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The DKN floor mat is designed to ensure protection beneath the treadmill and ensures quieter workout sessions thanks to the shock and sound absorbing material. Other than a surge protector, a treadmill mat is one of the most important accessories you can buy for your machine. Oh, did you think we were going to say the treadmill mat was only to protect your floor or rug? The treadmilla€™s motor is the heart of your machine and a mat is necessary to help protect it.
But the treadmill mat will also protect your wood floor or carpet as well, if that is your main concern. And one last point, you should consider getting a mat because it will also help to greatly reduce the noise level of the treadmilla€™s rollers and motor, as well as the vibration. It makes no sense to pay hundreds of dollars for a new motor plus the cost of repairing your treadmill when you could have spent just $40 and put down a mat to protect your machinea€™s vital parts and components.

Well, it does that too, but keeping dirt from getting up under the belly of the treadmill is the prime reason to make this small investment.
If you didna€™t realize your machine would be so heavy until it arrived, you no doubt had trouble getting it up a flight of stairs and putting it in the exercise room. There are ones that sell for as low as $30 and some thicker styles that can run up to $130.
When ita€™s running, the motor builds up an electrostatic charge that sucks up every little dust bunny and spec of debris that wanders by almost as efficiently as a vacuum cleaner.
Then you started imaging what 220 lbs of machine -- plus the weight of you running on top of it -- will do to your floors! These are all non-slip designs with most measuring about 3 ft x 6.5 ft and are made of rubber or vinyl. Once the motor gets clogged it doesna€™t run as well, it can overheat, and the result will be a shortened lifespan.

Even worse, a low-end treadmill that is not as stable tends to have some a€?movementa€? when someone is on it and without a floor mat it can easily scratch the floor. You can also buy inter-locking squares of 2 ft x 2 ft that can be configured to cover up to 24 sq ft. Whatever your reason for getting one, you need it; dona€™t operate your machine without a treadmill mat.

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