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Gli esercizi sono tanti e per tutti, la licenza UFC e usata a ragione e le modalita di allenamento dedicate ci permettono di impegnarci in un progetto a lungo termine o per una sessione lampo che ci indica anche quanti minuti andra a durare.
Urcite si osobne ciele a dosiahnite realne vysledky s jedinecnym fitness programom zmiesanych bojovych umeni (Mixed Martial Arts - MMA), ktory je navrhnuty najlepsimi trenermi z MMA a je certifikovany UFC a NASM. UFC Personal Trainer poskytne hracovi rozsiahlu ponuku efektivnych a narocnych cviceni, ktore su inspirovane MMA. Instrukcie a tipy od trenerov z MMA su cielene zamerane na hraca, udrzuju hraca motivovaneho, fit a sleduju jeho ciel v hre zabudovanom denniku. Trenujte s legendarnymi osobnostami UFC, Javierom Mendezom, Markom DellaGrottom a Gregom Jacksonom a ziskajte tipy priamo od zdroja!
UFC Personal Trainer дарит вам возможность заниматься фитнесом по профессиональной методике Национальной академии спортивной медицины (National Academy of Sports Medicine).
UFC Personal Trainer Kinect for Xbox 360Set personal goals and achieve real results with an unparalleled mixed martial arts (MMA) fitness program designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and leading MMA training experts. Mozete pouzit ako prednastavene, tak vlastne cvicebne postupy pre zvysenie sily, vytrvalosti a tiez pre spalovanie kalorii. UFC Personal Trainer provides players with an extensive assortment of effective and challenging MMA-inspired exercises, in both pre-set and customisable routines, to build strength, increase endurance, burn calories and get results.

Sviluppato da THQ e prodotto da THQ, e uscito il 1 luglio 2011 · Pegi 16+ · Anche su Wii, PS3"Con UFC Personal Trainer si suda, e anche tanto. Personalised instruction and tips from the MMA trainers guide players to stay motivated, get fit and track their goals with a helpful journal.
In addition, the Ultimate Training Mode enables players to participate in high impact agility drills, with opportunities to earn rewards and have fun with friends in a competitive, multiplayer environment. Intense Mixed Martial Arts Exercises: Learn over 70 MMA and NASM-approved exercises, including moves from disciplines such as wrestling, kickboxing and Muay Thai, that are designed to improve strength, endurance and conditioning through use in a variety of routines.
All 51 routines, along with nine exclusive bonus routines on Kinect for Xbox 360, are specialised to target specific muscle groups, as well as factor individual skill levels and fitness goals. Customisable Workout Routines: Focus on specific fitness objectives by building personalised routines with up to 12 different exercises. Each custom routine can also be modified to increase or decrease intensity of the pre-set pace, enabling players to fully maximize their training experiences based on individual preferences.
Across the training experience, users will punch and kick virtual authentic MMA training gear, with Kinect for Xbox 360 users having access t o exclusive branded equipment. Personalised Training Tools: Receive additional guidance and encouragement throughout the fitness journey by choosing a goal and working with an MMA trainer for personalised instruction.

Players will learn MMA-inspired exercises, as well as authentic training techniques and healthy lifestyle choices, enabling them to burn calories, build strength, lose weight and meet goals through a comprehensive fitness experience. Hit The Mitts: Hit the mitts against a variety of popular UFC personalities, including Kinect for Xbox 360 exclusive fighters Dan Hardy, Frank Mir, Diego Sanchez and Kenny Florian, in a variety of challenging rhythm and timing-based agility drills that utilize punching and kicking sequences. Players can unlock a variety of different drills to earn rewards, each with increasing difficulty, as well as compete against friends and issue challenges in a multiplayer environment.
Dedicated Program System: Focusing on three distinct target goals - losing weight, building strength and improving performance - players may select a pre-set 30 or 60-day program that best meets their fitness needs.
The selected program populates the in-product calendar with daily routines for players to follow, as well as tracks user performance. Progress Tracking and Motivational Support: A useful journal enables players to view a comprehensive calendar of their fitness activities, including specific routines, time management and more. The calendar continuously tracks progress and provides recommendations to help players meet their desired results.

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