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Welcome to Hit List, a weekly roundup of all things best and present in the world of beauty and fashion. Liberty of London and Nike have combined forces, yet again, to create the Floral Firsts collection with Nike iD. Few things will look as cool on your feet as the soft, buttery sheen of Rick Owens black trainers. Kenzo, known for being cool, sporty and a little wild, gives us these chunky animal print trainers. London Soul Queen Mags is getting us ready for the weekend with her selection of throwback bangers.
40 years after JG Ballard’s urban nightmare-novel High Rise, director Ben Wheatley takes on the film adaptation that nearly never was.
Get to know Brooklyn sensation Yellow Shoots and have a listen to his well-curated playlist of his top influences.
Now that the 26 miles of the London marathon is over again for another year its time to think about the best footwear to use.
We know that it is sometimes quite an experience to source that perfect pair of modern Size 12 Trainers. We stock all the leading brands of Size 12 Trainers including Nike, Reebok, Converse, DC shoes and Asics. We have a large warehouse and are always ensuring that we have have a large supply of Size 12 Trainers. If you started running a few years ago, when it was still disparagingly referred to as jogging, you know how heavy trainers used to be – like wearing lead weights on your feet.
On the lookout for a new pair of basketball shoes, and still want to look the buisness on the court? If like me your winter footwear has taken a battering given the recent weather conditions you may well be looking ahead to your next shoe purchase. 44% of you thought Kanye West‘s mullet was bad, but what do you think of his trainers?
After months of rumours and hipster-praying, Hypebeast has confirmed the rumour that Kanye West is to design a pair of trainers for Louis Vuitton.
I wrote about Farfetch last week on Catwalk Queen but proportionally speaking it’s far bigger news for menswear.

Of all the inventions the Back To The Future writers conceived for 2015, power laces were not top of the list of what I hoped would come to fruition. Or, you would go to The Cavern in Liverpool in 1961 to take in an early Beatles concert – but find 300,000 people queuing outside. To Nike’s eternal credit, the shoes worn by Michael J Fox back in 1989 (in the second installment of the franchise) still look good today. I reckon if Nike put a re-issued McFly boot on the market right now, it would sell like crazy – even without power laces.
The trainers are available in three cultish Nike silhouettes, with springy colours in peach, pink or navy, in two of Liberty of London’s famous prints, Capel and Pepper. The sleek design is architectural, ultra-modern and plays into the very popular monochrome trend. With the hemp soles and blue hue, we rate these the Rihanna making love on a safari fashion shoot of trainers.
While these fluorescent coloured trainers won’t be available until July, the New Balance Alpine Pack trainers are the loud and proud statement of this summer. The black and metallic add some glitz while the gold scales add that rattlesnake razzmatazz. The Jeffrey Campbell sneaks are pop-art inspired, with streaks of red, white and black shine.
You would never run a marathon with a pair of heavy safety shoes on, so appropriate for the job footwear is an essential bit of kit.
You have stopped at the right place to look through our stock and buy a pair of shoes that was made especially for you! The stock is constantly updated so make sure that you check back on a regular basis to see if there is another pair of trainers right for you.
It felt like the most extravagant garment I’d ever bought at the time at a score short of ?100 (and even more so when it actually arrived, stained and moth-eaten as it was). First the Avengers movie kicks up a storm in cinemas all over the world, then that’s soon to be followed by The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman Dark Knight Rises, and soon after that is the Judge Dredd movie and the Watchmen prequel comics. So it is that we haven’t even hit August yet and some of us are already thinking ahead to what to wear in the fall. Picking up on the folk-art patchwork and paint splattering seen in his recent film-presentation-as-show in Milan, the trainers seen here feature both of these themes as gorgeous detailing.

The trainers appear rather bland (they’re just white high-tops,) but they might prove to be a valuable base for many a winter outift. Both colourways are horrendous and they both look like cheap knock offs you buy in the pub- which, if you didn’t know, is not a good look.
Air Jordan and New Balance are both currently enjoying great success with calm, refined grey.
But as the last one didn’t hover, glide or even roll, that might be a little optimistic.
The works of the late and great graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat were the inspiration behind the design.
Unless you have the best of trainers on, your feet and legs you will know all about pain and discomfort. The Nike LeBron Elite 9 Varsity Maize launched over the weekend alongside the Air Jordan 4 Cav and Zoom KD IV Aunt Pearl, and come with a seriously eye-catching yellow upper.
Of course, the fact that collections are shown out of sync with actual seasons doesn’t help.
Kanye tells the online fashion magazine that the trainers are to be released in June of this year. So what helps make a good trainer shoe?  Light breathable fabric uppers can help keep the foot cool. They are ideal for home use, casual wearing, any sports such as tennis and football, work and the gym.
A total of 1,500 pairs were auctioned on eBay, raising millions of pounds for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. The heel should also be well cushioned and some trainers have gel pads in this important area. Weight is important too, with some brands being as light as 200g. In general if you are serious about running 6 to 9 months is probably about right, less strenuous use could last a bit longer. Shop around,you don’t have to pay top ?, best quality trainers are not always the most expensive !

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