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Treadmill Hire and Sales evolved in 2002 after working for 25 years within the electrical industry. Most people realise the benefits of movement, and that’s all we’re trying to create by giving the people of the North East the opportunity to exercise at home using professional treadmills and gym equipment. Our TRYB4UBUY option is proving popular as it takes the guess-work out buying, it is hard to visualise the size and performance of a treadmill in the shop. Treadmill hire is an ideal solution for anyone looking to see if a treadmill will suit their fitness needs, purchasing equipment outright does not suit everyone.
All Items in this condition are boxed, crated or palletized and come from our warehouse or straight from the manufacturer.
Investing in a piece of “as is” fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used fitness equipment at heavily discounted prices.
Investing in a piece of refurbished fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used equipment with savings of up to 80% off. Warranty All refurbished product will carry a 6 month mechanical part and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement. Investing in a piece of certified remanufactured fitness equipment allows our customers to take advantage of used equipment that has been completely factory restored to look, feel and operate as if it were new.
Warranty All certified remanufactured product will include a 1 year mechanical parts and labor warranty unless specified differently in the advertisement. This used Life Fitness Treadmill 95Ti, or Silver Bullet, so named because of its shiny, alluring appearance, is Life Fitness’s best-selling treadmill.
The Life Fitness Treadmill 95Ti still provides the patented FlexDeck suspension system and self-lubricating belt that give other Life Fitness machines their great ride, but it also comes with such extra items as a 26 character alphanumeric message control center with workout profile window. Tags: 95te, 95ti, 97te treadmill, life fitness 95te, life fitness 95ti, Life Fitness treadmill, refurbished 95ti, refurbished treadmill, treadmill, used treadmill. Lauren, I wanted to write you to let you know how happy we were with your delivery men Mike and Kyle. So that said, at least half of all treadmill desks in use today were built with a Craiglist cheapie, or an old treadmill that had spent the last couple years collecting dust in the garage. Remarkably, the most popular unit was TreadDesk, which has been around for more than eight years now.
I found myself more serious about my fitness when I started sharing my treadmill times with my coworkers, just posting a line graph where it could be seen in my cubicle. Those are two big boosts from benchmarking — self-awareness of progress, and social rewards. The other two problems with my list of measurables are that they are outcome measures, and many were hard to measure. Spend another 60 seconds considering ways to tell  if you have the desired thing, or not.  If I had qualified buyers, how would I know?
For fitness, I could count how many days of the week I got dressed and went to the gym, and how many minutes I spent on the treadmill, or how far I ran in 24 minutes.
Just jot down some things you could count or measure.  See if you can get 2-3 measures for each part of your causal chain. With a simple search, online shoppers will turn up countless name brand treadmills, workout systems, treadmill equipment and accessories and even books about which brands of treadmills are best. Exercise Equipment We have a wide range of equipment available for rental and to buy including Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers and much more. We offer the hire of all types of gym equipment that included delivery and pickup across the North East region including Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. We hire a range of Electric Fold-Away Treadmills from walking pace to electronically programmed with power Incline.

Having over 25 years in the electrical repairs industry we are able to repair most types of treadmill. Treadmill hire is an excellent way to try fitness equipment before you purchase.View the treadmills below to find the unit that's right for you Treadmills can often be delivered the next day. Generally these items are sold as a DIY (Do It Yourself) project or to other distributors in the fitness industry.
Chances are if you’re looking for “used” commercial fitness equipment, you’re expecting for it to look used but may have reservations that it will not perform to satisfactory expectations. Save up to 70% while still maintaining peace of mind and being backed by one of the best companies in the fitness industry.
It is a step up in quality from the older Life Fitness machines in the stable, and also comes with a variety of unique features not found elsewhere. The Life Fitness Treadmill 95Ti has a maximally-conveniently placed Ergo-bar, known as the activity zone, which puts all your essential workout data in front of you on over-molded tubular steel. While TreadDesk has a teeny tiny sliver of market share in terms of current sales, they had a long run with no competition other than from the Steelcase Walkstation, which at $5,000 was targeted solely at the corporate market.
How Does it Relate to Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks? Read MoreAnthropometry and Ergonomics: Why Should You Care? Martin and Dan were serious athletes, and would encourage me whenever I posted new numbers. Here are the steps you can follow in under 5 minutes to start benchmarking something important to you.
They might take weeks or months to improve, and I wasn’t set up with the equipment to measure my blood pressure or cholesterol quickly or easily. Work back up the causal chain to the things that create results — the leading indicators. How would I count them?  (Maybe just count the names on the list each week on Monday.)  If I’m having conversations with qualified buyers, how would I know? Social feedback from your peers helps you overcome the fear.  The more you face a fear, the smaller it becomes.
Newspapers, classifieds, and local postings will offer even more options for those searching for cheap treadmills in the area. The hiring of equipment means that we are well equipped to back up any product guarantees which covers any servicing or repairs of treadmills and any other gym equipment. The luxury of having a treadmill at home is that you can use at your convenience without the need for expensive gym memberships. You can test and try out the equipment over the 4 week hire period to ascertain practicality.
Purchasing “as is” cardio product is only recommended if you know specifics about what you are buying or are technically savvy.
Each piece of refurbished equipment goes through an extensive inspection, testing and service process to ensure safe and satisfactory operation. Each piece of certified remanufactured equipment goes through an extensive process starting from the ground up. Each frame is stripped down to the bare metal, sanded and repainted with a paint color of your choice or to resemble original factory specifications. Starting in 2011, however, LifeSpan Fitness entered the scene with the TR800, TR1200 and TR5000, the first reasonably-priced, commercially produced units. So, with such as large amount of choices on the market, it can be very difficult for first time customers to make an informed choice on which treadmill most appropriately fits their needs. Essentially we bring the gym to you in your own home, simply choose the equipment that you require and then choose a hire package and we will deliver it to your door.

You can also try before to buy - Hire a treadmill for 3 months and if you decide to keep it, the first 3 months hire cost will be deducted from the purchase price.
Strength equipment on the other hand doesn’t have the level of risk that cardio does and most times will operate perfectly fine without any need for service. If you are looking for a complete and extensive repaint job, please ask us about our certified remanufactured equipment. The running surface is Life Fitness’s standard 20”x 60” belt, with 8 large shock absorbers underneath and non-slip side rails on both sides of the runner.
Several things — weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, a feeling of vitality, and muscle tone, among others. We guarantee all “as is” products to be in working condition and will disclose any pertinent information within the advertisement or at the time of sale.
And, of course, the 95Ti is fully-entertainment-system compatible, with an optional attachable LCD TV console (95 TEZ) or LCD entertainment system.
The result being customers can quickly put their purchase to use instead of spending hours sitting on the floor attempting to assemble mechanical pieces and systems that were better left to the professionals. Even more, this means there is a greatly reduced chance for incorrect assembly, which will reduce the amount of accident related to poor construction.
Its small size makes it a comfortable fit for customers looking for a machine for long, comfortable walks as opposed to increased speed jogs or running. The machine is also quiet while walking, which means there is no annoying whining that is often seen in some other models.
It is a fold up system which reduces to little more than a small space against a wall or under a raised bed. This means the treadmill is a popular system for those living in smaller apartments or homes with small rooms.
Simple, Straight Forward Features For those wanting a simple treadmill system, the Proform is an ideal choice. There are no confusing buttons or complex fitness features that will go unused by the average customer. This alone reduces the cost of the system a great deal, making it affordable to just about anyone looking to add a treadmill to their home workout area. ProForm 6.0 RT Not Good for Runners While the treadmill may offer an ideal system for those who like comfortable walks and slow jogs, it is not well designed for customers looking to run. The small build means the system shakes a great deal when running and it quickly goes from a quiet operating machine to a loud, whining systems that alerts everyone in the building to its presence.
This can be a major frustration for those living in apartments for townhouses and, more obviously, to their neighbors. This can be a major problem for those who exercise late in the evening or in an area that is not brightly lit.
Summary Overall, the Proform 6.0 RT is a great treadmill for those looking for a light but consistent workout machine. As a rule, the system is also very cost effective, making it a tempting option for those watching a budget.

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