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Our knees are always working and are always under stress – no wonder, as we age, especially in case of women, there is a growing worry related to knee pain, knee inflammation and other knee related issues. People who already have knee pain or knee problems should not go for any kind of Cardio or running. Most of us often have this misconception that in order to boost the leg muscle’s enduring power one has to keep on running miles after miles continuously, which is absolutely insane and if ever tried trust me one will end up in a pathetically painful situation.
There are specific work outs which, if followed regularly will defiantly help you to make your leg muscles more agile and flexible but one important thing about these workouts is since all the exercises are basically cardiovascular so it is always advisable that you should consult your doctor first before trying them and it is also recommended that you should always perform them under the surveillance of your gym instructor. Begin your session by stretching your legs. Stretching exercises are great in making your legs more flexible and strong by constricting and expanding the quadriceps. Now for straight lifts, sit erectly on a chair with your both feet touching the ground now bend your right foot and then uncurl it though it is quiet alike leg extension but here you have to elevate your leg about ten degree higher than your chair and seize this position for nearly twenty seconds, now repeat it thrice on each leg. This exercise is really effective in improving your muscle endurance as it involves the continuous movements of muscles like gluteus maximus, iliotibal band and tensor fascia latae.

To begin with you need to stand straight, with your back at the wall, now lower yourself till the back of your knee resembles a ninety degree angle.Hold the position for thirty minutes. While performing all these exercises always make sure that you are doing it accurately and most importantly never ever attempt to perform all the exercises all at once because then you will suffer from exhaustion and it may cause injury too, so once you get used to a regular workout regime then you can add other exercises too.
Its important to exercise early to strengthen the knees and prevent any complications later.
Practice it regularly and it will help you to increase the muscle endurance in legs.Sit straight on a chair and place your legs on the ground. Wall squats are strenuous but are really effective, it works on important muscles like your quadriceps, stabilizers and synergists muscles. If regular knee strengthening exercises are done, it will reduce knee pain ( if any), help in quick recovery from injuries, help them function better and also reduce several knee related problems later on.
Strong and flexible leg muscles help you to carry on several strenuous tasks repeatedly without getting tired and also increases your muscle’s enduring power too.

Now bend your right leg and then unbend it till it becomes equivalent with your chair’s seat now bring your leg at the starting point and carry on the same process with your left foot now. Practice it for twenty minutes on both legs. Regular exercises, including stretches help in strengthening the knees and reduce all kinds of stress on knee joints which cause knee pain and even inflammation. Do at least three sets for best results.Try any of the above three exercises for your knee pain.

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