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EAST GRAND RAPIDS -- The new football field and the two-story press box with a million-dollar view of Reeds Lake are what catch most eyes reviewing East Grand Rapids High School's $12.4 million athletic facilities makeover. But what athletic director Scott Robertson called "the gem of the whole project" is tucked inside the high school. Athletic trainer Courtney VandeWege now has three treatment tables, three taping tables, an ice machine and a whirlpool.
When a series of bond issues was put before voters in 2006, all the measures passed except one that would have beefed up the track and field area. The bond package funded work on the track and field area with a field events center, a ticket entrance and locker rooms.
In the school's new east lobby, there's finally a place for every one of the 111 state championship trophies the district has won -- and room for more. Technical warm up: This part of the warm up for serious weight lifters will include imitating the motions of lifting the weights without the heavy weights in hand. You may feel light resistance in your muscles, but you should never feel pain during a stretch. Start with slow, low intensity movements, and gradually progress to full-speed or full range of motion stretches.
General Stretches for Weight Lifting:Weight lifting generally targets specific muscles during certain sessions, and so it is difficult to list all the stretches that would be appropriate for the overall sport. Unfortunately, the deadlift often gets a bad rap from coaches, trainers and athletes who claim it will lead to injuries. The experienced personal trainers at Body By Choice Training will not throw you right into deadlifts right away, but will eventually add it to your program when you are ready to perform it properly — to ensure proper form and great results. About Body By Choice Our skilled and knowledgeable Grand Rapids personal trainers use customized nutritional and exercise programs designed to give you the extra edge you need to be successful.
Body By Choice Training proudly provides training services to individuals who are looking for Grand Rapids Personal Trainers, Cascade Personal Trainers, Ada Personal Trainers, East Grand Rapids Personal Trainers, Kentwood Personal Trainers and all surrounding areas.
I love to use slow eccentrics when designing training programs. Eccentric training focuses on the active contraction of a muscle occurring simultaneously with the lengthening of the muscle.

For example, during a biceps curl the action of lowering the dumbbell back down from the lift is the eccentric phase of that exercise.
If you are not calculating the time the muscle is under tension, you are guessing what the training response will be. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Life Fitness Equipment: 4-Sided Cable Weight Machine, Treadmill, Eliptical Trainer, Stairclimber, and Stationary Bicycle. Fitness room, barbeque pavillion, outdoor pool, outdoor whirlpool, and a quiet suburban feel add to this Grand Rapids hotel's appeal. Nick Hopkins teaches a course called Lifetime Fitness that's an elective, not a standard P.E.
She also has a window looking out on the fitness center so she can observe injured students' therapy. In focus groups after the defeat, administrators learned that voters wanted all student athletes to get something out of the deal.
Dynamic stretches (ones involving movement) are best prior to the activity to prepare the muscles and joints for motion whereas static stretches are more appropriate once you have finished to improve your flexibility and to gradually cool down the body.
Recreational weight lifters rarely include a technical warm up as part of their weight lifting activity. Many recreational lifters omit the cool-down and leave the gym directly after their last weight set. Therefore, in general, you should specifically be stretching  those muscles which you intend to target or have targeted in your workout, both pre and post-training.
We closely examine your posture, hip mobility, thoracic spine mobility and scapular mobility. With proper form, education and preparation, there is no reason to be afraid of the deadlift!
There is a vast amount of research pinpointing that eccentric training can be an important weapon of choice when striving to reach your fitness goals.

Are you improving your strength, functional hypertrophy, hypertrophy or your strength endurance? As long as you are mindful of your technique and choose appropriate weights for your activity, a technical warm-up for a recreational lifter may not be necessary.
This practice can easily leave your body prone to post-exercise problems such as DOMS or lightheadedness. For example, if you plan to work the back and chest, you should ensure stretches for these areas are included in your regime. If you are not regularly doing a form of deadlift as part of your weight-training program — it is time to add it to your routine! However, with correct form, deadlifts are not only one of the best injury-preventing tools you can use — but the deadlift is the greatest full body exercise that exists. Exercise selection and order, rest time, sets and repetitions are also very important principles to consider during program design. You should also do an overall stretch, particularly of the body's bigger muscle groups since working out any one particular body part still involves the use of the whole body to position and lift the individual weights you require for the more specific exercises. Smart personal trainers know that the deadlift, which involves almost every muscle group in your body, should be respected, not feared. This will help you to build neural pathways that will enforce proper movements in other lifts — and will carry over to everyday life.
If not, building strength and muscle on top of these dysfunctions further cements them and can lead to future injuries.

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