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Experiential Learning encourages an individual to use his own initiative when learning, become curious about various methods, find out what works for him best and finally evaluate his own performance as he goes through the experience. What is the difference between Experiential Learning and traditional classroom techniques?
Traditional classroom techniques are mainly lecture driven with large number of learners present in the class. Get the learners to get off their chairs and use all their senses, interact with the subject matter, role play with others in real-world scenario and interact with props. Reduce monotone lecturing and replace it with materials that constantly force learners to think and evaluate their current knowledge. Praise learners for their achievements so they are encouraged to put more effort into learning the skills. When developing our training materials, we pay a lot of attention to these two needs and carry out various tests to make sure they are satisfied.
Extensive trainer guidelines and scripts are provided which help trainers to constantly engage the learners, keep them interested in the topic and help them to question their current assumptions and skills.
Based on Experiential Learning, we have established proven design patterns which we use in all our courses for maximum consistency and efficiency.
The addition of a tutorial-type mode is something that was debated internally, largely because of poor response to similar modes in the past. Ultimately, it was the lack of a true way for new or more casual players to pick up the mechanics in the game that seemingly lead to its reinvention. The Madden NFL franchise has been under new direction in recent years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the reinvention of past features, the removal of relatively new ones, and an overall different feeling in Madden than in the years prior.
The skills training mode will help you break down each position on the field and it’s role. While we wait for the Madden 16 release date next month we are taking a closer look at each feature in the new Madden game. Last year EA Sports delivered a smarter Skills Trainer that actually taught users how to play football inside of Madden by walking through when to call specific defenses and how to spot holes in coverage like a football player or Quarterback does. For the Madden 16 release EA ups the realism with new options for throwing and catching the football. Here’s a closer look at the Madden 16 Skills Trainer mode that will help make you a better player and amplify your success when combined with Madden 16 money plays. Once you’ve mastered the basics about positions and responsibilities the trainer will show you how to run, pass, catch, play defense and manage special teams.

For players who enjoy Madden, but who are not football experts, knowing exactly where to run on a given play is tough. EA also delivers an updated Gauntlet in Madden 16 that includes extra lives, randomized bosses and new challenges. Once again the focus of the Madden 16 Skills Trainer is to make players better with fun and focused tutorials. As an example imagine explaining how a software tool works by describing it as opposed to allowing the learner to use the tool to acquire first-hand experience.
The trainer does most of the work, most of the talking and most of the thinking, while the learner passively listens.
This allows your learners to gain knowledge from you, from other learners and the environment you have created for them. All topics are followed by extensive exercises to encourage the delegates to immediately try the new skills, unlearn bad habits and progress forward to replace them with new techniques. This is an effective way in teaching soft skills since most people simply develop their skills through trial and error as they grow and may never question many of their behaviours.
Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
Dickson himself was also tired of reading reviews suggesting new players should stay away from a game that has become increasingly complex over the years, and difficult to pick up on your own. This is the mode commonly known to help new Madden gamers get acquainted with the controls, although slightly different from actual practice mode.
The skills trainer will also teach you how to run, pass, and play defense and special teams.The skills trainer will also let you learn and practice different ball carrier moves. A lot of Madden players car wrong place without knowing what to look for in order to make the play is effective as possible.
We already delivered a high-level view of the 15 most important new Madden 16 features, and now we want to give you a closer look at how you’ll learn how to use some of these and when to use the new features. While you can go aggressive to get the ball, this isn’t always the best option and the new Madden 16 skills trainer will walk you through how to use the new features and more when you should use each of them. I am new to Madden” option that will walk new players through the basics of playing a Madden game.
We saw a shift to this direction last year, but with Madden 16 the Skills Trainer goes further to tell users what each position on the field is and what that player is responsible for doing on field.
After you master these basics, the Skills Trainer offers the option to try to master the ball carrier moves that are essential to adding yards after the catch and to getting a first down when you need it.

With the new Skills Trainer EA Sports teaches users where to go on each type of run and shows how a defense will typically react.
Surprisingly less than 200 people finished all 40 levels of the Madden 15 Gauntlet to date. Last year this was a major addition to player arsenals and it looks like the Madden 16 Skills Trainer is set to be a major part of playing smarter in the new game. Similarly for soft skills training, Experiential Learning means placing the learner in a relevant context, roleplaying a particular situation or going through a difficult conversation while understanding what works and what doesn’t.
Many studies show that human attention span is much smaller than the duration of a typical class. The first step in learning a new soft skill is to understand and accept that they might have been wrong before. We have the privilege to benefit both from direct learner feedback in our own course delivery as well as trainers’ feedback when they use our training resources to deliver their own courses.
He assures us, however, that there’s something for everyone in the new mode, from the casual to the advanced. This is new for Madden 16, which will make it easier to onboard a new player into the game. Knowing the right move to make will help you obliterate your opponents even when they pick the right defense. Players will also learn how to spot stacked up coverage and when to flip a play due to the position of defensive tackles. This is in contrast with simply being told what to do when you find yourself in a particular situation. Leaners are likely to drift, day dream, fall behind or simply loose interest in the topic.
Your aim is to get them excited and enthusiastic about the topic so that they get hooked on the experience. It is also mentioned that if you play the skills training mode on rookie or pro,  you will be presented with a few extra tutorials for your assistance. And show you were on the field you should run based on blocking and how the defense reacts.

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