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These are brand new but received some minor freight damage during shipping; each has been fully repaired and discounted for you! Constructed of very durable high-density polyethylene plastic, they work well in wet environments or high humidity as they will not rust. Enhance your Wedding, Anniversary, Birthdays or any function with the Beautifully designed dresses of Gravity Fashion. Aside from proper planning and budgeting few weeks before your trip, you can purchase in advance the attraction passes you need in the places you’ll visit at a discount. In this article, I enumerated the list of online (and non-online) shops where you can buy discounted Hong Kong Attraction tickets or passes.
Reminder: Please note that while we try our best to make the information current, we do not regularly monitor the prices and the discounts offered. While the options below offer up to HKD30 discount per pass, the Klook’s discounts soarĀ up to HKD40. China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited offers competitive prices for Hong Kong attractions passes.
There is a remark that the ticket for the peak combo needs to be collected in their Tsim Sha Tsui office.
Hi Sir Ian, I just want to ask if you have friends or any one you know who tried to book in Klook for Disneyland and Ocean park tickets?
Jamaica, I did, when I ran a giveaway before, I was the one who booked the ticket for the winner. When buying tickets for Disneyland HK or other attractions, when is it TOO early to buy or TOO late to buy? I’m thinking if we can also avail the discounted ticket and be able to use it from macau? Please contact them using the contact form they have in their website for further clarifications. Please note that the posted purchasing instruction was prepared a year ago, so there might have many price increase since then.
When you use your card to purchase tickets online, the conversion will depend on your bank’s published exchange rate. If you want to use your credit card in Hong Kong, please contact your bank, I believe they have the best answers to your questions. I believe you purchase your tickets as early as now, there is an option wherein you have to choose the date of visit. Doing the tour with your own will be pesky since you have to take care of your transport and accommodation. Hi Nikki, I believe that for the SC to avail the SC discount, you must present a valid HK SC card.

You will need to pickup the actual tickets at their respective offices if you buy at ticketmart and CTS. Taisan will give you the actual ticket after payment but you need to reserve it a day before. Do you have an old Seiwa plotter?Send it back and get 30% discounton a Seiwa last generation unit! Seiwa offers all its customers the opportunity to replace their instrument with a last generation, enjoying one 30% on the new price. The offering 30%off also extends to all the accessories or other products Seiwa ordered during the promotion: not miss the opportunity to renew your instruments on board!
Buy Turkish Suit for men (size available up to 58) by Rosario Outlet Fashion on discounted deal coupons. We provide you the best of the popular Fashion Designers at very affordable prices such as Lehenga Choli, Bridal Lenghas, Net Sarees and all types of Sherwanis. Please visit the official websites of the park you would like to visit to view the latest prices and compare it to the ones offered in the online merchants listed here. Klook is an online merchant that offers even more affordable attraction passes in Hong Kong. For instance, the current 1-day adult pass for Hong Kong Disneyland is HKD499 but Klook sells it for only HKD458. We plan to travel disneyland on Jan 29, but seems that it can’t select Jan 2016 but it says that ticket is valid til Mar 2016. If you have time to visit the vendor’s office to pay and pick up your ticket, then go. Print whatever proof they give you and then bring it with you at their TST office to pay and claim the ticket.
I’m going to Disneyland in 1 month and is a family of 4 so I would like to get the best deal possible, but is afraid of scammers.
And how will we able to get the actual tickets in Macau as I understand this will be an open ticket.
My family will be visiting HK this September 12 (it’s my birthday) and I learned that it is also the anniversary of the theme park. Sorry but I don’t hear or read any HK Disneyland promotions for their incoming anniversary.
Also, taking the busy MTR wouldn’t be easy because you have 6 children to look after. So, getting few dollar slashes from your travel passes will keep you out of trouble from financial burden while away from home. Not only that, they also have discounted transport tickets such as tickets for theĀ hop-on hop-ff bus, the Airport express, and many others.

They also have discounted tickets for Peak Tram Sky Pass, Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, Ngong Ping 360, etc. On the other hand, the Ocean Park voucher that they issue already serves as the actual pass. For international visitors, you can still book you attraction passes but you have to pay and pick up the tickets when you arrive in Hong Kong at their designated pickup or payment locations. Note that the savings you may get in picking up the ticket may not be enough to compensate your transportation expenses to get to their office. I’m traveling to HK in May 16, and wondering if too early to buy or can I buy 1 week before I travel?
The actual ticket pickup locations they listed on their site are their HQ and their ticketing office near the terminal which are both in HK.
I tried sending you an email using the email address you used to register in disqus but it seems not active. Do you know by any chance, if they are offering free passes or more discounts for those celebrating their birthday on the same day? Just want to ask on how can I claim the Ocean Park ticket will they be sending e-mail or the invoice with confirmed payment will do. Also, for the Ocean Park HongKong, they sell the ticket for only HKD298 from the actual HKD345 ticket booth price.
If you plan to have to have a day side trip to Macau, you can purchase your round trip Cotai Jet ticket with Galaxy Hotel quick meal coupon all for HKD290.00 only. You can also contact them directly and state that your birthday falls on their anniversary – if you are lucky, you may get a special treat. I’m afraid that if I go with just that the park will only accept one person even if it says on the voucher that the number of tickers is 4. Klook also offers discounts to AquaLuna Night Cruise, the Sky100, Helicopter Tours, Ngong Ping 360, and many more.
You can also visit at any of their Hong Kong and Macau branches and they’ll give discounts similar to that of online transactions. Is it we must redeem the voucher as to the visit date we stated or we can redeem other day?

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