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A lactate threshold test consists of a graded exercise protocol to simulate increased workload on the individual. At a cellular level when the processes of fuel production increase the cell becomes more acidic due to the buildup of H+ (hydrogen with a positive charge) and this is termed acidosis.
The lactate threshold test is determining the point at which the human body falls behind in buffering and struggles to stay efficient.
Test available for Cyclists in our mobile lab and Runners on a treadmill at several locations. Follow the link below to view choices of Travel Areas for the OES Mobile Testing Lab and pricing.
OPTIMIZE ENDURANCE SERVICES - mobile coaching, testing and training for the endurance and recreational athlete . Recently I got a phone call from a parent who’s daughter had been struggling to improve over the last few seasons. So she headed over to Memorial Hermann’s Ironman Sports Institute and got a VO2 max test done on the treadmill. I know what you’re thinking, working hard is a good thing in the pool, so how on earth could the hard worker and sprinter be suffering from it? If those who compete for 60 seconds need to dedicate time to build the base,  where does that put your 10 hour race? To find the lactate threshold you start running on the treadmill in a moderate pass with 10.5% incline.
It was going to be a 15km long test race with four shootings on a track that I never had skied with roller-skies before, so I wasn?t quite sure how I was going to make my race strategy.
As always in the start of the season it was hard to find the right starting pace, and I did start a little too fast, so when I got to lap three I was pretty much dead. I did however, manage to change focus and started to focus more on my technique which resulted in the last lap being the fastest and also the lap with the best feeling. The good thing is that I feel like I have had a great start, and I have found many things that I can improve on until next time!
I am going to do these tests every 4th week so I am really looking forward to see my progress after some more weeks of training. Holmenkollstafetten is the worlds biggest running relay event, with over 3200 participating teams, and each team has 15 runners. Her cousin had been spending the weekend at the family cabin with her two kids and a friend. I found out that the funeral was taking place at the same day as the Swedish championship sprint. The next day when I was having one of my pre race intervals, all I could think about was my girlfriend and her family, and how important it was for me to be there for them. So instead of preparing myself for competition I flew down to Vikersund on Thursday, attended the funeral on Friday and then back up to Ostersund on Saturday making it back just in time so I could support my teammates on their pursuit. VO2 max adalah kapasitas maksimum tubuh untuk menyalurkan dan menggunakan oksigen  saat olahraga intens, yang mencerminkan tingkat kebugaran fisik seseorang.
VO2 max diukur dalam bentuk “jumlah millimeter oksigen yang digunakan dalam 1 menit per 1 kilogram bobot tubuh”.
Ukuran ini secara umum dianggap sebagai indikator terbaik untuk menentukan kebugaran kardiovaskular dan daya tahan aerobic seorang atlet. V02 max berbeda dengan lactate threshold atau anaerobic threshold yang merupakan titik dimana laktasi terbentuk dalam otot pada saat melakukan olahraga intens.
Pengukuran yang akurat memerlukan usaha lengkap (biasanya melibatkan treadmill atau sepeda statis) dibawah pengawasan dan protokol ketat di laboratorium performa olahraga. Konsumsi oksigen seseorang meningkat secara linear dengan intensitas aktifitas – sampai titik tertentu.
Saat dimana tubuh meninggalkan zona aerobic metabolisme dan memasuki zona anaerobic metabolisme ketika melakukan tes VO2 max akan terasa sakit dan sulit.

Walaupun VO2 max merupakan ukuran yang bagus untuk menentukan tingkat kemampuan lari di berbagai jarak, namun tiap jarak membutuhkan pertimbangan yang berbeda.
Lomba 10K dan half marathon biasanya tidak terlalu mengandalkan VO2 max, tapi VO2 max tetap merupakan komponen penting untuk menentukan tingkat kebugaran.
Kinetic Personal Training is one of just a select-few training establishments in the UK to offer this elite testing scheme.
Kinetic Personal Training has seen me demolish my course-best race times - at the age of 51! Tracey Lasan - UK elite senior-veteran distance runner and Winner of Senior-Veteran (50+) category at the 2009 Reading Half-Marathon. What are ‘Training Speed Zones’ and why is the 'Lactate Test' essential for calculating them?
The test measures the amount of 'Lactate' produced in the bloodstream via a relatively painless prick of the finger. The time spent at each level is typically 4-5 minutes and the blood 'Lactate' is measured at the end of each level.
The ‘Lactate Threshold Zone’ is also the single best indicator of endurance performance known. Generally an athlete whose 'Lactate Threshold' occurs at a higher speed will be faster in an endurance event. Speed Zones’ so we may continue to guide your progress further as your fitness profile improves. We offer the following competitively-priced packages for 'Lactate Testing' with Kinetic Personal Training. We have an excellent track record in achieving winning results with our ‘Lactate Testing’ clients. This test can be done easily on a bike or treadmill and generally is 30-45 minutes in length. This acidosis upsets the balance of the cell and to manage or buffer it shuttles the H+ outside to the blood stream with the help from lactate. Above this marker the production of byproducts far outpaces the removal and this leads toward the inability to continue increased intensity for extended periods of time.
Appointments made for 2.5 hour time blocks and online forms of  protocol, medical history and waiver, are provided via a link in a e-mailed confirmation of a scheduled appointment.
In my discussions with her coach and the team, a few others decided to test as well.  And the results were fascinating.
LT started to fall in line with teammates,  and without a drop of sprinting for a month, her times started dropping in competition. If you are a competitive runner or triathlete, you can test on a treadmill.Use your valuable exercise time with a program designed specifically around your abilities. First I had a running test on a treadmill, and then a biathlon test race with roller skies and shooting.
After 5 minutes of running you go off the treadmill and take a little blood sample and run that in a machine that indicate your blood lactate value.
This was also my first exercise with my new coach, (who for now will remain unnamed) so I felt I had to perform at my very best. They didn’t notice the gas leak in the cabin, and the mother and her seven year old son both ended up suffocating in their sleep, while the nine year old daughter and her friend both survived, but was in coma. Although I felt saddened by the tragedy of this family that I had never met, truth be told, my initial thought was that this competition was going to be the most important race of the year and I couldn’t travel 650km to Vikersund in Norway to go to the funeral. After the race we all went to the championship banquet where there was the price ceremony for the Swedish championship race and the Swedish cup, which I won two weeks earlier. VO2 max juga merupakan satu faktor penentu kapasitas seseorang untuk melakukan aktifitas olahraga dalam jangka waktu tertentu dan berhubungan dengan daya tahan aerobic. Secara teori, semakin banyak oksigen yang mampu digunakan seseorang ketika melakukan aktifitas intens, semakin banyak energi yang dapat dihasilkan.

Protokol ini melibatkan peningkatan kecepatan dan intensitas secara spesifik, serta pengumpulan dan pengukuran volume dan konsentrasi oksigen dari tarikan dan hembusan napas – yang akan menunjukan jumlah penggunaan oksigen subjek tes tersebut. Ada titik spesifik dimana konsumsi oksigen akan mendatar bahkan jika intensitas aktifitas meningkat. Dari poin ini, otot akan terasa sangat lelah dan memaksa seseorang untuk berhenti bergerak.
Semua jarak lomba menuntut komponen fisiologis yang sama (aerobic, anaerobic, VO2 max, efisiensi bahan bakar, ekonomi lari), tapi jumlah presentase optimal dari tuntutan komponen-komponen ini berubah berdasarkan jarak. Dalam lomba 10k dan half marathon, sebaiknya melakukan latihan VO2 max setiap 2-3 minggu sekali untuk menjaga dan mendukung sistem energi. Namun latihan VO2 max tetap berguna untuk dilakukan setiap 3-4 minggu sekali untuk membantu efisiensi performamu.
This test should be completed at the end of a recovery period so that the overall training fatigue is low and can be considered part of the training.
Once in the blood stream it is called blood lactate and this is what is being measured in the test. Knowing this point can assist in setting up training zones to optimize recovery as well as the lactate threshold. Tests showed that she crossed her lactate threshold about the same time the treadmill was turned on (when the red line surpasses the black one).  She also was able to produce an absolute ridiculous amount of lactate at max effort.
The swimmer was given specific directives to swim at a given pace, or slower and the volume was cranked up. The ability to develop your anaerobic systems are actually very limited relative to the vast amount of fitness to be gained. Directly after you have given some blood, you start running again, each time with a little bit higher speed. What was supposed to be a nice season ending with the Swedish championships in Ostersund, was suddenly put on hold when I got a call letting me know that there been a tragic accident in my girlfriends family. Because If I didn`t compete at the sprint on Friday I wouldn’t be able to compete in the pursuit on Saturday either.
While I am committed and passionate about being the best biathlete I can be, at the end of the day being the best person that I can be matters more. The body manages the blood lactate by removal through breath, sweat and urine as well as a fuel source. They also only race very short distances (25 – 50 yards max) so there is never any need to prep for longer stuff.
But if you only sprint, and the workouts are all sprinter workouts (short distance, high intensity repeats) then you never get that balance, and begin to compound the problem.
It wasn’t particularly enjoyable for someone who even works the warm up hard, but she did it. This is one of the reasons why Alexander Popov, one of swimming’s greatest sprinters, was known to train as much as 20,000 meters per day for a mere 19 second race. You continue to do this until the tester can see that your body starts producing more lactate than your body can consume.
The events of this weekend reinforced my belief that family and friends must come first and everything else second. The swimmer had gotten increasingly frustrated that regardless of how hard she worked, her times kept slipping. I found out that my lactate threshold was at 183 which is about 90% of my maximum heart rate.
She was fading bad at the end of workouts, trouble recovering from any exercise, and falling apart at the end of races.

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