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The HGR #1 reviewed gym of 2012 is new & improved for 2013 with its new modular design and retains its #1 ranking. Certainly, one of the many advantages of the Titan are the amount of useful exercises within a small, compact footprint of which it is capable. The sliding bench is quick and easy to maneuver into position and a cinch to lock into place. We couldn't find the page you were looking for.Please try another search or go back to the home page. After researching dozens of home gyms, the Titan T1 is the one that our research team all rated #1 and seemed to be a cut above the rest.
Overview: The Titan T2 has been replaced with a new modular design for 2013, the Titan T2X.
Legs: Seated leg press, vertical leg press, squats, leg extension, leg curl, standing or seated calf raises, seated calf extension, etc. Arms: Standing cable curls, seated cable curls, preacher curls, tricep press down, tricep extensions, close-grip press, etc. Abs: Supported knee raises, weighted ab crunch (lying), weighted ab crunch seated, decline sit ups, oblique twists, etc. Shoulders: Shoulder press, shoulder raises (rear or upper delts), shoulder shrugs, upright rows, etc. The innovatively designed sliding bench also effortlessly converts into a seated leg press. An initial concern was that the smith carriage doesn’t use linear bearings as most smith machines, but the unique design proved as smooth, yet more quiet and maintenance free than linear bearings.
The Titan T2 is a slightly more compact version of the Titan T1 home gym that is designed to offer much of the same functionality, but in a smaller footprint.

If you like the seated leg press then you’ll love the vertical leg press made possible by the patented smith carriage with quick-change out of multiple handles or the footplates. There’s no counter balance on the T2 so assisted pull-ups are one of the exercises eliminated, but the Titan T2 has about 70-75% of the functionality of the T1.
The T1X and its upgrade T3X offer a vast range of quality exercises (over 200 total), but don’t worry about trying to remember them all, you get 3 large posters to help you do that. This ingeniously designed smith carriage, with attachment slots throughout it structure, allows users to tailor dozens of exercises to a position most comfortable to them. With 3 separate workstations, three users can exercise simultaneously on the T1X and 7 on the T3X (shown below right). One of the best features of the T2 are the sliding bench that is always symmetrically centered and quickly adjusts to functional as a seated leg press. The Titan T1X & T3X also offer a counter-balance system which allows users to do exercises such as assisted pull ups and even lat pull downs with the smith. The Hummer of this group, it is very well built with a heavy duty frame and smooth operating parts.
The textured stainless steel grips are features you’ll only find on the Titan gyms and why the T2, like the T1, is considered a luxury home gym.
There is some changeover between exercises but most take only about 20-30 seconds with even the most elaborate, the rowing exercise, taking less than 60 seconds. 11-gauge or thicker construction on the frame, whisper smooth movement on the guide rods, and very durable padding and upholstery are great features, but what sets the Titan T2 apart is the unique & patented smith carriage that has attachment slots throughout the frame to attach several add-on options making the Titan gyms the most versatile gyms available. And, this 60 second setup is well worth the time as a newly added exercise that introduces a cardio workout to the Titan in addition to the many strength exercises.
No other smith-type machine offers a vertical leg press and only one other machine offers a seated leg press, but the quality was much less.

We also appreciate the ability to tailor each exercise to the size of the user for optimum comfort.
Although most exercises are quick and simple to set-up, some are a little more complex and may take a 3 or 4 workouts to learn. Some users may prefer a little more simplicity, but we conclude that the benefits of being able to customize each exercise to fit your height or width, and the ability to duplicate almost any exercise found in the commercial gym is certainly worth the few seconds we spent between exercises setting up the next when necessary. The The Titan T1 is loaded with unique features such as the smith-hybrid system, the quick-change technology for the different options, and the sliding bench. The Titan T1 is very well built with 10 gauge steel frame and solid steel on most option parts as it doubles the shipping weight of several other gyms we reviewed. The padding and upholstery are commercial grade which is part of the reason it graded higher in quality than the Pro-Spot or Tuff Stuff who use the cheaper foam rubber pads that tend to wear quickly.
The exercise handles and weight posts are made of textured stainless steel which is a superior upgrade to any other machine. There is a little bit of a learning curve to set up some of the exercises, but most are quick and simple. The Titan gets our #1 pick because it is the most unique, versatile and highest quality of all the gyms that we researched. Impulse Fitness is one of the few manufacturers that will accommodate the individual purchaser with discounts for buying direct.

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