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The Best Fitness Sportsman Home Gym (BFMG20) presented Body Solid is compact and affordable discount weight lifting equipment that is ideal for maximizing limited space. The PSM144X Powerline Smith Machine built by Body Solid is a superb combination of the safety and control that is inherent in using professional weight lifting equipment and the free weight power that you achieve from using free weight based resistance.
The PSM1442XS Smith Machine Complete Weight Lifting Equipment Package is ideal for the avid strength training enthusiast who wishes to train at in the comfort of their own home and use a safety net that the Smith Machine provides.
The compact frame of the Powerline BSG10X Easy Assembly Weight Lifting Equipment is at just under 4 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall, these dimensions will let you install this weight lifting equipment wherever you like. The EXM3000LPS Home Gym weight lifting equipment built by Body Solid is the result of very thorough research and engineering that is the trademark of all Body Solid cpmmercial weight lifting equipment.
This Best Fitness edition comes with a 150lb weight stack and the designers put emphasis on ergonomically compatible features.
Best of all is the fact that Powerline has made the PSM144X weight lifting equipment affordable and you can use it right in the comfort of your own home! The duel lock Safety Spotter Catch System is another high tech feature on the PowerLine Smith Machine weight lifting equipment. The pulley system is swivel enhanced and will allow you to benefit from working the often neglected stabilizer muscle groups that you can target while doing exercises such as pectoral flys or converging presses. Unlike the traditional power rack the Smith Machine has technical features that will optimize the safety aspects of Olympic weight lifting equipment. 150 Pound Weight Stack SP150 - pin loading permits easy weight adjustment just remove and reinsert the selector pinb. The eight position movable arm press and leg development section plus the low, mid and high pulleys with the 160 pound weight stack will allow the user to safely perform over 40 bio-mechanically correct exercises.You will hardly need an engineer to assist you with the assembly of this discount weight lifting equipment.
2,200 pound tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables with swiveling ends provide durability and low maintenance.
It is the goal of the special arc design to follow the natural flow of a bench press and pectoral dumbbell fly providing an optimal full range chest and triceps workout. Rest assured that during your heaviest sets the four ultra strong 2 inch X 2 inch 12 gauge steel pillars will support the super-glide carriage and the 14 lock out positions and adjustable safeties assure the lifter of the highest level of control while allowing greater muscle gains. Simply turn the bar 15° and it will prevent the lifter from being pinned by the bar in a max resistance situation. This specially engineered pulley system also features low, mid and high pulley capabilities to permit you to fully round out your exercise routine and maximize the benefits of your new professional weight lifting equipment.
No need to have a spotter handy when you can use the the self spotting mechanism to lower the risk of injury.
Anyone who has used weight lifting equipment will appreciate the padded pressing arms that keep your arms well cushioned so you can finish off the heavy sets in comfort. Discount weight lifting equipment has never been better priced and making it an addition to your collection of universal weight lifting equipment will optimize your exercise program and improve your long term fitness objectives! With proper use the Smith machine can be used to build muscle and power and you can reach for the limit while maintaining a minimal safety level and optimal workout form. Every part of this professional weight lifting equipment features cutting edge ergonomic design and it functions with elegant precision.

The ladder type mainframe features full length, heavy-duty twelve gauge square pillars with 14 cross member lock out Points providing a solid foundation for the Safety Spotter Catches during the heaviest routines.3. This complete professional weight lifting equipment package comes with every workout station necessary for the complete home gym. Smith Machine PSM144X - the core Smith Machine power rack including weight bar (weight bar is 1" Diameter)e.
You could literally be using it to workout within 30 minutes, just complete the easy nine bolt process.
High impact resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys with precision machined steel ball bearings.D.
I always recommend that you buy weight lifting equipment that comes complete with a leg press option and the EXM3000LPS fits the bill. The low pulley station alone has a minimum of 10 exercise options see the list below under workout options. Extra long twin carriages have long life patented Super Glide nylon bushings for non-friction movement and performance over 2 inch square, high polished chrome guide bars.4. The P2X by Body Solid is another great example of this manufacturer's renowned creativity in engineering affordable, compact and high quality home gym and they have shown the fitness world once again that it is possible to get a total body workout in a compact space.You will appreciate the traditional aspects of the P2X which allow the user to conduct mid row, shoulder press and incline press exercises.
When you buy weight lifting equipment rest assured that you will get the complete package with the PSM1442XS! The 2200 pound tension strength military tested cables have been pre-strung by the factory for you!
Th EXM3000LPS comes complete with a state of the art leg press offering up to 420 lbs of total combined weight resistance! In addition, the leg developer station features a bearing pivot point system to provide smooth and natural leg curl and extension exercises.
Traditional press bar is bio-mechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.
In addition, the EXM3000LPS commercial weight lifting equipment features a multi-function Press Arm Station incline press, chest supported mid-row exercises, bench press and shoulder press. Jumbo pop pins are quickly and easily adjusted to help you come to a safer, predetermined stop with greater straight line stability.5. Pull the optimal exercise routine together with the functional training arms which adds a more synergistic modern approach to your regular workout routine. The BSG10X weight lifting equipment was awarded the prestigious 2007 Top Gear of the Year Award and has wowed customers and reviewers alike. The range delimiters on the Perfect Pec station allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration for faster, more defined results. Deeply knurled single pivot sleeve with positive glide roll radius was created to transfer lifting movements smoothly to the Safety Spotter Catches.
Use the modern elements of the P2X weight lifting equipment to focus on elements such as core stability, balance and efficiency of movements that you use in your everyday life.
Don't forget to review the technical specifications list below to understand the many features built into this fantastic commercial weight lifting equipment such as the 48" lat bar and an abdominal harness.

Lat pull down station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement.
Don't forget about the Durafirm pads that are specially designed for lumbar support and ensure that EXM3000LPS is the most comfortable on the market today!
Deemed a sophisticated dual-safety anti-slip lockout system, it operates independently from the main cross bar and simply locks in place with a quick turn of the wrists.
A great addition is the Optional BSGLPX leg press, you may add this important accessory at the bottom of the page.
The pads are will never bottom out and feature double stitching - guaranteed to last a lifetime!Suited to work up to 3 users at the same time this commercial quality weight lifting equipment will satisfy the most ardent of workout enthusiasts and take up surprisingly little space! Also, recommended is the SP50 50 Lb weight stack addition to improve load resistance to 210 lb.
Both 210 pound weight stacks are within easy reach to ensure a optimal strength workout with safe and quick weight selection. The weight stacks can be combined to achieve up to 420 lbs of combined resistance and they contain specially designed nylon bushings to ensure smooth and quiet motion.This is one of the best alternatives to OLympic weight lifting equipment in the industry and if Body Solid keeps building them up to this high standard they will soon be out of business because you will never need to buy weight lifting equipment again!
Telescoping, chrome plated, adjustable seat post for quick smooth adjustment and proper body positioning. Leg press station - Use up to 420 pounds of resistance with the 2:1 ratio feature by combining the dual 210 weight stacks to maximize you leg workout. Ensure proper bio-mechanics with the unique 2 bar linkage that self aligns the angle of the leg press plate eliminating ankle strain.
Also, included is the sealed ball bearings and pillow block for precision alignment and friction free movement. Mid pulley station - work your abdominals and oblique muscles and create your 6 pack abs to show off at the beach, unique design permits absolute isolation of the stomach muscle groups. Perfect pectoral fly station - is ultimately a 2 function station that allows maximum development of rear deltoid and pec muscles. High pulley station - used for lat pull downs features unique easy access hold down rollers that fit all size users with no need for adjustment. Low pulley station - seated rows are a must to achieve a well developed lower and middle back including the often overlooked lower lats.
Multi press station - Combines 3 stations into one; chest, shoulder and back with maximum concentration on the targeted muscle groups. Leg development station (leg extensions and curls) - strengthen your knees along with quads and hamstrings.

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