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Last week I had the privilege of being a Chiropractor for the BC Summer Games, which was held in Surrey.  Congratulations to all the amazing young athletes and their families, for your dedication, talent, and work ethic which were the stepping stones to your participation in the Summer Games!  Having had the opportunity to work at many of the sporting events throughout the games, I was impressed, once again, by the exceptional level of youth athletes that our province produces. An injury that is sustained as a youth can create numerous problems as you age.  Just speak to a collegiate football player from the 70’s, and they’ll regale you with their aches and pains and physical limitations, not to mention surgeries!  The same can be said for skiers, rugby players, gymnasts, equestrians, the list is endless.
Having been a youth athlete in many demanding sports, and having treated youth athletes in my practice, I would encourage both parents and coaches to not only have an injured athlete attended to immediately after an injury, but also consider the benefit of proper preventative care.
Many of our programs are held at the local city parks, which means a lot of scheduling and coordinating is put into every season. Each program we have in this ministry requires extensive pre-season planning, managing, and more.
As a ministry we work with many children, teens, and adults in need of financial assistance both overseas and locally. Calvary Chapel is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation. Please make checks payable to Calvary Chapel St. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). We ask all Calvary Sports families, coaches, volunteers, and friends to pray for our team and for the ministry as a whole.
Petersburg for six months and complete a background check prior to working with the Calvary Sports ministry.
If you have a passion for a particular sports and you would like to lead a ministry focused on that sport, we would love to assist you. Donate them to Calvary Sports! Many times young athletes who participate in our programs cannot afford to purchase new equipment.
Sponsoring a player means that you agree to cover the cost of their registration fee, uniform, and awards.

I help busy and often overwhelmed sports parents by providing resources to guide them as they strive to give their children a positive and growing youth sports experience.
Please get in touch with us at 727-577-7705 or via email to share your vision for a Sports Ministry Small Group, include your contact information and we will set up an interview. Making a pledge means you agree to send a one-time or monthly donation to Calvary Sports of $5 or more. Another way you could serve is by volunteering to help with events such as the Golf Tournament. Christmas Gifts Ideas for BoyfriendIt’s time of year when men all over the planet are wondering what Christmas gifts they will receive this year. All items are donated to Calvary Sports from people like you and offered for free to athletes in need. If you would like to donate please contact us at 727-577-7705 or via email. It is difficult to find the right Christmas gift for men, and definitely a lot more difficult than finding one for a woman.
And just like women, men have a variety of interests – sports, music, cars, games, gadgets, etc. You should always keep in mind that men do not generally like cheesy things, unless when the Christmas gift or Christmas hamper is for your husband or boyfriend. You can select some general gifts like cute t-shirts using the design and color that your man appreciates and long for or music DVD with his favorite album or singer singing for him only.Screwdriver setMen like fixing stuff at home and tinkling with gadgets. Screwdrivers are available in different sizes, and you can get them a collection with changeable heads.
You’ll find some screw driver sets here Handmade giftsYou can also make homemade Christmas gifts for the special boyfriend in your lifetime. If you are parsimonious, you can purchase supplies cheap during sales and also at bargain stores.

Of course this involves some planning ahead but you might be able to purchase some of the supplies you need during Christmas sales.Interesting giftOpt for a personalized gift through an interesting slogan, image or some hidden meaning within it. These gifts categories can be large beer mugs, coffee flasks or stationary items.Passionate giftFind out the passion of the recipient.
Trace out what he or she loves to do in their free times or leisurely activities he or she is fond of doing. They will make a great combination of the gift set that the recipient will love to have with them always and remembers your care and eye for that detail.
Personalized Christmas gifts can be planned and keep in view the preferences and hobbies of the recipient. You are able to surf through the categories like golf clubs, golf balls or golf caddy for any golf enthusiast, or a guitar player could be given a guitar, a plectrum set, guitar case or a guitar stand,.Humor giftPersonalized Christmas gifts may also be designed and thought on the premise that most men want to have a great laugh while with each other.
So that you can base your gift on this premise and plan a very thoughtful and funny gift for the man. Men are outgoing and like to travel a great deal, and they would want a case to place their shaver and toothbrush in.Sports equipmentIt can be a basketball, a tennis racket, a football or perhaps a baseball bat. Wallets are one of the best Christmas gift you can get for your man.Choose one that’s much less bulky and won’t go out of style.
Purchase one on this Christmas to make him happy and produce more Christmas cheers to you home.Electronic gadgetsMost men like gadgets. You can give him a digital camera, or perhaps a portable DVD player, or perhaps a phone upgrade.

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