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This item is not permitted to be shipped, however it can be purchased online and picked up at your convenience. Enjoy impact-free, full-body cardio workouts on Vision's silky-smooth XF40 Traditional Folding Elliptical. Sometimes all you need is a bona fide NBA legend strutting his stuff on an elliptical bicycle to make you realise how much you want that very same elliptical bicycle for yourself.
A week ago, Shaquille O’Neal uploaded to Facebook this simple video of himself riding an elliptical bicycle down the street. It’s a marketing coup for ElliptiGO, an international fitness company that unveiled its first stand-up bike five years ago, calling it “the world’s first outdoor, high-performance elliptical cycle”.
If you watch the movement of the cycle in Shaq’s video, you can see that it enables the same smooth body motions as an elliptical trainer in a gym. ElliptiGO went as far as to commission research by the University of California, San Diego, which found that riding its elliptical cycles could burn as much as 33 percent more energy than riding a regular cycle, while providing a cardiovascular workout similar to running. Not that most of the people who’ve watched Shaq’s sweet strides really care about most of that for now. Still, if you want the functionality of an elliptical trainer but you don’t want to have to exercise in your home or at the gym, ElliptiGO looks like it’s your only option.
Astronomers have long wondered why giant elliptical galaxies stop forming stars, becoming dominated over time with small, long-lived stars with a distinctive reddish tinge.

Black holes are strange regions where gravity is strong enough to bend light, warp space and distort time. Werner and his colleagues studied eight giant elliptical galaxies using the European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory. They determined that, in the six galaxies with large quantities of cold gas, the hotter stuff is cooling down, as predicted by theory — but the cooling process has stopped for some reason. The two ellipticals without cold gas have incredibly active central black holes at their cores, which are accreting material at a breakneck pace and launching energetic jets out into space, researchers said. This process may explain why star formation has halted in all eight elliptical galaxies, study team members said. Oversize, cushioned footpads and multi-grip handlebars let you personalize your positioning, and when you're done with your workout, this sturdy cross-trainer quickly folds to save floor space.
It’s this low-impact motion that ElliptiGO says makes its cycles a much healthier exercise option than running or jogging, as the smooth movement of the pedals means there’s no abrasive wear and tear on your knees, ankles, and joints.
The stellar component, as observed at optical wavelengths, is shown in white at the center of the image. Conventional wisdom had held that these galaxies lack the cold gas necessary for star birth. Some big ellipticals do indeed harbor large amounts of cold gas — but these reservoirs likely get heated up or driven off by powerful jets of material blasted out by supermassive black holes, which lurk at the heart of most if not all galaxies.

They found that six of the eight have lots of cold gas, which Herschel detected as far-infrared emissions from carbon ions and oxygen atoms. In the two galaxies without cold gas, the hot material seems not to be cooling down at all, researchers said. These jets could be reheating the cold gas or clearing it away from the galaxies altogether. An overlapping pedal motion (that puts one foot in front of the other to replicate a natural walking or running action) combines with a comfy, horizontally focused, 20-inch stride, a silent belt drive and magnetic resistance for a smooth, healthy motion for your hips, knees and back. The galaxy is embedded in a hot atmosphere of ionized hydrogen gas, which is shown in blue.
Choose between the Classic, Elegant and Touch consoles for an electronics package that best suits your needs.
With temperatures up to tens of millions of K, the hot gas shines brightly in X-rays and was observed using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. Plus, the XF40 is compatible with Vision's Passport media player for interactive workouts with scenic video on your television, resistance changes based on the virtual terrain, and video playback speed that varies based on your pace (Passport media player and television sold separately).

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