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The Stamina Total Body Pro is definitely one of the cheaper models of ellipticals on the market right now.
Per our latest Stamina elliptical reviews, they are currently offering a number of different elliptical choices. At the higher end you have the Avari Magnetic Elliptical, which offers a few more features including dual action handlebars, adjustable pedals, heart rate monitoring and an mp3 holder. But on the flip side, for the most part users tend to be very happy with these ellipticals, especially the very popular InMotion series that you can read about below. The Extended Stride Elliptical Stepper is an inexpensive cross trainer; it sells for about $600 online. Full-body option – The handlebars can be kept in place or   unlocked to support a full-body workout. Magnetic resistance – Magnetic resistance is an improvement over the brand’s Air Resistance models, which are noisier and not as smooth. Simple readouts – The console displays RPM, time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. No built-in programs – Most home elliptical trainers include preset programs to help guide training and track progress. Cheap components – Customers report that this product wobbles, squeaks, and wears out quickly. Very short home warranty – These Stamina machines include limited 1-year frame warranties and 90-day parts warranties. The large, easy-to-read console shows your workout time, time in target heart rate zone, resistance level, heart rate, calories burned, RPMs, distance, and speed. Stamina Fitness makes a variety of different products and their ellipticals can range from so-so to first rate. Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.

This Stamina magnetic elliptical trainer gives you a low-impact aerobic workout and has a small footprint so you can place it anywhere.
It may get the job done for smaller sized users, however, forget it if you are overweight or tall at all. There were only a couple of users that had positive things to say about this machine, and the rest were extremely negative. It's designed to give you a smooth, quiet workout and to fit in most homes and rolls for easy portability. Designed for small home workout areas, it’s just 54” long x 28” wide and has a relatively light user weight capacity (250 pounds).
It’s made of lower-quality components, has a poor warranty, and isn’t known for its durability.
Other features include a 20" stride length, magnetic resistance, and a 300-lb user capacity. Choose from 8 levels of resistance to firm and tone your legs, arms, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, chest and abs.
Choose from 17 pre-programmed workouts with 16 intensity levels, and maximize your cardiovascular fitness by working out within your target heart rate zone with the pulse sensors built into the handles. Considering its lack of programming and substandard ergonomics, there’s not much reason to invest in this machine. The electronic display panel looks like some kind of board game, but the layout is simple enough for a child to figure out. The Avari GX8 elliptical has been rated by Consumer Reports magazine as one of the best quality, best-priced ellipticals in its class. If you can get over the ugly console, the rest of the Stamina Avari GX8 elliptical is a sure bet, and a great value at $1299.
Plus, its ultra-smooth magnetic resistance means you can enjoy a great workout without the noise — ideal while watching TV or listening to music.

The electronic console displays time, speed, distance, heart rate, pulse recovery, watts, and calories burned.
It has interactive Target Heart Rate zone training, and comes with telemetry strap as well as the hand sensors. It earned high scores in six areas tested: ergonomics, exercise range, easy of use, construction, user safety, and heart rate monitor. The Stamina 1764 also includes an easy-to-read LCD monitor that displays workout time, speed, distance, and calories burned — a perfect way to stay informed of your progress and stay motivated throughout your workout.
I would only recommend this elliptical to someone who is under 5 feet and who is light in weight. There is also a model that has handlebars so you can hold on in the typical way, and one with arm bands that you can work out with while you’re on it. It also features adjustable foot pedals, padded dual-action handlebars for upper body workouts, and water bottle holder (with included water bottle). Another big plus is the first rate user manual which has detailed information on how to fix squeaks, rocking movement, or any other troubleshooting issues. Many user reviews stated that their machine broke down after a few months or with over use. It would be a shame if you’re machine broke down that fast, especially when the warranty is awful.

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