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Tunturi are globally recognised as a leading fitness brand and loved by fitness enthusiasts all over.
Tunturi’s history started back in 1922 when a small cycle shop was set up in Finland by the Harkke Brothers. Contemporary Scandinavian designs and advanced features with Tunturi exercise machines ensure you get the best training options for a more effective training session.
Durable machines that work smoothly and silently are the basic features for home exercise machines and Tunturi carefully take this into account in their design and specification of their models.
Tunturi have rear driven crosstrainers that are ideal when starting out on a home fitness course.

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Based in Finland, Scandinavia Tunturi is one of its oldest manufacturers of fitness equipment and their products are sold world wide to over 40 countries. It soon flourished and became highly successful that it moved from its small shop to a factory. They develop products that look and feel good that combine functionality with leading edge technology and their range of high quality fitness equipment is ideally suited for home use. Easy to use controls, natural movements and choice of training programmes help to get you motivated.

The experience and expertise in the bicycle production led Tunturi to enter into the development of fitness equipment and it wasn’t long before it became an international recognised brand. A choice of superior models for the more advanced user can be found too; these are equipped with full colour screens with easy to read instructions.

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