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If your machine offers a 10% or 12% incline, treadmill hill training is a convenient way to boost your calorie burn rate as well as increase your endurance and build strength. In addition to the many health benefits of a treadmill hill workout, you also have a primary tool to use for race training, since running hills will help you with your overall speed and pace, as well as other improvements you may not realize.
Going forward I plan on getting back into consistent strength work (at least 2x each week) and focusing on my fueling! My pacing on hills has varied but now I feel the most comfortable maintaining the same pace up and down the hill! This workout doubles as a high-intensity interval session and builds power along with boosting your metabolism for hours postrun. Notes: The quality of your performance on the hill intervals depends greatly on the quality of your easy-jog recovery in between.
Repeat 1: Run five minutes at a 1 percent incline and at a pace that elevates your effort level to the top of the Orange Zone, or Zone 4 if you use a heart rate monitor. Repeat 2: Run five minutes at a 2 percent incline and at a pace that elevates your effort level to where it was on the previous rep.
Repeat 3: Run five minutes at a 3 percent incline and at a pace that elevates your effort level to where it was on the previous rep. Repeat 4: Run five minutes at a 4 percent incline and at a pace that elevates your effort level to where it was on the previous rep.
Notes: The secret to running this workout optimally is to tune into your effort level (or heart rate) and find the pace that puts you in the target zone on the given day. This workout is all about running mindfully, getting in the flow of hill running, and building hill-running endurance. Repeat 3 times: Run one mile at a 3 percent incline at an easy effort in the Yellow Zone, or Zone 2 for heart rate.
Notes: Be the hill in this workout by adjusting your speed to truly run easy on the incline.

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By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. A typical, gradual run will start out on a flat belt for two minutes, increase the incline to level 2 and run for two minutes, increase to level 4 for two minutes, and continue until you reach the max incline on your treadmill. I missed a long run in week 6 due to the weather and through an extra mid-distance run into week 7. I was visiting a friend in Boston and I was supposed to run a half marathon as my long run. I want to go out and run the course as one of my long runs so I don’t have any surprises! I am Ashley, a working-mom who loves running and training for races, attempting yoga inversions, a strong cocktail, and a good dose of sarcasm. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. You’ll develop strength and stamina that will translate well for outdoor runs and races this spring. Make sure to go slowly enough to get your breathing and heart rate down before you attempt the next hill interval. It will boost your redline threshold and will teach you how to run hills by fee, a skill that will pay off on race day.
After each mile, run 2 minutes at 0 percent incline, at a faster, but controlled Orange Zone (or Zone 3 heart rate) effort to simulate the speed of running downhill. If you can’t hold the incline within the easy Yellow Zone, lower the incline percentage or powerwalk it until you build the fitness to do so.

Intervals are a challenging method of working out and will help you reach your fitness goals that much faster. I chose a pace ahead of time that I would be able to maintain throughout the workout, even at the high inclines. Unfortunately it snowed about 10 inches and the race was canceled and the roads were not accessible to run. Steph and Ben demonstrated helpful drills, chatted out Picky Bars and let us know a little bit about what it is like to be a pro runner (re: training, fueling etc)! This blog is where I share a lot of random thoughts about the above with some parenting woes mixed in for good measure. Ultrarunners train and race with run-walking to keep their effort at an appropriate level, and it pays off with energy conservation during longer runs and races. Walk or run at a pace that is challenging but not so taxing that you cannot keep up the pace through the entire workout.
Running up hill is a well-known training regime when outdoors, but you can simulate much of this effective and productive method at home using treadmill hill training. Steph has me doing awesome workouts that are completely new to me and I am enjoying the learning process.
I worked so hard during that class and afterwards ended up in a full SPRINT in Penn Station to get to my train.
It was the longest run to date I have done in them and after a successful race I will probably race the marathon wearing them!

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