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6 x hugely discounted home gym pieces are for sale - all in great condition and must go today! In an interview with the Lusaka Star, UNZA gym committee member, Kelly Nkole said the procurement of the equipement was a massive step in the development of the gynasium. He added that among the procured equipement included plates, a bench and trojan machine and had also refurbished some of the gym’s old equipments. Nkole noted that it was important to repair old items so that they could supplement the increasing number of people using the gym facilities.
However, another committee member of UNZA gym, Eto Kabadula was not satisfied with the number of equipment that had been procurred claiming they were not enough. He lamented that the equipment was not enough to sustain the increasing number of students who used the gym despite the old items being repaired. Kabadula has since called on well wishers to support UNZA gym to procure more equipment for the development of the gynasium. FAZ spokesperson Nkweto Tembwe says the 2016 MTN Super League will be competitive, owing to the fact that the number of teams participating in the league had recently been increased from 16 to 18.
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Minister of Youth and Sport Vincent Mwale says “Young people are a very important resource in sustainable socio-economic development. Submitted by GarettI have very limited space and need to get maximum use out of minimum equipment. Submitted by Dennis D.Ia€™m sending you some pictures of my home gym, wife says I'm constantly adding to it. Submitted by Chris M.There was this one workout room in college I used that got turned into a dorm space. Submitted by Dave H.Built over 20+ year span, I moved houses 3 times and carried this stuff with me each time.
Submitted by Jeff G.Here are photos of the gym at my "home away from home" gym This gym is located under the heli deck on a 420' deep sea diving support vessel that operates in the Gulf of Mexico. Submitted by Derek H.Set up my gym at home weight room by buying lots in surplus auctions and cherry picking out what I needed and selling the rest. Submitted by Matt V.My gym was a pre-combat tour project that I completed as I awaited my deployment. Submitted by John A.My wife and I designed the building and I loved Flex equipment,but they were bought by StarTrac,so I ordered the same design but now with the StarTrac name on it. Engineered-woven gel padding on the exterior providing the required extra protection to the vulnerable areas of the hand, and a neoprene construction help promotes comfort within the glove to minimise injury.
All prices include delivery and installation by our team within England for all other locations please contact for a quotation. Students can use it to refresh their minds after lectures as well as ensuring they are physically fit,” he explained.
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It might be in a basement, garage or spare bedroom, show us what you got, no matter how well equipped, or if you are just lifting milk jugs filled with sand, we want to see it!

Start with a list of the exercises you want to build your workout foundation around, then purchase equipment that supports this workout plan. I really like your site and would like to contribute pics of my gym which is a result of over 25 years of collecting different pieces.
I tried to have a Soloflex and a power rack, but both together in a small space was just too cumbersome.
Most of the equipment is Body Solid, just picked up their GDC210 Functional Trainer, absolutely love it.
I want to thank you for giving us fellow home gym junkies a chance to learn how to make equipment and learn from your site. I send 8 months out of the year working on this vessel, so it is were I get most of my workouts. I purchased the Nautilus Power Rack and Concept 2 Rower from fitness depot, the Olympic Bumper plates from Garage Gym Canada and purchased the barbells and other small pieces of equipment through Rogue Fitness. Some people (including a younger me) focus on building a mini fitness center at home, before realizing that they cannot fit a new, useful piece (e.g. Finally I found a welder that could turn a pair of Soloflex Muscle Machines into a power rack. This machine can support up to 400K and it's made of a 4mm wall from square tube and solid round tube.
I am the big one doing the shoulder shrugs with the home made 100 lb dumbbells.As you can see most equipment is hand made.
Also used craigslist.Most of my stuff is outside in the backyard so it makes for some hard work during the Texas summer. I started lifting weights when I was 13 and had to either walk great distances and catch the bus to gyms that were in the suburbs because in my neighborhood there were no gyms. I had a pair of hooks made up to hold the bar and turned a pair of barbell arms into a pair of safety catchers. Last year we did recieve a squat rack, lat machine, incline bench and 600lbs of oylimpic weighs and 2 bars.
For bars I have a safety squat bar, Ivanko obx-20 powerlifting bar, and a standard Olympic bar for rack pulls and pin presses. After much drywall patching, used 9 gallons of paint to repaint the garage in semi-gloss white.I fabricated a lifting platform with hand-stained oak center to overcome the sloping garage floor. And I swore that when I get my hands on a house, I'd have a gym in it even if I didn't have a bed to sleep in. The gym consists of an Icarian leg press and standing leg curl, Tuff Stuff lat machine and roman chair, Parabody power rack and benches, Nautilus smith machine, powertec sit up bench, dumbbells from 5-100, and a whole lot of olympic plates. I can do everything that a half cage power rack can do and everything that a Soloflex Muscle Machine can do plus some other things as well.The Soloflex Machines are excellent. I recently sold it to get a Marcy gs-99 for $200 which is a major upgrade to the weider (adjustable butterflies, preacher curl station, and multiple lower legs workouts).I've also added a lot of other things from craigslist. I am quite fond of my 100lb dumbbells that are made out 4 bottom weights that we us for diving.It is in an open air environment so the weights get a little rusted, but what the hell, steel is steel, just dont forget your safety glasses. I also have 700 pounds of weight along with a pair of 120 lb dumbbells pair of 40 lb dumbbells a medicine ball, and a weight tree.

I don't think I could ever get used to working out in a "chrome, glass & glitz" environment again. So some of the pieces and mirrors were from him and the Hammer and Cybex came from a company called Direct Fitness Solutions. I found out through a lot of phone calls and internet searches that mirrors is something that you have just got to go through a glass dealer to get.Even if you find some used ones I had no way of transporting them because they are so fragile that the chances of breaking them in transport or removal and installation is very high so it's best to leave this up to the glass people. Their barbell arm can be exercised with 500 pounds of freeweights plus 400 pounds of their weightstraps. The inversion table I got for 100, the NordicTrack stepper was $50, and the Proform 975r recumbent bike was $35! I say that to say this: It's not a JUNGLES, GOLDS, OLYMPICS or a BALLY'S but it keeps me going. But I shopped around and got a great deal on my mirrors because a local glass dealer had ordered a bunch for of 4' x 10' mirrors for a casino and the casino decided they didn't want them so he sold them to me for $70 apiece.I tell you what I did that really paid off for me, I found a body solid leg press in Dallas on craigslist that I wanted for $400 dollars cash that was saving me $800 because a new one sells for at least $1200. The water cooler I have in my gym that is my water fountain cost me $20 from craigslist again, and the lockers I bought were $25 total. I paid full price for the powertec power rack and lat pull down.The pull up bar thing is in the basement I had a projector set up down there.
So while I was going to drive 5 hrs to go to Dallas to get it, I found a big fitness reseller (fit supply) in Dallas. The construction and quality of materials in the Soloflex is really first rate.I think this gives me the most versatility in a limited space of any home gym setup. I took the projector out because noone was using it and this would be the best place for my home gym. I called and asked them if I could go by and see what they had that I could buy for my home gym. It took awhile to break them free from the wall in the locker room they were in and they were pretty dirty, but after all that cleaning I had yet another deal from craigslist!My heavy punching bag and stand I got on craigslist as well for $150 and it is on my balcony on the 15th floor.
Special thanks to Scott Prosek of SNP Performance for building me an 8' power rack and Universal machine (grappler), and hooking me up with a Texas Power BarCheers!
I now have to get some shelves built between the cabinets, and I want a TV in the corner near the mirror (for the wife-she insisted).Everything on here was purchased from Craigs List. Webmasters note: I asked Gustavo if he cut the hole in the ceiling so his head would have clearence for pull-ups. I ended up buying dumbbells and rack, stair master, rubber interlocking flooring that I put under my carpet. I saved $1000 just on the rubber flooring; the guy sold me a whole pallet of used flooring for $25. The only thing I don't like about them is that they seem to store the static electricity but that's not a big deal!I'm currently scouring craigslist for some deals on a roman chair (would like a GHD but I think I can modify a roman chair to do those) and a FID bench and some dumbbells.
I also wouldn't mind getting some big wall mirrors up.All in all I think my gym is pretty sweet for a one bedroom apartment.

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