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You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates, like white bread, in a child's diet may help control hyperactivity.
Hyperactive teenagers can benefit immensely when encouraged to play basketball or another strenuous physical activity. 1)Set clear rules, consequences and boundaries for hyperactive kids and for the whole family. Routine activities cannot be stressed enough, but some parents find this means they have little opportunity to be spontaneous. 3)Use free time to take a trip to the park, read a special book together, take a walk, or simply giggle and be silly with your child or children. Some parents give their kids running time or install a basketball hoop to let the children burn off extra steam.
5) Because of the somewhat kinetic energy of the hyperactive child, punishment should not be from restriction of exercise. 8) It’s important to recognize that hyperactive kids don't always have the control other children possess.
Don't be harsh or strict with your children because it only makes them hate you or ignore you more.
Hyperactive kids are always looking for chances to slip and do something, and they end up causing trouble for themselves and others! If you don't help your children now, they will face a lot of problems in achieving their goals, and they would be helpless. I have a 5 year old son, and he doesn't study seriously, his teachers are very annoyed with him.
I constantly threw and flushed items down the toilet, clogging pipes, stuffed paper into the radiator, smoking up the house, and aggravated my older relatives and later, teachers when I could not stop moving, fidgeting and driving them crazy with my unwanted behavior. As an adult now, I try to keep to set routines to stay focused, although I still get overwhelmed by things that happen suddenly and have a hard time finishing small projects.
Ignore hitting, screaming, and other non-preferred behaviors.Make it more fun to be compliant. Standard schools are discriminatory towards active childrenAn education method that doesn't force your kids to stay still to learn can be found in a Montessori school.
Sport is inherently social, however many sporting organisations have chosen to steer well clear of social media due to the bad wrap it has received in the press – largely as a result of it being misused by athletes. The majority of sporting organisations within Australia (National Sporting Organisations, State Sporting Associations and Clubs) have limited resources. Your coach is able to save considerable time and money by having a process in place whereby all athletes, officials, spectators and support staff know to check Twitter one hour prior to a scheduled training session to confirm that it is still on and find out any specific requirements for the session. Listen, Learn, Respond, Connect – Social media (when used effectively) can be an important tool of engagement and provide enrichment for members of sporting organisations. Identify, encourage and support your social media champions – If you listen, learn, respond and connect effectively, you will start to build an engaged on-line community. Given the history of sport and social media, it would be remiss of me not to mention the things that sport should take into consideration when setting up and maintaining a social media presence.
What are you trying to achieve? – Like anything you do, you need to work out why you want to be there and what you want to get out of it. Where is your audience? - Once you can identify where they gather (both on and off-line), then you can build a presence in those places. If your only knowledge of the social media and sport cocktail comes as a result of press coverage, then the thought of developing a social media presence for your sporting organisation may seem daunting. Do you have a positive example of how a sporting organisation has effectively integrated social media within its operations? Filed Under: Facebook, Google+, Social Media Platforms, Top Tips, Twitter, YouTube About Loren BartleyLoren Bartley is as a social media strategist, educator, coach, public speaker, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed lover of all things geek-eske, and mother of three. As the founder of Impactiv8, Loren helps businesses grow using the power of social media and lifecycle marketing automation.
Loren has created three online training programs: Social Media Success, FB Business Success and Linked Business Success and she also offers bespoke social media presentations, workshops, one-on-one coaching and social media implementation services.
Loren is also the producer and co-host of the highly successful #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, which she hosts in conjunction with Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter. Any product for sale: Templates, wallpapers, website templates, flags, postcards, T-shirts, calendards, etc. Creation of electronic goods for sale such as templates of web sites, software, interfaces, etc. Because of the violent contact and frequency of falls, football players wear heavy protective equipment. Device that protects the football player’s teeth; it fits between the cheeks and the teeth.
Piece of equipment that consists of rigid molded plastic designed to cover a player’s genital organs. These sports ball accents are great for bulletin boards, names tags, notes, rewards, and much more! In other news, the sweet folks at MPM School Supplies allowed me to shop for some back to school items through their website!
I help busy and often overwhelmed sports parents by providing resources to guide them as they strive to give their children a positive and growing youth sports experience. Spontaneity may not serve hyperactive kids very well, but scheduling free time each day can.
Phil McGraw is fond of saying, the best discipline is catching your child doing something good. Being a hyperactive kid, my tips for controlling these kinds of children are: to set straight rules.
This has resulted in him becoming a source of complaint by his school teachers, which only made his behavior worse.

I was not naturally athletic, but I played basketball and tennis (some softball -- I'm female, by the way), starting at 11 years old throughout high school. But at the end of the day, she realizes that I am her mother and that I am the person who sets the rules, so she has not much choice but to give up her nasty behavior.
I agree that sometimes lots of physical activity does not necessarily make them calmer because the reasons behind the hyperactivity can vary. He seems to do OK in school and can behave, but when he is anywhere else, he has to be constantly doing something. He may want to go ride the four-wheelers at his grampa house- gramps, gram, and everyone else who may have had plans has to reschedule to accommodate my son. My husband allows him to dictate other things also, like whether he likes meals, when he will visit friends, what time he goes to bed, etc. At our school all of the kids meditate and their attention is improving steadily, as is their capacity to love, forgive, and live as compassionate human beings. I have dealt with the school calling me daily because my son wasn't listening or was disrupting, etc. I'm always getting called from school, letting me know she hit someone or she was not following directions.
Rather than focusing on the negatives, sporting organisations should take a look at how businesses and other sports have used this media effectively, the opportunities that social media provides and how this can be replicated within the context of a sporting organisation. They rely heavily on volunteers, particularly at club level, and in most cases have limited (or in some cases no) marketing budgets. Your social media platform(s) of choice provide a place for your community to meet, connect, discuss and share their common interest (your sport) between organised activities, such as training, competition and any special events that you organise.
Through this process you will start to identify the passionate and influential individuals within your on-line community and those that will champion your cause on your behalf.
Feel free to subscribe to Impactiv8’s FREE monthly e-news to gain all the latest social media insights.
If your only reason is “because everyone else is doing it”, then unfortunately that is not going to be enough to be successful. It is no use investing all your time on Facebook if the majority of your customers prefer to use Twitter.
Hopefully this has demonstrated that the benefits far outweigh the risks if implemented correctly. Sports organisation need to recognise that they are now brand icons, and athletes are celebrities in their own right. I get very frustrated at the traditionalist attitudes at sports clubs undermining the opportunities provided by new technologies.
Weight lifting is a challenging hobby and a way to develop strength and tone and shape muscles. Your opinion is important, it will help future users to overcome the possible model limitations and imperfections.
Whenever I cry, my right eye has tears and they start to fall down on my cheek while my left eye has just gotten wet. Set a time limit for every task so they will complete the task before time and not waste their energy on other stupid activities. Right now, he is has not been diagnosed with ADHD and is very calm at home but in the outside world he become hyperactive.
I did some research to try to find things that might help him with his behavior and school work. Help them by listening to them and talking to them gently and lovingly as they like to talk. I was walking at nine months and apparently would leave the house whenever possible, climbing stairs and going into strangers' homes where my frightened mother (who had two other young kids) would finally find me after searching all over the neighborhood.
I was always extremely nervous if I couldn't move somehow, because I think it alleviated some of the stress I was feeling from all the overwhelming stimuli.
It gave me an outlet for my constant need for movement, yet trained me to focus because you have to keep your eye on the ball(!) to play.
But I graduated college with honors, have done extremely well, career-wise, and yes, I still keep active, by running every day.
Finding what they really really want may take a lot of work to get them to be able to communicate what will make them work hard to focus and to be able to get the reward. The bad part is that he thinks he must be entertained -- taken to play ball, taken fishing, taken to play tennis, playing Wii, watching only what he likes on TV if he sits for a minute. I suggested having some chores for him to do if he is bored and possibly he would learn to entertain himself. My son is now seven, and I have managed to control his hyperactive ADHD somewhat for several years.
As well as learning from successful businesses case studies, they should also learn from the mistakes made within sport and ensure good policies and procedures are in place to prevent similar incidents within their sport.
I am yet to come across a sport that is not trying to increase participation and attract and retain good people, whether that be athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, support staff or fan base. If there is a tweet from the coach, then they should follow whatever instructions are given; be that cancellation due to poor weather, change of venue or the need to bring extra equipment.
National Sporting Organisations can then be aware of issues as they occur and respond in a pro-active manner. They do this from the comfort of their computer or mobile device at a time that suits them. You need to know what you want to achieve from social media so that you are able to measure whether or not you have been successful. Therefore it is important that any social media polices or guidelines you develop are refined regularly to meet with new requirements.
Even when the technology is implemented and proven to be successful, the lack of enthusiasm towards the benefits it brings can be very de-motivational. Say everything directly and clearly so they won't make any excuses that they didn't understand the point or didn't hear you right.

If you restrict them from everything, they will do it more and more and this can have bad results.
I admitted him to DPS sec45 Gurgaon, but instead of understanding his problem, the teachers were very rude to a three year old small boy. Give them activities that last no more than half an hour and then try to change, but don’t force them. I hated the cramped quarters of the classroom, having to sit in one place -- my desk – and be quiet (even though I already was a quiet child, but not being able to make any sound was oppressive), and be forced to try to not move so much.
This really taught me that to be able to do anything else well, I had to train my mind to concentrate on whatever the goal was in any situation (listening to the teacher, following the instructions, etc.). She struggles not to go to sleep at night and she wants things her way or she starts to yell and throw tantrums, which embarrasses me. If my son starts to misbehave or disrupt the group rather than interrupting the whole class, the teacher moves a stick to the clear cup.
I take away privileges and give her time out when she misbehaves, and I award her good conduct but I'm still getting bad notes from school.
Similarly, State Sporting Associations, Clubs, athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and spectators can gain information directly from the content the National Sporting Organisation shares on the social media platforms that they have chosen to follow the National Sporting Organisation on.
Sporting organisations can use the social media platforms they have established to engage with their community, develop relationships, determine what their community wants from your organisation and respond to their needs. These types of people often just rise to the surface and can be identified by their behavior – sharing your content, raving about your organisation and jumping to your defense.
This means setting SMART goals as you would with all aspects of your business plan, of which your social media strategy (once developed) should form an integral part. In addition to this, your social media policy should be consistent with your member protection policy, child protection policy and disciplinary and grievance procedures (to name a few) and should be shared with and referred to regularly through your on-line communities. You need to consider what resources you have available to develop, implement and monitor your social media strategy in line with your business objectives. Do you have a person (or better still people) with the appropriate skills, expertise and interest for you to be successful? Start with one or two social media platforms and then build from there (if you need to and have the resources to do so).
I’m fortunate enough to (finally) have enthusiastic management using social media in club promotions, but it has been a long, hard slog. Even the school counselor, who is also working in fortis, had a very bad attitude toward my child. I just remember I always felt anxious and unable to concentrate on anything the teacher was saying. And we never ate candy (unless it was Halloween or special events, and then it was doled out to us carefully), never had sugary drinks and ate very little junk food. She obeys me when I am strict with her and I totally ignore her when she yells because I do not let her do or get what she wants, but then she struggles.
When my girl comes home I also have to deal with her after she has been totally spoiled rotten by her father. I joke that we will get a stationary bike, just the pedals and wheels, and place it under his desk so he can pedal away, putting on the miles while we work. I changed schools the very next year and found a wonderful teacher who had the patience of Job and we had no problems.
Have your teacher try this at school and sit down and explain how this works to your child. Listening is key to social media. Listen to your audience, learn from them and then respond by giving them what they need, rather than what you think they want. When you find these people, treat them like royalty, particularly if they have a lot of influence (and by influence I mean loads of on-line friends and several communication channels, such as a personal blog or their own YouTube channel that they include content about your sport on). Changing to positive reinforcement techniques can retrain a child to desire your positive strokes rather than your negative responses. My child has since improved his impulse control and is much better in the classroom, much thanks to his tutor. I need some good ways in which I can improve my child and make him study properly with full concentration, make him listen to elders and make him sit in his place during school lectures. They have short attention spans, and can't see what we see because they are still young and innocent.Spanking yields direct cause and effect and the pain is enough of a shock to their system that they understand if they don't want it, they don't do it. If he loses all of the sticks, he has to write a page of whatever I choose when he gets home. If the child does not behave, add additional pages for them to write, such as “I will not disrupt my class” or “I will not hit my friends at school.” Trust me – when they have to sit and write three pages, they learn. I make my son stand with his nose on the star until he can focus and come and talk to me about why he went to the star and how he's not going to go there again. It is through these kinds of relationships that you are able to increase your reach and gain greater success as people are more likely to take action if referred to by a friend rather than asked by an organisation, as was the case in many of the examples above. How can I make him understand that he is not doing our hyper and already difficult girl any good with his lazy parenting behavior? For instance, the other night he had to write, “I will focus and listen at school.” He writes a whole page, one sentence on each line. If he does not stand still and focus on the star, I make him put his hands up and take a step back. His incentive to behave is that he doesn't have to write and he doesn't lose his computer and Wii privileges. But stick to the consequences and make them sit at the table with no playing privileges until it's done.
No one actually understands me, so I did my own study about myself and found out that I have ADD or ADHD.

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