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The American Sports and Fitness Association® Water Aerobics Instruction Certification addresses the needs of a broad spectrum of potential clients — from young to old. The Water Aerobics Instruction Certification helps fitness trainers design a fitness program specially made for the needs of each unique client, while delivering highly effective results in a fun group setting.
Whatever a person's fitness level, there is sure to be water fitness classes designed to give a challenging and fun workout.
Swimming is a great total body workout, and can be customized for those looking to build speed, strength and endurance. Some of the most popular types of water fitness classes use aerobic exercise to provide a good cardio and strength workout. Water aerobics classes can be a good choice for people recovering from injuries or suffering from joint pain or arthritis.
If jumping jacks and running laps under water doesn't appeal, consider water fitness classes that focus on dancing. This year-round fitness training option is low-impact and ideal for instructing in groups or individually. Water fitness classes use the natural resistance of water to provide strength training, while relying on the natural buoyancy of water to reduce impact.
Water fitness classes that involve swimming are typically done in small groups, with swimmers trading off in open lanes if necessary. Water aerobics classes modify traditional aerobic moves, such as running or jumping jacks, to be performed in the water.

While the resistance of the water works to strengthen muscles, water fitness classes involve less joint impact, and help increase range of motion while in the water.
Water Zumba® is a popular type of class that incorporates Latin dance moves, flexibility, and strength training with the resistance of the water. Stand w?dth your feet shoulder width apart and hands holding a ball (volley ball is great for this particular exercise). Stand with your back against the side wall of the pool and arms stretched out along the rim of the pool to support you. Remember that mixing up your training routine is the best method to keeping you training and stop becoming bored with the repetitiveness of training. Swimming classes, water aerobics, and even water Zumba® can be fun water fitness classes that produce great results. Swimming classes may include a warm-up section, followed by swimming laps using various strokes and kicks. The resistance of the water weight allows for greater strength training, and makes the body work a little harder to accomplish the moves. Gyms frequently offer special water fitness classes with aerobics for members that are recovering from injuries and surgery, or for older members suffering from osteoporosis, rheumatism, or arthritis.
The use of exhilarating music and fun, easy-to-follow dance steps can make the minutes fly by while providing an excellent toning and calorie-burning workout. In a fitness-based swimming class, emphasis may be placed on correct form, and alternating swimming styles to ensure that all major muscle groups are used.

Some water aerobics classes also use strength-training equipment, such as weights, to increase the resistance level. Water ballet classes are good for those seeking to increase flexibility by incorporating stretching and classical dance movements into a water-based workout. The following three water fitness exercises are a great workout in the pool and can be a refreshing change from swimming laps. Slowly move your legs in a circular clockwise direction 10 times and then move your legs in a circular anti-clockwise direction. When squatting down on one leg, stretch out the opposite leg in front of you pointing the toes. Depending on the aims of the class, swimming can provide workout geared toward cardiovascular exercise or strength training, or may blend elements of both. As the ball is being moved in front of you from side to side and up and down you will feel the resistance of the water and the air in the ball train your arms and shoulders.

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