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The all-new TRUE CS400 Upright Bike combines quality materials with smart design for an overall package that is unbeatable in performance and durability. Designed for those seeking a realistic cycling experience; the ergonomic design is ideal for all riders and the aero bars provide great leverage for long distance sessions. The CS400 Upright Bike is equipped with a digital contact heart rate monitoring system as well as a Polar® wireless telemetry system to assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and maximizing workout results. The new TRUE EMERGE™ console has a simplistic design that is inviting and offers easy navigation.
The TRUE ESCALATE9 console has an intriguing design that allows users to escalate their workout with more programs, basic levels of audio entertainment, a USB port, and more.
The TRUE ESCALATE15 has a design that invites users to continue their escalation with an abundant amount of programs and numerous features that include advanced entertainment options.
This model is equipped with TRUE LOCK, a new safety feature immobilizes the foot skates allowing for a more secure entry and exit. The TRUE's ESX elliptical incorporates TRUE's patented Core Drive™ system to deliver the most comfortable, natural and stable workout in the industry.
The ESX features rotating handles that enhance workouts by allowing you to work multiple muscle groups, and are another way to customize these exercise machines to fit anyone's exact preferences. Unlike other ellipticals, the TRUE ESX provides a space efficient approach to home exercise.
The ESX elliptical offers AutoStride™, an electronic adjustable stride feature that will assist you in finding the perfect stride based on your body's natural movement at various speeds. The TRUE ESX is manufactured with commercial-grade materials and the finest components for extreme durability.
Their HRC (Heart Rate Control) feature will keep your heart rate in a pre-selected range for optimum workout results and is a feature found on most of their exercise machines for both home and commercial use. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction by offering some of the best equipment in the industry. Specialty Fitness is your one stop solution for all commercial and home gym equipment needs.
From physical therapy, to sport specific training or weight loss - Body ResiStability on Vectra functional trainers needs your attention.
Built of the finest materials and components, True's PS300 treadmill offers you exercise equipment to deliver a comfortable, reliable workout for many years.
We offer TuffStuff home gyms to meet the needs of body builders, body sculpting and therapeutic muscle repair. WaterRower exercise machines deliver an excellent aerobic routine without body stress created by full weight impact and a much lower perceived exertion level. Precor TRM 211 OverviewThe 211 treadmill is a perfect partner for your cardio or weight loss program.
Energy StrideTM Technology uses the patented deck mounting system from our commercial treadmills to reduce stress on your joints by giving areas of the deck optimal amounts of underfoot cushioning and rigidity for the most comfort throughout your stride. The non-folding design provides a more structurally sound and stable platform than folding types. Powerful 3 HP continuous duty motor runs cool and quiet providing plenty of power and torque when you want it--such as during interval training when you need to speed up and slow down in a hurry. SmartRate helps you stay in your fat burn, cardio or peak target zone for a more efficient cardio and weight loss workout.
Rollers Precision-machined, steel rollers with belt guides to keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise and wear. Precor TRM 223 Overviewf you are seeking a stable, reliable and fully featured treadmill, the 223 is the answer.
10 preset workouts help you tailor your exercise to your fitness goals and stay challenged. Your workout data can be automatically uploaded to the Preva mobile app making it easy to track your goals and achievements. Just like the Precor models in health clubs, lever style controls for deck elevation and speed are responsive, intuitive and easy to use while on the treadmill.

You don't have to choose between the convenience of a workout at home and the quality of a fitness center exercise experience.
Exclusive to Precor and used on all of our commercial models, Integrated Footplant TechnologyTM reduces stress on your knees, ankles and hips by instantaneously adjusting the belt speed to match the slowing and accelerating natural movement of your foot as you run or walk.
Patented technology from our commercial treadmills, Ground EffectsTM Impact Control provides the perfect amount of cushioning by placing precisely engineered shock absorbers along the front of the deck. Rollers Precision-machined, steel crowned rollers keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise and wear. Your workout data can be uploaded to the Preva mobile app making it easy to track your goals and achievements.
This unit features a bright blue backlit LCD console, an extensive amount of exercise data, Quick Incline and Speed keys, and a post workout summary of the accumulated data. The mid-use TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk is LifeSpan's most popular model designed for those looking to walk for longer periods throughout the day or use by small groups.
The TR5000-DT7 is LifeSpan's high-use treadmill desk built for those looking to walk for long periods throughout the day or use in community settings. Due to increased security restrictions, your current browser will no longer be able to make purchases in the future. Parts that are not yet classified will display after matching classified parts if any attributes are selected. A larger drive motor and upgraded user interface are just the beginning of the improvements found in the PS900 treadmill over True's PS100 model.
Patented SOFT System™ offers the most orthopedically correct running surface available for true impact absorption. With one of the lowest step-up heights in the industry, the CS400 offers a safe and easy entry for users of all ages and fitness levels.
Once the target is set, TRUE HRC Cruise Control™ will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of the workout to maintain the targeted heart rate (operates just like the Cruise Control in your car).
EMERGE™ appeals to those users who want to walk up to a TRUE machine and quickly start their workout. The ESCALATE™ consoles are an optimum solution for budget conscience operators who have a need to provide technologically advanced products.
TRANSCEND10 gives you and interactive and entertaining workout experience in a 10-inch touchscreen display. TRANSCEND16 has intuitive navigation, programs for all levels, and all-encompassing entertainment, appealing to users of all fitness levels. TRUE Lock also prevents unintentional foot pedal movement when the machine is stored and not in use. The innovative side-steps not only allow for safe entry and exit from the machine but also unparalleled versatility by providing the industry's first upper-body only workout. A thoughtfully crafted machine that provides a low step-up height as well as extended handrails for safe and simple entry and exit.
Soft Step™ orthopedic footpads and biomechanically engineered handle positioning provide the highest standard of comfort during your workout.
It's our version of the personal trainer to coach you through a total body workout that will shape and tone every major muscle group. It's important to us and to our clients that each piece of equipment is built to last and fine tuned to offer the most out of your workout. Durable construction and quality components are designed and tested for years of reliability and trouble-free no-maintenance operation.
Mechanical and electrical components are designed and tested for years of reliability and trouble free operation. Touch sensor and wireless heart rate monitoring, SmartRate® target heart zone monitoring, 10 preset workouts add variety to your fitness routine, speed and incline controls from our commercial series and no required maintenance come standard. The color LCD touch console suggests workouts based on your goals and progress, and lets you select what information to display. At the same time, the rear of the deck is more rigid to give you a stable surface for an easy push off and safe running for all types of exercisers.

Works with any Polar® compatible wireless heart rate transmitter (included with purchase). The 445 is our top-of-the-line treadmill with a full set of features and fitness center quality construction. The XT385 has the same options as the XT185 and 285 plus two user programs and up to 15% elevation capability.
The desktop height adjusts manually and should be used in settings where height adjustments are infrequent. The desk allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the desktop height with its electric height adjustment feature and includes memory support for two user settings.
Manufactured with commercial-grade materials and the finest components, the PS100 is built for extreme durability. True PS900 Treadmills haves the most bio-mechanically correct running surface available with neoprene shock absorbers and stronger push off due to the deck engineering. It offers users smooth, quiet acceleration You can choose AC power source over electrical cord, users have the option of entertainment from their iPod during workouts, and other perks like the Gerkin Protocol fitness test have been added to the experience. Featuring quick keys, data feedback and 7 challenging workout programs that give users the needed tools to meet the goals of their weight loss and fitness program.
With intuitive navigation, feature-loaded entertainment solutions, and unrivaled data retention communication, TRANSCEND™ consoles are the complete solution. During exercise, users will notice the exceptional comfort of TRUE's Soft Step™ orthopedic footpads which decrease the stress of impact on the joints and can eliminate foot numbness associated with many traditional ellipticals.
This treadmill is easy to operate and comes packed with enough variations to keep you challenged as your fitness increases. Your workouts are more enjoyable too, with console controls for your music player and a USB port that charges your mobile device while you work out.
This model is very appealing to someone that walks and is at a transitional stage to running. This model is very appealing to someone that is a walker, at at transitional stage from walking to running, or a mid level runner. Additionally, the TR1200-DT5 is Bluetooth-enabled letting you wirelessly sync and track your activity data with our apps and the LifeSpan Club — one free membership is included with your purchase. Unlike most of our other treadmill desks, the thicker walking belt requires little to no maintenance and belt lubrication. Coupled with a great warranty and service plan, you know that your treadmill will stand up to years of heavy use.
Plus, our HRC (Heart Rate Control) feature will keep your heart rate in a pre-selected range for optimum workout results. Responsive and intuitive lever style Motion Controls for speed and incline are just like those used on our health club models. Thoughtful design features anticipate those little things that make your workout easier and more enjoyable. Easy to understand command prompts or the ability to just press Start to begin your journey are attributes of this model. This unit features a bright blue backlit LCD console, Quick Speed and incline keys, wireless heart rate (telemetric chest strap included), and remote Speed and Incline controls. This model features a bright blue backlit LCD console, Quick Speed incline keys, wireless heart rate (telemetric chest strap included), remote Speed and Incline controls, and an anatomical figure that specifies which muscles are minimally and maximally activated.
Additionally, the TR5000-DT7 is Bluetooth-enabled letting you wirelessly sync and track activity with our apps and the LifeSpan Club — one free membership is included with your purchase.

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