK. Once level, the cross trainer felt nice and stable in use and the dynamic handles and crank arms are constructed from fairly thick gauge steel so there’s not too much flex under pressure.
The motion feels wonderfully smooth as well as safe on the joints…if you closed your eyes you could well believe you were using a vastly more expensive machine – but the quality feel is a reminder that this model is from the same fitness equipment master manufacturers that have been producing Sole and Spirit ellipticals for many years. Another important aspect which hasn’t escaped the consideration of the designers is the spacing between the pedals. When you consider that the range takes its name from some of the most challenging outdoor endurance events around the world, it seems only fitting that this machine replicates the sensation of tackling varying terrains and gradients. Typically, the handles also have integrated pulse sensors, but we’d recommend purchasing a wireless chest strap to give you more accurate readings from the inbuilt receiver. A ledge on the console can hold your tablet and a bottle holder on the console mast keeps your free Xterra bottle close at hand.
This machine (and the Xterra range in general) is designed with the focus on performance rather than entertainment.
The oversized, self-leveling pedals and 16 resistance levels provide comfort for all users.
Reward yourself with one of the most popular, safe and effective non-impact ellipticals, the XTERRA FS220e! Their limited lineup can be a great thing for some, or very negative for others who want more selections. Xterra is also known for their excellent warranties, including lifetime frame and brake on all models. Consistent performance, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction make Smooth Fitness one of the fitness industry’s most trusted manufacturers of exercise equipment.
Features to maximize your performance and results include an advanced LED display with 13 challenging programs, an integrated iPod docking station with powerful high-clarity speakers, and an integrated SmoothAir fan to keep you cool during your most intense workouts. Emulating the orthopedic movement of your ankle, the pivoting foot pedal supports your heel while allowing your ankle to assume its most functional position throughout the entire elliptical cycle. It offers 20 Magnetic resistance levels along with 7 pre-set, manual, 2 user customized, and 2 heart rate programs which provide a variety of exercise options for all fitness levels.
You can expect the same degree of biomechanical innovation such as a natural 2 degree inward slope to the pedals and a narrow ‘Q-factor’ (distance between footplates). Being a front-driven cross trainer permits the pedals to travel closer to each other than is possible on a rear drive machine because there isn’t the obstruction of the flywheel casing. Plus there are 2 heart rate controlled programs which require a chest belt, so the small investment is well worth it. In the centre of the screen is a dot matrix to show the selected course profile and to the side of that is a Heart Rate profile gauge to show your pulse percentage at a glance.
By striding backwards you will work entirely different muscle groups to strengthen your legs in many different areas.
It also has sealed commercial bearings and premium bushings in all pivot points ensure superior smoothness and durability.
In this case there’s little more than a fingers width between the pedals so once again encourages a natural gait. After all, if you’re the type of person to get your kicks from enduring Xterra events, then you’d perhaps opt for a machine with more tortuous resistance capabilities!
As the angle changes, it activates different muscle groups allowing you to focus on a specific muscle group or all major muscle groups to customize your workout.
Other specs include Hand grip pulse sensors, Audio jack and speakers for MP3 player, Cooling fan, blue backlit LCD and Front transport wheels.
Floor levelers keep the elliptical flush with any floor surface, and orthopedic gel foot pads help relieve stress on arches, ankles, and knees. Telemetry (wireless) and touch heart rate monitoring with SmartRate® help keep you in your in your fat burn, cardio or peak target zone.
Mini Tool Box is shipped from a separate warehouse and will arrive within a few days of your order. Certainly enough to keep things varied and challenging for most users, but compared to the spec lists of some other similarly priced machines, the features may seem a little basic. 15 pre-programmed workouts include Manual, (3) Interval, Aerobic Endurance, Hill Climb, (2) Custom, Heart Rate, Fitness Test, Fat Burner, Calorie Goal, Weight Loss, Gluteal and CrossTrainer. For one thing, each program is very unique so this isn’t just a case of a few tweaks to peak levels here and there, the structure of each is entirely different catering for a variety of goals. For anyone on the lookout for a well built, user-friendly elliptical with electronic incline and a decent selection of programs, then the Xterra 5.6e is a recommended option. Plus, all of the programs are customizable so the user can adjust the duration (from a minimum of 10 minutes up to 99 minutes), alter the peak resistance level and the maximum incline level too. The easy-to-use console includes calories, calories per minute, CrossRamp® angle, distance, heart rate, program profile, resistance level, SmartRate®, strides, strides per minute, time, vertical feet climbed, watts and workout summary. During this set-up, the user can input their age and weight to help the computer calculate more accurate calorie consumption figures.
With a heavy duty flywheel, the CE 7.4 has a noticeably smoother ride than other ellipticals. There is also the option to bypass all of this and jump straight into the action using the default settings.

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