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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Since we first launched the project (finished 2008) , many "original" similar projects popped, and we proudly declare that we were the first! In this instructable I'll describe my engineering project, made 5 years ago for university graduation.
The project was very promising, and we started to deal with patents and funding for additional development. Each magnet is connected to a suspension spring, that acts whenever the robot is moving on a ruff terrain. A team of researchers in Switzerland have been working on a new robot that’s able to climb vertical surfaces of all sorts using unique sticky feet. The wall climbing ‘bot was developed by Liyu Wang, Lina Graber and Fumiya Iida at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. The robot is able to cling to vertical surfaces using special plastic footpads that heat rapidly causing them to melt. While sticky feet made of melting plastic may not sound particularly strong, the researchers claim that the robot can carry five times its own mass up a vertical wall. The human brain will control all activities of the human body like its motion, balance, co-ordination and reflex.
We are trying to develop a tone down prototype which controls the movement of vehicle by using the micro controller. In the component section, we described about the various chips which are used to achieve this motion.
In this project, we placed all wheels on the ground at the initial position and by using micro controller robot will move forward until the sensor circuit senses any obstruction in climbing the hurdles. The IR radiation will be reflected back from the obstruction if any obstruction comes in front of sensor mounted in front of wheel one. The pinion is used to lift the wheel set one from the ground and rack will be driven by the motor driver. After I got comfortable programming and building with an Arduino, I decided to build a robot. The Arduino and the logic circuitry for the motor controller are both powered by a 9V battery.

With the legs finished, the next step was to build a frame to hold the motors and legs together and in place. To move up and down a tree, the robot extends and contracts by spinning a threaded rod that is fixed to the top segment.
For the spine to work, it must pass through a nut that is fixed to the other segment of the robot. Because this robot is autonomous, I needed a method for controlling the robot's actions so that I could get it to release from the tree.
Next, I wired the digital output pins on the Arduino to the inputs on the motor controller.
I then connected the motor's leads to the terminal strips on the motor controller, and connected the motor voltage terminal to the 12V battery pack, via a toggle switch.
I collected the umbilical cord of wires running between the two segments of the robot into a bundle, and fastened them together with zip ties and electrical tape, to keep them organized. I'm going to build a much larger scale version of this to climb a tree of much bigger diameter. The software on the Arduino figures out how hard it is clamped much more simply using potentiometers. It can climb walls carrying weights It can transfer between various geometries Its simple !
When the plastic melts, the compound slimes into the nooks and crannies on the surface it’s climbing allowing it to stick. In this project, micro controller is used to co-ordinate its motion perfectly and proposed project is inspired by the NASA’s path finder robot. We can use this robotic vehicle as a prototype for surveillance vehicle and other military vehicles which are used in detecting and destroying the mines. The photo transistor will detect the reflected IR radiation and sends a trigger signal to the comparator which conditions the signal.
The photo transistor will find the emitted IR radiations till the IR LED moves above the obstacle. I will have it haul up a throw line [pun intended] as it goes, have a servo arm deploy it in a crotch (where branch meets trunk), and then the robot can lower it (and possibly self-rappel down that line). Perhaps way down the road to extend the idea to a tree trimmer that could trim tree branches at the tops of trees in urban areas to reduce the amount of 'sail' to prevent trees from falling and prevent considerable property damage?

If you do ever want to do a rack and pinion setup Servocity sells cheap nylon gear racks and servo mount gears- I use a similar setup with a low profile linear slide for making animatronic Predator gauntlet blades.
The developers behind the robot believe it could be used to help with mountain rescues, construction crews, or painting walls and ceilings. The robot then uses thermoelectric effect to cool the plastic allowing the foot to release so a step can be taken. Now we humans created many beautiful and useful creations using new technologies in science. We are developing a electro-mechanical autonomous robotic vehicle in this project to climb over the hurdles in front of it by using sensing circuit, which senses the obstacles and micro controller, which is used to drive the motors to make robot climb over the obstruction. We can use this prototype in army field easily because this prototype is very economical and works very efficiently. In sensor circuit, IR LED will release Infra Red radiations, photo transistor will not detect any reflected radiation if there is no obstruction and the vehicle moves forward in the right direction.
The micro controller will detect the signal from the photo transistor on a programmed pin and then robot will start moving forward. As the wheels when sensor detects no signal, then IR LED will move above obstacle, then microcontroller will initialize the motion of robot.
In the proposed project, micro controller is used for automatic management and hardware is managed by the motors. Once second wheel crosses the obstruction, the center of gravity moves in such a position that robot never fall down. The last wheel will move above the obstruction in the same way and the robot cross all the obstruction.
Also now we are developing an electro-mechanical autonomous robotic vehicle which can run automatically on various routes and user can provide route direction to it. It is very useful for us to run a vehicle safely, by using multiple degrees of freedom it can move to various places efficiently.

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