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When exercise is carried out on a machine, a gym equipment mat serves a protective purpose.
A rubber gym floor is designed to protect hardwood, linoleum, tile, and even carpet floors from damage. Whether you have a home gym, or you happen to own or manage a commercial gym, we can understand how expensive it is to get started and keep things going with maintenance. A treadmill mat is a necessity for any home or commercial elliptical machine—or any other piece of heavy cardio equipment. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, another added benefit of using rubber flooring under your heavy exercise equipment will be the added noise-absorbing qualities. And this is no quick fix—although it is a quick fix, thanks to the simplicity of installation. However, your gym’s floor is definitely not the place to try and cut corners or costs, and with rubber gym equipment mats you won’t have to! Specifically, elliptical machines can cause a lot of vibrations (what with all that bouncing around!), which in turn can cause unnecessary damage to any floor.

Constant vibrations are a key factor that can extensively damage workout room floors, but they can also cause obnoxious sounds that travel to other rooms in the building. As stated previously, eco-friendly rubber is an incredibly durable material because it comes from a source that was originally intended to be long lasting and capable of standing up to the very worst weather conditions. With its versatility, its numerous available style options, its eco-friendliness (and pocket-friendliness), and its DIY applications, we think a treadmill mat (or two, or three, or four) is a great option for any home or commercial gym. Commonly made from reprocessed and reclaimed automobile tires, rubber mats are an incredibly cost effective solution to anyone in a tight financial spot, and that paired with ease of installation will make this a very friendly DIY project. Heavy elliptical machines and cardio equipment can leave ugly imprints or deep scratches on hardwood floors, while tile surfaces can even be broken. Rubber mats can stand up to the hard pounding of strenuous running (and stair-climbing, and walking) while readily absorbing loud vibrations that can quickly become a nuisance to other people in your home or patrons in your commercial gym. Many treadmill mats are made from reclaimed automobile tires, which are broken down and then reconstructed into sheets that can be cut down to any size, or added to through the use of a number of applications to accommodate a larger space. So if you’re still wondering if you should be using rubber gym equipment mats under your elliptical machine, or any other heavy-duty workout machine, we say the answer is definitely yes!

In the long run having a rubber gym floor in your workout space is definitely going to pay off. That’s going to be more money out of your pocket further down the road when you have to repair all that damage. Think of the extensive amount of damage you can avoid by strategically placing some treadmill mats under heavy workout equipment. If you keep your elliptical machine on expensive wood floors, fragile tile, or thicker carpets then gym equipment mats are the ideal method of floor protection for you! Take for example the ever popular elliptical machine—a stationary machine that simulates walking, running, and stair climbing all at once! This is a pretty versatile piece of machinery that will need an equally versatile place to be used upon.

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