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All Items in this condition are boxed, crated or palletized and come from our warehouse or straight from the manufacturer. Investing in a piece of “as is” fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used fitness equipment at heavily discounted prices. Investing in a piece of refurbished fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used equipment with savings of up to 80% off. Warranty All refurbished product will carry a 6 month mechanical part and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement. Investing in a piece of certified remanufactured fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used equipment that has been completely factory restored to look, feel and operate as if it were new.
Warranty All certified remanufactured product will include a 1 year mechanical parts and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement. The precor is a super efficient, low impact workout that is easy on your joints and helps you burn calories faster.
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The Life Fitness 93x encourages the most natural movement among every major muscle group, so you are not only getting the best cardio workout, you are also toning your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs! That's doubly true of some of the expensive new sub-categories that have arisen recently, such as the seated elliptical, which gives older exercisers a safer all-body workout, and the suspended elliptical, which has a free-form, variable movement that is a favorite of high-performance exercisers. Generally these items are sold as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project or to other distributors in the fitness industry.
Chances are if you’re looking for “used” commercial fitness equipment, you’re expecting for it to look used but may have reservations that it will not perform to satisfactory expectations.

Save up to 70% while still maintaining peace of mind and being backed by one of the best companies in the fitness industry. It features a built-in heart rate monitor into the handles and the new experience style display. With the presence of rear wheels, moving the 93x into a living room, basement, or cardio room is an easy task.
Purchasing “as is” cardio product is only recommended if you know specifics about what you are buying or are technically savvy. Each piece of refurbished equipment goes through an extensive inspection, testing and service process to ensure safe and satisfactory operation. Each piece of certified remanufactured equipment goes through an extensive process starting from the ground up. Each frame is stripped down to the bare metal, sanded and repainted with a paint color of your choice or to resemble original factory specifications.
Its tactile paddles control CrossRamp and resistance, confirming user input with a satisfying click. With the battery operated function, the 93x comes without any cord or electrical outlet options, which again makes for great convenience. The foot traces not a full oval but a straight-ahead path with a slight oval curve at the end, supposedly designed to be easy on the knees and back. Strength equipment on the other hand doesn’t have the level of risk that cardio does and most times will operate perfectly fine without any need for service. If you are looking for a complete and extensive repaint job, please ask us about our certified remanufactured equipment.
In addition to its convenience, the 93x also comes equipped with biomechanically correct handlebar movement, ergonomic ellipse path, oversized non-slip pedals, and static support handlebars.
It’s safe to say with Life Fitness 93x Elliptical Cross Trainer, users can build the best muscle tone above and below the waist.

We guarantee all “as is” products to be in working condition and will disclose any pertinent information within the advertisement or at the time of sale. Lastly, as with all other Life Fitness products, the 93x also comes with a variety of pre-programmed workouts. The easy-access step-in design accommodates even obese bodies yet has enough high-performance features to please serious workout junkies.
Included is a large display and an innovative ticker-tape-style banner that guides you through exercise routines -- telling you, for example, to use "just arms" or "just legs." It's far less expensive than similar seated ellipticals and steppers from sub-category pioneers Octane and Nustep, respectively, that are also targeted at older, heavy-set people.
21 Health & Wellness section, a Gear column on home elliptical trainers listed an incorrect website for the Inspire CS2 Cardio Strider.
21 Health section, a Gear column on home elliptical trainers listed an incorrect website for the Inspire CS2 Cardio Strider. Although some may get used to this quickly, I found it quite irritating compared with machines with a flatter stride. It has a sturdy, smooth feel, comfortable 20-inch stride length (not the choppier 17- and 18-inch strides of others at this price), a power incline button (20 levels at 5% increments) and a 23-pound flywheel (also good for the price). Although not inexpensive, it manages to mimic the Precor EFX, the sub-category pioneer, at half the price. Nice features include an on-the-go automatic stride adjustment, from 18 to 26 inches, and many programs, including heart-rate control.

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