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We are the largest supplier of reconditioned commercial fitness and exercise equipment in Maryland! Serving The Mid-Atlantic States - Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, D.C.
At Profitness Wholesale of Maryland, you can purchase high quality reconditioned commercial treadmills, ellipticals, arc trainers, stair climbers, lifecycles, stationary bikes (upright and recumbent), spinner bicycles, and fitness accessories at an affordable, excellent price.
Quality Products - Our products are selected from dozens of products received from gyms up and down the East Coast.
Great Selection - We offer a variety of commercial fitness products in different price ranges. Price - Compare our prices to others that resell used or reconditioned products and you will find that we are not only priced lower than the competition, but offer equipment in better condition.
TreadmillsA treadmill is an exercise machine for running or walking while staying in one place. The machine provides a moving platform with a wide Conveyor belt and an electric motor or a flywheel. Exercise BikesExercise bikes are used for exercise, to increase general fitness, and for training for cycle events. Spin Bikes and Studio CyclesSpinner-style bikes are made of strong steel, built for the rider to come out of the saddle and grind on the pedals.
Built for comfort, the Life Fitness Integrity Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer is a proven machine that offers a variety of low-impact workouts.
With the latest aesthetic and entertainment upgrades, all of our Integrity Series cardio products now offer an even more compelling user experience. See this 6 page article for a detailed pictorial on how we recondition a Lifefitness elliptical!
The Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale is the selectorized system for isolating the knee flexors, main muscles used in bending the knee and for working the hamstrings considered as the strongest among the knee flexors.

This reconditioned Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale is one of the best seated leg curl machines on the market because it precisely combined the effectiveness of selectorized systems and biomechanical movements, resulting to great leg curl workouts that provide excellent results.
This unit comes with quality and durable components checked for wear before painted with electrostatic powder paint finish. Training the hamstrings is an excellent way of balancing strength, especially for users who have already engaged in leg extensions that work the quadriceps.
Developing strong core and abdominal muscles are needed for lifting heavy weights and playing sports, among other purposes. Described and known as an abdominal machine, this is the reconditioned Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale that provides the smoothest converging and diverging movement patterns for the core and abdominal muscles.
This reconditioned Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale is one of the top-selling Body Master’s machines because it is a topnotch unit composed of rigid steel frame and tube to keep it long-lasting and is made with intelligently positioned parts, such as padded support for stabilization and focus on the abdominal muscles. Teaching your abdominal muscles to work in a well-coordinated manner is best achieved by using this refurbished Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale in training, so it is commonly chosen by athletes and bodybuilders from around the world. We feature all of the name brand products such as LifeFitness, Precor, Star Trac, LifeCycle, Schwinn, Reebok, Cybex, and more. We have the products that you are looking for, whether it be an elliptical, spinner bike, lifecycle, or treadmill. The exercise bike has long been used for physical therapy because of the low-impact, safe, and effective cardiovascular exercise it provides. Engineered to be ergonomically correct, with the durability only Life Fitness can provide, these machines take elliptical cross-training to a whole new level. In order to work the hamstrings best, there is the refurbished Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale from Body Masters. It comes with a leg pad that supports and stabilizes the trainee’s position and has an adjustable weight resistance that allows one to adjust weight based on his muscle ability.
Other significant components of the used Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale are its rubber feet, adjustable stack resistance, guide rod bushings, cables, pulleys, bolts, nuts and high-density foam, among others.

Overall, safety and consistency of movement can be achieved leg curling on this reconditioned Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale because it offers repeatable environments throughout the motion. For quality abdominal crunches, exercisers only select the used Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale because it provides them with selectorized and focused movements that bring out the best in abdominal training.
It also includes transport wheels for easy repositioning of the unit in a fitness center, cable and pulley system for smooth and quiet operation, wear guards for surface protection from scratch and adjustable weight stack for lower starting weight, especially for beginners.
Aside from training this muscle region coordination, it also strengthens their abdominal muscles in an effective way due to the natural paths of movements it provides their muscles with. We hand pick the products in the best condition with the least amount of wear, before they are offered to others, allowing us to offer you the highest quality products available at the best price. Whether it is a $2000 elliptical or treadmill, a $600 lifecycle, or a $250 spin bike, it is completely reconditioned to factory specifications by our technicians, with any commonly worn parts replaced. It works to give an excellent leg curl results to users who want to achieve their maximum training potential.
In general, this used Body Masters MD Seated Leg Curl for sale has the correct and intelligent functions to cater to varying user needs. Therefore, gaining muscles in a shorter time is made possible by this Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale because it emphasizes training the core muscles needed for strength training results. It is also used by athletes in improving techniques and enhancing abdominal function and comes with a padded seat that keeps the correct user position and keeps his feet in a braced position. Overall, athletes and non-athletes can benefit from training on this reconditioned Body Masters MD Abdominal Crunch for sale because it can also teach the core to develop balance that can prove useful in sports or everyday living.
It works by flexing the abdominal he pushes the pad towards his knees in a curling movement.

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