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You may feel like a real badass using the elliptical or non-elliptical cross trainer without the handles, but it might just be counterproductive. Concentrating just on the lower body, the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer is a commercial-quality cardio machine available for home use.
The Cybex 750A Arc Trainer utilizes Reverse Arc motion technology that engages the largest muscles groups in the legs and trunk to effectively burn the most calories in the least amount of time.
While choosing the incline on the Cybex 750A, the user can select three exercise zones: the Glide or lowest position offers a ski machine pattern, the Stride or medium position closely resembles an elliptical trainer, and the Climb or high position is similar to a stair climber. If you are trying to find out which Arc model youa€™ve been working out on at the health club or the hotel a€“ ita€™s this one. The results in terms of weight loss and overall body conditioning are exceptional, a fact reflected universally in elliptical reviews. Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For suspension and shock absorption, the Arc Trainer design allows its users to eliminate the constant pressure applied to their knees and hips, through the unique mechanics designed only for the Arc Trainer. Knee and joint pain is typically associated with treadmills and other forms of cardiovascular equipment, such as cross-trainers and stair steppers. Stress on your knees, ankles or hips can leave even the most determined athletes resting on the sidelines, therefore, make sure you get an elliptical that is gentle on your tendons and joints, such as this bio-mechanically flawless Cybex Arc Trainer.

Its flawless, detail oriented mechanics, allow for use at top speeds, while remaining quiet and secure. Currently, Cybex manufactures a wide array of health club quality fitness equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes and their world-renowned Arc Trainer. The versatility of the 625AT Arc Trainer also makes it the workout of choice for beginning cross trainers – which allows the fitness center owner to purchase one unit to be used by all.Arc Trainer vs. Programming features Manual and Quick Start functions, as well as 13 pre-set programs: 9 Heart Rate Control, 2 Custom, and 2 Advanced Workouts. It provides a smooth patented arc pattern that places the usera€™s toe behind the knee while pedaling, thus reducing stress on the joints allowing for a more comfortable workout experience. And within each of these selected variations are ranges of resistance levels to crank up the workout as your fitness level progresses.
If you are truly seeking good health and a nicer figure, we promise you this Cybex Arc Trainer will be your new best friend. The Arc trainer is widely popular due to its dependable structural integrity, high mechanical capacity and the way it is anthropomorphized to such an extent that the Arc Trainer perfectly mimics the natural stride length of its user.
Pro trainers and the general public love it for its innovative training movement and low Rating of Perceived Exertion a€“ a measure of how you hard you are actually working compared to how hard you think you are working. The weight is substantial so be sure to get inside delivery when you order this 412-lb crosstrainer. Other features include compatibility with any wireless heart rate monitor, and a detachable TV monitor (sold separately).

Research shows that the Cybex Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other elliptical or crosstrainer on the market, and doing it in less time, the same intensity level, and with a significantly lower perception of discomfort in the feet and joints.
At $4,731, the Arc Trainer isna€™t cheap, but if you want only the best a€“ and you enjoy elite customer service to go along with it a€“ this onea€™s for you.
Again, we need to mention that the Cybex 750A Arc Trainer does not have upper body workout arms, so if you must have them, get the 750AT model instead.
For most home users, however, this is much more trainer than you will ever need, and for that reason, we recommend the Cybex 360A model at around $3,500 for the best value of the Cybex line. The unique Reverse Arc motion, a patented advanced stride technology, never places the user’s toe behind the knee (when the toe moves behind the knee significantly more stress is applied to the knee joint). This allows the user to always maintain optimal posture during exercise which virtually eliminates stress on the back. Other cross trainers, with arms and legs moving in opposite directions, lack the ability to maintain correct body positioning throughout the incline range.Long Input ArmsThe Arc Trainer is equipped with long input arms with a more linear path versus the shorter handles found on other cross trainers. This near linear path minimizes painful wrist articulation allowing you to get a better upper body workout and maintain good posture.Muscle Targeting The wide range of resistance and incline makes the Arc Trainer unique.

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