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Packing outfits for Nashville, Tenessesseessseeee y’all {like I said here} included Dolly Parton inspired jumpsuits, high waisted blue denim jeans, checked shirts and my  incredibly soft leather cowboy boots. I wore pants all week which is SO unlike me {apart from when I went through my PANTS phase} but actually quite enjoyed it! However she is a summer beauty and I was starting to miss piling on the beads, braiding the hair and trying to honor my dear Frida. I started the outfit with this knitted wrap top that Mama D made for me, for ballet class, when I was about 7!
It was simply baggy on me way back when and I love that I can still fit into it now!  It was originally an awful baby pink colour and so many moons ago dyed it with a hand dye and voila.
Having returned from my Thanksgiving break in the US of A y’all I was slightly overwhelmed by all the choices in my closet!
When it was time to put away my summer beauties and release my winter woolies I couldn’t wait to have something new to look at and was telling the lovely little Ms.

I love a print but once I got my winter clothes out I found there was a severe lack of them.
When a night out with the girls was in the offing, to see the fabulous ‘Louise and the Pins’, my outfit needed to be GIRL GORGEOUS!! All I need now is some frothy pints of beer, a big rack and I’ll be a fully blown Austrian!!
Wish I had taken a riding boot full of beer to accessorize with…Would have been the icing! The SCOTT Endurance + knickers feature a ? length and the SCOTT + Basic padding to keep you comfortable while riding. Apart from being a little cold, I didn’t mind it!  The dark navy colour helped it feel not so summery and I now have a whole host of exciting clothing opportunities ahead of me…Bring it on!! The fabric is brought together with a flat seam to avoid chafing where common seams rub, making the tights more comfortable.

The spandex mesh blend provides comfortable movement under your jersey with wicking properties to aid in keeping you cool and dry. The stretchy, high density padding adds support where it's needed, under pressure points, softening road vibrations. Two reflective logos on the back of the legs add a measure of visibility during low-light rides.

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