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This morning I decided to teach the single leg kettlebell deadlift to a very loyal, hard-working kettlebell client of mine. I took a step back and asked him to demonstrate this exercise, which, by his account, injured him every time he’d performed it. He took his “ready” posture, tightened his muscles and leaned straight forward, flexed at the waist and kept his planted leg completely straight.
Without a boring recount of our session, I revisited the RKC School of Strength lecture about the hip hinge with which all of Shane and my students are very familiar. Find an RKC instructor and learn to kettlebell correctly… find one who is also FMS Certified and you’ve hit the pot of gold. Nicole Money is a Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certified instructor, a certified Functional Movement Specialist, and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified Health Fitness Specialist.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But, Dean began to sense a strange and abiding emptiness even in his productive life in the NHL. In addition to this haunting empty feeling, something else was gnawing away at the macho Minnesota NHL forward; twenty years of life in hockey.
After retiring as a player, Dean went on to coach in the AHL and the USHL before becoming the recreation director for the Southwest Ontario community of Ayr.
The Prentices have been ambassadors for Christ and leaders in the Christian movement in hockey. Dean and June look back in awe at their life-changing encounter with Jesus in the early 1970's and rejoice about the impact that Christ has had not only on their lives, but also on their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Single leg deadlifts had injured him and frustrated him so much that he refused to do them any more with his former personal trainer (a certified athletic trainer and personal trainer of more than 10 years).
He reached his arm out about a foot in front of him as to pick up an object placed that far away. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and has been a fitness coach for more than 20 years, working with clients of all ages and activity levels. Check back often for some discussion that's not only entertaining, but educational as well.

Boston Bruin winger, Dean Prentice, blocked a Stan Makita shot at the blue line and took off for the Blackhawks' net. The wounded Bruin pushed aside the pain, took up the challenge, jumped to his feet, grabbed the puck at centre ice, sped in on the goal, pulled a nifty move and tucked the puck behind Blackhawk goalie, Denis DeJordy.
Indeed all who have been privileged to know the Prentice family have been touched by the love and peace of God which is so evident in their lives. Nicole co-founded The Edge Kettlebell Gym in Dayton, Ohio and teaches kettlebells to anyone willing to listen! I usually have this experience with new students who feel that they already know how to swing. It is always great to have a client with a certain perspective of an exercise, and by making one simple correction completely changing that perspective. While speeding toward the goal Prentice was tripped from behind by Makita and crashed into the end boards. While Dean was on his road trip in Vancouver, she was in Minneapolis attending a Christian outreach event and listening to the life stories of 3 Viking Football players, Doug Kingsriter, Jeff Siemon, and Fred Cox.
As HMI staff members they carried the message of hope found in knowing Jesus from team to team and arena to arena speaking to players, coaches and fans.
We practiced a bit and then added it to the kettlebell complex I had planned for the morning. She brings her passion and knowledge to drive students beyond what they thought was possible to reach their fitness goals. Referee Frank Udvari ruled that Makita tripped the Bruin winger on a clear breakaway and awarded a penalty shot. As the penalty shot champion tried to answer the call for his next shift he was frozen to the bench; his back and legs wouldn't budge.
In the early 1970's an article appeared in the Hockey News publication with the heading, "Prentice Joins Bible Group." What would cause a hockey hero to study the Bible? So we got down on our knees, admitted to God that we were sinners, asked His forgiveness and invited Christ into our lives.
At 40 years of age he had a beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, happiness, prestige and  two years remaining on his NHL contract.

The legend explains: "After returning home from a road trip to Vancouver with one large hangover, I could hardly face my family. The Bible says in Revelation 3:20, 'Look!, I have been standing at the door and constantly knocking.
When used correctly, in my opinion, there is not a more effective tool for overall conditioning and reinforcement of correct movement patterns.
Through the fog of pain and only slightly revived as a result of his trainer's cracking an ammonia sniffer under his nose, Prentice heard the taunts of his fierce Blackhawk opponent, Bobby Hull: "Come on Dean, you are not going to let one of your dummy teammates take the penalty shot for you are you?
The tenacious hockey legend had pulled off an unparalleled feat in NHL history in scoring with a broken back.
June shared her feelings with her husband that night during their session at the kitchen table.
If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with Me.' The Lord did just as He promised.
He felt like he had been hit with a slap shot as he listened to the NFL players over lunch.
He had always thought that because he had never committed any violent crimes that he wasn't really a sinner and didn't need help. Like the vast majority of people, the NHL star had believed that when you meet God face to face if your good works outweigh your bad deeds you will be welcomed into heaven.
But as he listened to them explain the Bible, he began to understand, that it doesn’t work that way! His way into heaven is through believing in and receiving His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, was buried and rose again.

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