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During the warmer months, I do almost all of my runs outside – regardless of how rainy, windy, or warm it may be, I gladly battle the elements over running on the treadmill any day . This entry was posted in running and tagged hill, ladder, lunges, speed, sprint, treadmill, workouts by nycrunningmama. It's pretty common for me to not find a rhythm during these early runs until 30+ min in and often have to force myself to not quit and climb back in bed.

6+ recovery miles on roads and trails to cap off a 70 mile week (highest in over a year, I think!)! I do a lot of interval workouts on the treadmill over the winter… anything to switch it up in the treadmill monotony Though, treadmills do rock when you have little ones in the house. My legs will be tired and sore at mile 22 during Boston and now I know I can run hard to the finish.

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