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The Prestan Professional AED Trainer provides quality, durability and affordability like no other trainer in the market. Unit includes one set of adult training pads, batteries for the unit, instructions for use and a carrying case.
Includes (4) AED Units, (4) sets of adult training pads, batteries for each unit, instructions for use and a carrying case. The Standalone AED Trainer can be used to instruct students in the various operating modes of Defibtech DDU-100 Series AEDs, and in the use of an AED as part of a standard rescue protocol.
This training package consists of the rechargeable training battery, battery charger, and training software. A remote control is included to allow for easier management of the training session by an instructor.
This training pad package includes one set of training pads and a connector wire assembly in a sealed pouch. This remote control can be used to control up to four standalone trainers or Lifeline AEDs with training battery packs installed. Comprehensive voice prompting enhances emergency response and multiple links in the chain of survival. PAD Trainer Devices are designed to familiarize users with the functions of the samaritan® PAD, including affixing pads to patient while experiencing "real time" audio and visual prompts. The Basic Buddy offers a realistic and affordable way to provide each student with their own CPR manikin.

Your source for CPR Prompt®, Nasco, Lifeform, Simulaids, sani man, basic buddy, baby buddy, actar, laerdal, ambu, CPR packs, CPR Manikin face shields, CPR safety kits, CPR products and CPR supplies - CPR Manikins, CPR Mannequins, CPR Masks, CPR Products, CPR Supplies, CPR Training, CPR Videos, CPR Face shields, CPR Equipment, CPR kits, CPR Dummies, CPR Shields, CPR Barriers, CPR Mouth Barrier, CPR Pocket Masks, and all CPR Needs Also, the new source for new and refurbished inexpensive AED, Automated external defibrillators we carry Zoll AED Plus, Zoll AED Pro. 1.Used with an AED Trainer and CPR assistant, it can respond if the training pads connect firmly or not, can prompt whether the position of the electrode pads is ok. 2.The special design on the head enables the manikin to be used with CPR Assistant (Model No. 4.It simulates the real rescue circumstance, to make the learning of CPR skills much easier. Defibrillator of AED Trainer Electrode Pad, View aed Pad, XFT Product Details from Shenzhen XFT Electronics Co., Ltd. Clear, confident voice instructions that provide easy-to-follow directions and preconfigured scenarios make training students easier.
The DDU-100TR is similar to a functional DDU-100 series AED in form and operation, but all rubberized exterior surfaces are red, instead of black, to clearly distinguish the unit as a training device that cannot be used to defibrillate a real patient.
Along with training pads (not included), it allows a Lifeline AED to be used for training to simulate rescue scenarios without delivering a defibrillation shock. These training pads, along with a training battery pack and training software, enable the Lifeline AED or standalone trainer to be used for instructional purposes. The replacement pads are attached to the connector wire assembly in the DDP-201TR package with Velcro.
The remote control can be used to adjust speaker volume, for scenario selection, and for manual simulation of ventricular fibrillation, asystole, patient motion, normal sinus rhythm or incorrect pad placement. Fast and easy programming to simulate virtually any AED emergency to optimize the preparedness of BLS response.

Includes 8 user selectable training scenarios - 4 according to AHA 2005 guidelines, and 4 to AHA 2000. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The training pads are semi-adhesive, allowing for multiple uses and are non-functional so they cannot be used to deliver a defibrillation shock.
The distinctive red color matches the color of the Trainer AED and together with the embroidered "Trainer" label clearly indicates that the unit inside is a training device that cannot be used to defibrillate a real patient. Each has different "Shock Advised," "No Shock Advised," "Check pads" and Commence CPR" messages. Rugged carrying bags make transporting the Basic Buddy 5-Pack and 10-Pack convenient (manikins fit into bags fully assembled).
A built-in stop prevents compression beyond the limitation both for Adult and Child training, providing important feedback to the trainees. The pads themselves can be replaced with DDP-105TR pads, which attach to the connector wire assembly with Velcro.
The pads themselves can be replaced with DDP-205TR pads, which attach to the connector wire assembly with Velcro. Lightweight, compact trainer comes with reusable pads and electrode sets, 9V battery, and user's manual (includes optional pre-planned simulations).

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