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The BFCT1 Elliptical Cross Trainer provides a non-impact cardio workout in a very compact space. This product can also be delivered to certain areas outside the continental United States for a shipping fee. So I’ve been hitting the gym for a little over a month now and I have definitely noticed a change in my stamina. Lawrence suggested I work towards achieving 45 minutes of cardio using a combination of the Cross Trainer, Summit, and Rowing machines followed by 4 circuits to work the core muscles. I started of doing 25 mins of cardio followed by these circuits which really worked up a sweat! Cardio machines have never been so RAD and the good news is you don’t have to worry about figuring things out alone. Do you like to burn rubber on the treadmill, yet seem to find that your workouts are getting a wee bit stale? Create as much space as you can between your shoulders and your ears – basically no hunching. Elliptical Trainers capture the body’s fluid natural movements to provide an effective impact-free workout, ideal for those in home workouts!! Keep Fit for Summer are delighted to present the famous Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine Home Gym Package. For this reduced price, the Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine Home Gym Package comes highly recommended and is always a popular choice with lots of people. This Marcy Home Gym package is a fantastic cardio kit out, it features the Marcy cross trainer and rowing machine both of which have there own individual benefits to provide.
Both machines have a range of 8 different resistance ranges of increasing difficulty for you to consistently challenge yourself with, they both use a magnetic braking system that provides each one with a smooth working motion. Their compact designs make them ideal for converting a garage or spare room into your own personal home gym, it's time to get serious with the Marcy cross trainer and rowing machine fitness package. The Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical is offered by Body Solid, an American company that’s received numerous “Best Buy” awards from consumer advocates.

Upper body exercise – This machine’s movable handlebars help provide a full-body elliptical workout. Exercise data – Users get feedback about time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate. Heart rate monitor – Contact grips provide convenient heart rate monitoring to help people make the most of their cardiovascular workouts. Short stride – This machine has a very short stride, which makes it impossible for taller people to actually make elliptical movements.
Few resistance levels – This machine has 8 levels of resistance, which is typical for a budget elliptical.
Poor labor warranty – The Cross Trainer Elliptical is sold with the following coverage: 5 years frame, 1 year electronics, 1 year parts, 3 months wear parts, and 90 days of labor.
The Body Solid Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical probably isn’t the best home workout option, even for new exercisers on a budget.
You may add this product to your shopping cart in addition to any other items you wish to purchase, check out, and we will contact you by email or phone with a total shipping charge if you live outside the continental United States (assuming the product can be shipped to your area). Knowing that there was no way I could possibly do 45 mins of straight cardio at the first attempt he suggested I build up slowly, starting with 10 mins on the Cross Trainer, 5 on the Summit, and 10 on the Rower. With over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, she has had the opportunity to teach and train all over the Southwest and Northeast however she currently lives in NYC. A faster cadence will keep you running in the middle of the revolving belt as opposed to up on top of it, or worse, way back close to the edge. However, this joint friendly contender should not be eliminated from the cardio-burning machine game.
The Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine Home Gym Package is certainly that and will be a great acquisition. By blending the use of the two you can effectively exercise your entire body, using a variation of different fitness machines will also encourage quicker weight loss as your body struggles to adapt to the constant change of workouts. However, with its online price range of about $430-$450, this machine costs much less than Best Fitness’s Center Drive Elliptical – and the difference shows.

The overall warranty isn’t bad considering the elliptical’s low price, but the short labor section is a cause for concern.
You may then decide whether to proceed with your order, as I will not process your payment until receiving approval from you for any applicable shipping charges.
Well, I know the treadmill might have been your bestie way back then, however as a full-time gym rat I am here to tell you that things have certainly changed on the gym floor hun.
The compact Cross Trainer Elliptical is best for lightweight individuals seeking an entry-level elliptical workout. A better option from this brand is the BFE1 or Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical, which falls into the $1000-$1500 price range. Alternatively, you may contact me with the product you wish to order and your full mailing address, as I will reply with a shipping quote and availability in your area. This similar cross-training machine offers a slightly different movement pattern that actually keeps your foot under your knee a bit better. So, next time you find yourself gliding away the calories, try adjusting the incline and not just the resistance. It also has a relatively short stride, but it has a greater weight capacity and better workout variety than the Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical.
Elliptical trainers are the hottest cardio products in the market today, and the BFCT1 is an outstanding entry level option for this category. Uptempo tracks are great for sprints, while slower tunes are perfect for those moments when you want to crank up the resistance. Stand up straight, keep your head upright and power through with those super strong legs girl.

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