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This machine is in the same family as most “ab” machines, but worse for those who regularly use it.
That’s it!  Perform 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise on each leg for best results. To learn what it takes to achieve and maintain good health through weight control, click here and pick up a copy of my book Leaving Your Fat Behind. Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Page 1 of 3No matter what gym you belong to, you’ve seen the following 3 exercise machines and maybe even used them from time to time. As the name implies, this machine is believed to shape the muscles of the inner and outer thighs while firming the glutes (butt muscles) but it’s really just a fancy lounge chair. This is one of my favorite “ab” prefixed machines that is supposed to magically flatten the abdominal muscles and spot reduce belly fat. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, known as “superbugs,” are becoming more numerous and more virulent thanks to continuing overuse of antibiotics. Let’s face it – most of us hate going to the gym and will count down the minutes until our workout is over.
This equipment actually causes you to make unnatural movements – the idea is to spot reduce the glutes, which just isn’t possible. Sitting and extending the legs out to a horizontal position using this gym fitness equipment is not functional – you never use this movement in real life and it only targets the quads.
Our shoulder joints are easily prone to injury, particularly when performing this unstable overhead movement. Performing endless side crunches on this equipment won’t do anything for eliminating those love handles – but it can put undue stress on your lower back. This equipment targets the hip flexors, which aren’t actually involved with abdominal development.

The twisting motion of this equipment is said to eliminate muffin tops, but it doesn’t actually activate our muscles in the correct way and poses a high risk for injury.
Since it’s just not possible to spot reduce don't even waste your time or effort with useless exercise machines in the gym. Why, then, would you waste your time using gym exercise equipment that is essentially useless? Instead, reducing fat around the midsection requires a good nutrition plan and effective moves (such as side planks). Instead, try your hand at standing cable rotations using rubber exercise tubing to get rid of the paunch. Many people don’t even realise that some of the most popular pieces of equipment aren’t actually doing anything for your fitness or exercise goals.
Instead, you can target your abdominal muscles by working to stabilise your body position using planks. RunnersConnect provides custom training schedules, strength training programs for runners, and recently launched a 6-week course on how to improve your running form.I used the RunnersConnect Strength Training for Runners program for my recent marathon. The exercises in Jeff’s program helped me beat my marathon PB by more than 40 minutes – with no injuries along the way.
I have no doubt his new course on running form is also excellent.Enter JeffMost runners understand the value of strength work for improving performance and staying healthy. Even worse, this exercise puts a tremendous amount of stress on your patella tendon, which can easily become inflamed and result in patella tendonitis, an injury that accounts for almost 5% of all running-related injuries.Many runners think the motion of this exercise will help them drive their leg forward with less effort.
However, while actually running, this movement requires almost no effort from the quad muscle.
Since the hamstring is contracted to bring the heel towards the butt, all the hamstring has to do is relax and the leg drops back into a neutral position. As such, the quad extension machine is useless and potentially harmful.Do this exercise insteadSingle Leg Squat Stand with your arms extended out in front.

Balance on one leg with the opposite leg extended straight leg forward as high as possible.
Keep your back straight and supporting knee pointed in the same direction as the foot supporting.
Raise your body back up to the original position until the knee and hip of the supporting leg is straight. This isn’t surprising, since this is the exact range of motion reproduced during this exercise.However, bringing the heel towards the butt actually requires very little activation of the hamstring.
The movement of the heel towards the butt is aided by the stretch-reflex generated during hip extension (the amount your leg travels behind you during your stride). This is why the faster you run, the closer your heel will get to your butt without trying to.Do this exercise insteadCable Drive BackWith your foot or heel attached to a cable machine, stand facing the structure that the cable is attached to.
Balance on one foot (it’s ok to hold onto another object for balance) and bring your leg slightly in front of you. Furthermore, a tense TFL, because it connects directly to the knee’s lateral side via the iliotibial band, may increase knee strain that could develop into IT band syndrome.Do this exercise insteadSidestepWrap a theraband around your knees while standing with your feet shoulder width apart.
Walk to one side, taking short, 2 to 3 foot steps, for 10 steps then walk to the other side for ten steps.The sidestep displayed a statistically significant difference in EMG signals in both the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles compared to the TFL. This exercise will improve running-specific hip strength without risk of aggravating the IT band.Make the most out of the precious time you have to spend at the gym or strength training by understanding how running biomechanics work and targeting the movements needed to help you improve form, run more efficiently, and stay injury-free.Beginner runner or just getting back into it?
Scruggs Thank you for the enlightening article – I have been using two of these machines thinking that I was strengthening my hips and quads while training for my 1st full marathon. I recently rejoined due to everyone recommending strength training for my first marathon on November 9(Soliders Marathon at Fort Bening,GA).

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