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Treadmill is a popular exercise equipment that helps in building endurance and enhances the fitness level of a person. My wife has been bugging me to buy her a treadmill since we just bought a new house and have the space to put one and use it. Just recieved my confidence power plus treadmill in good working order and am very impressed with this compact little treadmill. Physiotherapy Exercise Equipment Motorised Training Equipment treadmill machine electric treadmill price EX-506A, View physiotherapy exercise equipment, EXDO Product Details from Yongkang EXDO Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. I am a veteran of 13 marathons and for a person who doesn’t have alot of space, I recommend this treadmill.
It was very easy to put together and easy to adjust once I found the right size allen wrench because the one included didn’t fit.

It is so quiet that I enjoy walking while I watch TV and I can hear the TV over the treadmill.
I have owned numerous treadmills in my life time and I rate this one as one of the best for the money. I am a 65 year old female in poor health and one of the things I miss most is walking, I just do not have the breath or ability to do it anymore. The only hard part was the first step since you need a little muscle to adjust it so you can put the screws on the bottom. Now I decided to get it back to exercise when watch TV, but I do not want a big moto treadmill to take out the space of my living room. When I saw this treadmill it really got me thinking, according to the reviews it didn’t take up much space and was easy to more around if necessary.

But if your in the market for a simple treadmill that does what all treadmills are intended to do, then this one is the treadmill for you.
Granted I still cannot walk miles but at least I am now able to walk about five minutes, sit down and rest awhile, and then walk some more. My goal is to be able to build up my stamina enough so that I can in the future get out again and take a walk and enjoy nature again.

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