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Cold weather and icy roads have kept me on the treadmill lately, but it’s been a good opportunity to do some speed workouts on the treadmill.
For more treadmill workout ideas, check out the posts under the Treadmill Workouts tab above and my Treadmill Routines Pinterest Board. This entry was posted in Fitness, Treadmill Workouts and tagged Mind Games, Running, Speed, Treadmill Workouts. This weather is crazy and I did run once outside in the cold but not sure if I am going to have the fortitude to do it this weekend. I have to play with speed or incline on the treadmill, or at least select a program that varies the incline. People around here don’t seem to shovel their sidewalks, so the snow gets tramped down and then icy.
It’s been a crazy cold winter where I live and I have been SO thankful for a treadmill! Thank you for sharing these workout ideas – though the treadmill is awesome, it does get a little monotonous. I think any kind of intervals on a treadmill is good, but I find speed more fun for some reason! CocoI have been running since 2001, through the trials of injuries, raising teenagers, and managing a successful but stressful career. In doing HIIT interval training workouts like my live Superbowl Sunday Scoobervals workout, you need to know your one minute maximum power so you can most effectively do the workout.
The Scoobervals workout has you doing a certain percent of your maximum power for specific durations, for example, do 80% of your max power for 3 minutes.
Stationary Bike Calibration: Many of you will be joining my class from your gyms where the stationary bike is the most common piece of cardio equipment. Set the resistance level number to the value that you think you can maintain for one minute but no longer.
If you can hold the RPM the entire minute then you were not aggressive enough, rest, and try it again with a higher level.
Elliptical Calibration: Many of you will be joining my class from your gyms from an elliptical machine. Treadmill Calibration: A lot of you have access to a treadmill, either at home or at the gym.
Burpees Calibration: What if I don’t have any cardio machine at all, can you still do this workout?
I cant cover every possible cardio device but the above calibration procedures should give you an idea how you can find your one minute maximum for virtually every type of cardio you could conceive of doing. The message that gentle cardio may do some people *no good at all* was essential knowledge.
The trouble with a lot of those studies that show the benefits of interval training is that they focus on some very narrow thing, like insulin. And Scooby, you know very well that the reason Heart Associations recommend walking is that many people out and out refuse to do anything else. My 5 day challenge only uses dumbbells, mainly because it’s easiest for people since most have them. Make sure you lower the dumbbell down to the bench (touch the bench by your ears) before going back up.
Make sure to sign up for the challenge so you can be entered to win a PlantFusion prize pack!
I know many of us, myself included, get to this time of the year and want to just relax, indulge and spend time with family.
The 4 weeks are split in half, so for each of the 2 weeks you’re doing a set of 3 workouts. Taking a break from my gift guides (actually takes a lot of time to make one of those lol) and writing about a new video on my channel today. I want to continue doing more fitness videos…if you have a topic or suggestion definitely leave me a comment!
On Monday I had a track workout that might have been the most challenging track workout I’ve ever done.
This was the exact workout I needed though after a few iffy weeks of training where I just felt slow and off. Even if you’re marathon training, 400s (or any track workout) will benefit you greatly. There are all sorts of variations of 400s you can do based on what you’re training for.
My sister is always asking me what exercise she can do for this or that everytime she goes to the gym. So I created 6 steps for you to create a full body workout routine next time you need to strength train.
You can follow this template to create 2-3 different workouts for the week, then change it up after 3-4 weeks in order to avoid a plateau. We know that glute strength is key for a strong core (which can help alleviate lower back pain), and is really important for runners. 1.5 squats (Lower down, come up half way, lower down again, stand up to complete the squat. Once you complete the back exercise, take a 1-2 minute break, then repeat the glute and back exercises again for your chosen amount of sets, before moving on to step 3 and 4. While I personally focus less on chest exercises (for this reason), it is still important to include them in your routines.
My posture needs serious work, and tightening up the muscles in my pecs will only exacerbate the problem (pulling shoulders forward), which is why I like to do more back exercises (which help pull the shoulers back). But when you have enough time, definitely add in these exercises to help build an overall strong body.
Obviously there are many more exercises for each bodypart, but these are what came to mind of exercises I include in my routine regularly.
Pushups with shoulder taps: You do a normal pushup, and when you come up you tap each shoulder with the opposite hand.

Side to side burpees: Usual burpees but instead of jumping straight back, you jump out to one side, jump in and up, then jump out to the other side. Single leg deadlift + row: This is a typical single leg deadlift with a dumbbell, but when you get into the bottom part of the exercise (when your back leg is up), you will do a single arm row, then come back to standing and repeat. Tricep dips with leg raised: You will do 10 tricep dips with one leg raised straight out in front of you, then switch legs and do 10. Donkey kicks: Another one that looks easy but is a killer cardio exercise and you’ll feel the shoulder burn! Half and half bicep curls: Start with the dumbbells up by your shoulders (elbows bent), lower half way, then bring back up. Commando burpees: Normal burpees but when you get down on the ground, you will go from on your hands to plank position, then back up. Side plank with DB reach under: Get into side plank position, then with the dumbbell, reach under yourself, then bring the dumbbell up towards the ceiling. This type of workout is different for me because I’ve always focused on lifting heavier and not tracking my rest periods. I have been using 10 pound dumbbells for my workouts, though I’d suggest a lighter pair and a heavier pair.
If you try this, please leave a comment or tweet me with your feedback, I’d love to hear it as I work on creating more workouts. I wanted to mainly focus on legs, but did some upper body as well with the presses focusing on shoulders and the rows on my back.
The step-ups were done on a bench with no added weight – just do them as fast as you can. And the bottom line is that going all out for 10 seconds is totally doable—and it delivers the results you’re looking for. We tapped Luke Lombardo, senior coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City, for an eight-minute 10-20-30 style treadmill workout (plus a warm-up and cool-down).
And the bottom line is that going all out for 10 seconds is totally doable — and it delivers the results you're looking for.
We tapped Luke Lombardo, senior coach at Mile High Run Club in New York City, for an 8-minute, 10-20-30 style treadmill workout (plus a warm-up and cool-down). Here are two 30 minute treadmill workouts that I’ve been doing as I start to get ready for my spring races.
I much prefer to run outside, but the weather will probably have me running on the treadmill tomorrow, and I can use your workout plan. I am hoping for a warm rain to melt the ice and wash the grey snow away, but it looks like it will stay cold this week. I actually prefer doing hill workouts on the treadmill because, along with being pretty cold, it’s also as flat as a pancake around here… Happy running!
I just signed up for a 10 miler at the end of April and we’ve been getting pounded with chilly temps and snow, and I often find the treadmill so tedious!
I think your winter had been as cold as ours — and you might get more snow than us tomorrow night! These have no resistance adjustment but the difficulty increases with speed just as it would on a real bike because of wind resistance.
Since then I’ve been doing 46 minute sessions on a stationary bike (6 min warmup, 30 min exercise, 10 min cooldown) but give 100% effort for 30s out of every 2 minutes.
Mosley would be a non-responder (they hid this from him.) He did just 12 minutes of total exercise (was HIT) over 4 weeks. Maybe they would be willing to do 3 minutes of real exercise a week if they knew it did them good.
But in the video, he says during the second test that he could go for longer and a better pace, even if his vo max didn’t get better his cardiovascular fitness did. And the bottom line is that going all out for 10 seconds is totally doable—and it delivers the results you’re looking for. For example, when I do dumbbell chest press, I realize that one arm is able to go down lower than the other arm, which points to an imbalance. Trying to do walking lunges with less-than-great grip strength is HARD and your forearms will be burning.
It’s 5 days of workout videos sent right to your inbox, printables to take to the gym, support and (like I said) a chance to win some free protein powder!
I think I would choose walking lunges…so tough but a total body exercise AND gets the heart rate up!
You want to focus on exercises that target large muscle groups, which will not only make you stronger, but also help you burn more calories (which is what we need during the holidays, right?). The hard part was that as soon as you finished, you only had 25 seconds before you had to go off again.
It’s a workout you can do right in your backyard, and it targets your lower body (with some cardio thrown in). It was the Rugged Maniac in New Jersey, but they have locations all over the country and in Canada as well.
I consider myself in decent shape, though I know I’ve lost muscle and strength in the past few months. Barbell usually has a piece at the end where it is attached, or you can put it in a corner. It’s one of my stronger points and it translates into stronger running (stronger back = stronger arms for that finish line kick). Having strong hamstrings and glutes means better posture, stronger core, and more strength in general.
I prefer to do overhead presses and other shoulder press exercises as opposed to traditional bench presses. Doing shoulder presses still works some of your chest muscles and also helps build strong and stable shoulder joints. If you chose challenging enough weights in the previous steps, you will already have worked these muscles anyway. I’d say my top picks are barbell squats, trap bar deadlift, pull-ups, incline presses, and pallof presses.

It got good feedback, so I wanted to post one more as I continue working on my fitness eBook which will be a 9-12 week program with workouts similar to this.
So in the first set of exercises, you’re going through and repeating them until your watch hits 30 minutes. This is a great exercise for runners because you’re working on your hamstring and glute strength AND balance. You can do this on the floor or with your hands behind you on a bench to make it more challenging. So the first week I could only do 2 rounds of the first group, then the second week I got 2 rounds + the first exercise done.
I was supposed to take a 9:15 am HIIT class at the gym, but then got no sleep last night so decided to let myself sleep in instead. I can’t do steady state runs, so I try to create interval workouts in order to pass the time faster. Each week, I’ve been adding a little speed, similar to how each week you may add more weight to your lifting routine. SELF makes it fun and fulfilling to be your happiest, healthiest, best self. Reaching a total audience of 12 million each month, SELF is the founder of the Pink Ribbon for breast cancer awareness and an ASME National Magazine Award winner for excellence in journalistic achievement in print and digital.
I love going home to visit my parents and running the windy, hilly streets there, and really want to do the Cherry Blossom run someday!
If you just guess you will either not be challenged sufficiently or you will run out of gas too early and have to stop the workout – neither is good. First, decide on a rpm that you are comfortable using – that is the rpm you will be using the entire workout. For example if you can do level 10 at your target RPM for one minute then your 80% max is level 8. By mosley’s own admission in the video, he was going from a completely sedentary lifestyle to the experimental workout. Dumbbells work your entire body more because you’re holding one in each hand, so you need to engage your core for exercises.
I like to support myself on a box or bench (as opposed to my knee) to really have a stable base. You want to keep your elbows in and back, kind of on an angle going behind you, not straight up.
My video is only a minute long, so you can give it a quick view and then start working out!
You can do faster 400s with more breaks in between, slower 400s with minimal break, or a combination of both. So do A1 15 times, then A2 15 times, then repeat 2 more times before moving on to the B exercises. If you’re a runner and can only focus on one thing, make it your glutes and hamstrings! This one is a bit more complicated than the first one in terms of exercises involved, so below the image I will explain each one and put in a video tutorial if needed. If your wrists are an issue, hold dumbbells in your hands so your wrists are in a more neutral position.
THEN, start with the dumbbells down (elbows straight), curl up half way and lower 10 times. As you drop the weight behind you, focus on engaging your core and pressing your lower back into the floor. This will be perfect for when we start running more and don’t feel like spending an hour or more at the gym.
I think it’s because I went to bed earlier last night to start getting my body used to normal schedule again before I start work next Monday. Plus, on a summer weekend, we know you want a workout that delivers results without being a time-suck. SELF is published by Conde Nast, publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, GQ, Glamour, The New Yorker, Wired and other celebrated media brands. If you can do 32mph for the first 30 seconds but then have to drop down to 27mph for the last 30 seconds then 27mph is your maximum one minute speed. One tip is to make sure that when you lower the dumbbell, you’re not lowering it all the way down and letting your shoulders relax.
It helps you get better at balancing and using your core, which is so important for runners and athletes.
Your elbows should stay in that position, and only your hands move the weights throughout the motion (not your elbows swaying back and forth).
If you want to make it more challenging, you can increase the weight you use or add more time to each circuit. I’m going to go into a detailed recap later this week and add in reasons why you should do it. I’m planning on creating an ebook of these workouts, along with video how-tos for the exercises. There’s no way I can run without one, so while my mom ran 2 miles as her warm-up I just foam rolled and did some stretching.
Don’t full throttle out of the staring block, try to leave a little reserve so that you can maintain a constant speed for the full minute but be completely spent at the end of the minute. So today I wanted to share a strength training workout specifically for those who might be training for a mud run. You do a different, full-body workout 3 times per week for 4 weeks before the plan changes. I repeat the yellow portion five times, but you could do more or less depending on how you feel. Not saying I don’t like barbells, because they definitely have their place, but dumbbells are #1 for me.

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