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Our Interlocking Foam Fitness Mats and Tiles offer a wide selection of gym mats for both light and heavy-duty use. These commercial-grade puzzle tiles are precision cut and used to create a full interlocking system.
Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Bars, Apollon’s Axle, Strongman Logs (and a ton of other types) – While these are not necessary by any means, they can be a great tool once you’re further along your strength training journey.
There are a ton of different types of racks and every gym (or basement or garage) has a different one! Squat Stands – these are two pieces that you stand next to each other that hold up your barbell.
Squat Racks – Squat racks come in many shapes and sizes, but most typically they are two vertical uprights connected with a horizontal pole. Monolift – the least common and typically only found at more serious powerlifting gyms. Smith Machine – the smith machine is a type of plate loaded machine that looks a lot like a squat rack, only there are rods that guide the path of the bar.
Cable Machines – these come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but are always stack loaded machines. Dip Station – sometimes these are freestanding, and sometimes these are attached to the cable machine or power rack. Bench – There are two main types of benches, standard flat benches and adjustable ones.
Bench Press Rack – Some gyms (especially smaller gyms and CrossFits) just use squat stands or squat racks for bench press. In addition to all of the big pieces of equipment, there are a ton of little things hanging around in every corner of the gym. Within the United States, most gyms plates are in pounds and come in 2.5,5,10,25, and 45 lb denominations.
Plyo Boxes – these are boxes that come in multiple sizes that you can jump on and off of. Bands – Bands are basically just gigantic rubber bands, used for mobility work, speed lifts, and for assistance with things such as pullups. Weightlifting Belt – These come in both velcro and leather varieties, and can be very useful for the intermediate and advanced lifter. We apologies but prices you see are subject to change at any time, as we are in the process of updating our price lists due to the change in VAT. RISE is fully equipped with state of the art strength training equipment -- from kettlebells to barbells to squat racks -- and plenty of space for you to work. It kind of took off and we ended having so many people wanting to join in on this little place that we took the plunge on building a fully staffed, 7200 sq ft commercial facility that still had the feel of a friendly garage lifters gym.
There are a lot of people that seek us out because we are one of the few places that caters to strength training in the Philadelphia area. But some people like us simply because we are a friendly place where they know they are going to get a square deal. There Are A Lot Of People That Seek Us Out Because We Are One Of The Few Places That Caters To Strength Training In The Philadelphia Area. Unlike a lot of trainers I have really walked the walk and competed in these sports all over the world so I coach from experience.

It is a really cool thing when you see a guy who is in here training for a national meet take the time to help out a new lifter, to pass down what he has learned over his years in the gym just out of kindness. I think the thing now that keeps me going is that they require you to sign binding contracts and I don't. Most Gyms Require People To Sign Binding Contracts And I Dont, People Just Don't Want To Be Locked Into Contracts Anymore.
Like last week when I read in our local paper that yet another chain gym was opening less than two blocks from me, people ask me if I'm worried and I just tell them "F*#% no! Our selection of gym mats include single rubber mats for isolated areas such as weight lifting mats and exercise machine mats, or rubber mat rolls covering larger areas, or even interlocking rubber mats going wall-to-wall.
All of the interlocking tiles allow for easy installation for any configuration while providing a soft, safe foam tile surface.a€? 8 different styles to choose from.
They’re usually located all together near the dumbbells and are used primarily for assistance exercises.
It is primarily used for deadlifts, but definitely not necessary (an olympic bar is standard). These are great for portable workouts, but for inside a gym they have a lot of disadvantages (they don’t hold as much weight, aren’t as sturdy, and lack safety features).
These look like big metal rectangles with holes every 2 inches or so up and down all of the vertical sides.
With these, after you get the weight on your back, you have a friend pull a lever that moves the stand out of your way so you can squat without stepping out of the rack at all. The pin loaded (or ‘stack machines’) have stacks of rectangular “weights” with a hole in them for you to insert a pin into.
With these machines, a handle is attached to the end of a cable which is then pushed or pulled in various directions depending on the specific exercise. There are two places to look for one if they do not have a freestanding pullup bar – one is on the top of the cable machine and the other is on the top of the power rack or smith machine. Adjustable handles are nice for those of us who are smaller and using a wider dip station puts our bodies in a bad position. These can be useful if you don’t have a pullup or dip yet, though we recommend the use of bands instead. Most commercial gyms have benches that are specially made for bench press and have the stand attached. Outside the United States or at most weightlifting specialty gyms, the plates will be in kilograms. It’s not common, but aside from your basic barbell and squat rack, I think it’s one of the best pieces of equipment in a gym. High socks are common on deadliftt day to prevent scraping on your shins, but other than that, it really doesn’t matter.
Most strength facilities that have the equipment and expertise that we have are expensive, private session only places or garage type clubs with a few lifters. Not many places offer massive power racks, a monolift, Atlas stones, deadlift and other specialty bars, platforms, bumpers, tires, sleds, Elieko bars etc. There is something to be said for dealing directly with the owner of a business that you plan on patronizing.
It's the service that the older lifters provide to the younger guys who are just coming in.

It's The Service That The Older Lifters Provide To The Younger Guys Who Are Just Coming In.
Pro strongmen Walt Gogola got his start here, Reggie Barton, Adam Keep, Doug Kirby, Kevin and Kirk Nowack. But we also get so many cool guests who stop in when they are in town, most of the top WWE wrestlers over the past ten years have been in here, as well as a lot of top pro strongmen and highland games athletes. The other thing is really that I like to think I offer better guidance and training than any of those places. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Unfortunately, the only thing these bars are really good for is curls and other accessory movements.
These will have a safety pin going horizontally across each side near the bottom and J-hooks up higher to hold the barbell. These can be great for assistance exercises to your barbell or dumbbell lifts as unlike other weight machines, they still allow free range of movement. These are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the weight room so it’s always good if there are at least 3 or 4.
Most gyms have a rule that you must have collars on the bar before you lift it (unless the bar is empty).
They come in circle and 12-sided versions – I would look and make sure the plates are circle if you have a choice.
We opened up our first Key Club place in 1995 because we wanted to have a place where we and the lifters we knew could train without being hassled. Anybody could join here for a modest monthly fee and have full access and use all of our strongman equipment any time they want. The real lifters, who want to deadlift, use chalk and don't want to be hassled by a gym employee for making noise. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. One of the great things about your gym having a power rack is that it’s versatile – you can use it to bench press, overhead press, etc. If you ever plan on doing any sort of kettlebell work, you’ll grow out of the 8lb ones that most gyms have pretty quick.
When I opened this place my two daughters were just little kids and now they are grown women and I pretty much missed it all. In plate loaded, there are no weights attached to the machine – you must put the weight plates on the machine yourself.
We took over this new 7200sq ft place and just did it on a wing and a prayer to tell you the truth. This was no turn key franchise, neither of us had ever worked in a gym before, barely knew what the heck we were doing but we had a lot of help from family and friends, worked long, hard hours and relentlessly promoted it.

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