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The Cardiac Science Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress test with treadmill system is designed with you in mind. Our proprietary algorithm from the long line of Quinton stress systems, baseline wander, and motion artifact filters reduce noise and produce clean ECG tracings even at high speeds and steep grades. Patients will appreciate getting the best test results the first time. And Cardiac Science Q-Stress is HL7 and DICOM compatible! Call us today for a Guaranteed Lowest Price quote and to talk to a Rep about our "Free Delivery and Inservice" on this Cardiac Science Stress System! The Q-Stress System Features Robust network connectivity – DICOM or HL7 connects with virtually everything needed for enhanced workflow.
Full disclosure reports; allows you to save the whole exam and review it at any time by exporting to your electronic medical record (EMR) system or hospital information system (HIS). Fully customizable panel display, plus the flexibility to add your own user-defined protocols. At Soul Shepherding we care for pastors and other ministry leaders and find that they are especially vulnerable to stress overload and burnout. In the past 12 months, which of the following 43 major life events have taken place in your life?
Being overstressed can cause other problems too like anxiety disorders, depression, burn out, and conflicts in relationship.

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This stress test involves walking on a treadmill, gradually increasing the speed and incline at which you walk. There is no preparation for this test other than wearing comfortable clothing and walking shoes. CVC has a long history of improving the lives of our patients here in the Valley of the Sun. Its easy-to-learn left-to-right workflow and simple-to-understand icons and intuitive controls guide technicians through the stress test. What changes have you gone through in the last year that may be affecting your health and well-being? Place a check by each life event that you’ve experienced and then add up the points and total at the bottom. People who experience high levels of stress are vulnerable to stress related illness, especially if they internalize stress as anxiety or have difficulty coping with their stress.
This test can diagnose coronary artery disease, monitor heart rhythms and evaluate exercise capacity.

The system’s Microsoft Windows compatibility (Vista or XP), left-to-right flow, and intuitive controls guide users through the procedure.
Stress related health problems range from mild problems like frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep to very serious illnesses like ulcers, hypertension, migraines, and cancer. With the full disclosure option, you can save the entire cardiac stress test as a PDF and store it to your electronic records repository.
Bi-directional communications using HL7 or DICOM enables the import of demographics, billing and procedures codes to Q-Stress.
Tracings are accurate and clear, with clean waveforms even at high speeds and steep grades.
Built-in analysis tools allow modifications for new patient data or for physiologic changes – resting cardiac data remains constant for comparison.

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